Question On Keyword Submission and Article Writing

by : Jeff Schuman

Over at the Plugin Profit Site forum Damien asked a very good question about which keywords to use when submitting your articles to article directories. Here is what he was asking.

I have only really submitted one decent article but have dedicated myself to submitting it each and everyone on this planet and included add url and "add link BUT MY QUESTIONS IS THIS?

I am asked everytime I submit to any of the above to add KEYWORDS I never know what keywords to add? I always walk away from these experiencs feeling like I have stuffed up,,I always add money,work from home opportunity,internet money,plug-in profits money,work from home business opportunity,, ETC ETC Can anyone please direct me here and help me a little ? I need much better targeted specific keywords I feel?Is this correct?

Here's was my reply:

Try and make each article have 2 main keywords. For each article you write do 2 different ones. For example write and article about at home business and have a secondary keyword be work at home business opportunity. You can see what keywords people are searching for at Word Tracker .com or just do a Google search for keywords. Make a list of 50-100 keywords.

Copy and paste the results in a word document. Then pick 2 words each day and write an article. As you use them delete those words. When you have deleted all of the words you will have written 25-50 articles.

Do the same for various kywords like work at home, make money online, affiliate programs, etc. Try and write one article a day and post it in your blogs and submit it just like you are. For ideas read what kinds of questions people are asking in forums and write articles about that. Always have a bio box at the end of your article poinint back to your home page or a sub page with those keywords in the url.

You can do this for any theme. Damien has a website that helps people make money online. You can use the same strategy if your webstite theme is dating or fishing or cooking etc. Anything really. From a article submission and search engine optimization standpoint using various keywords and writing about different content is a good idea. You really increase your chances of getting new visitors to your site when you know what it is they are looking for.

Do this over and over until you have exhausted all of the keywords you can think of. It is always surprising what people search for, but it doesn't matter to you because you will have an article with those keywords in it and a link pointing back to your home page or a sub page on your website.