Stylish phones: make a statement.

by : Samuel Herrick

Style has always been an integral part of our lifestyle. Staring from the cloths we wear to all sorts of accessories that we use, a fascination for everything to be fashionable and stylish is present in all of us in varied degrees. After all, the desire to look beautiful is one of the basic human traits. This has lead to demand for stylish solutions that offers more, than just fulfilling the basic needs. Surge in the demand of stylish phones serves as a perfect example for it.

When mobile phones were first introducing a couple of decades back, the concept of stylish phone was not as prominent as it is today. Earlier, mobile phones were bulky and did not exhibit much aesthetic sense. Instead, the main focus was on its functionality and technology used, which again was in its infancy. With the passage of time and tremendous advancement in mobile technology, mobile phones got more and more compact. Manufacturers got their space to experiment with their form, design and other such factors to create an exclusive look and feel of their solution.

Mobile phone's first tryst with fashion began with its shape and colour solution. Finnish mobile manufacturing giants Nokia was among the pioneers of stylish phones. Initially there was no change in its form, as most of their solution retained their mono-block form, with variation in their shapes and size. Gradually, other forms of mobile phones viz clamshell, sliders and swivel came into being. Among them, the slider phones became more popular among all stylish phone forms. Currently, Korean mobile manufacturer Samsung is rated as the top slider manufacturers with an enviable line up of slider phones.

Another major factor that distinguishes a stylish phone from normal phone is its colour scheme. Black remained as an all time favourite colours closely followed by other sober colours like grey and brown. However, many exciting colours like blue, pink, and white, greenFeature Articles, golden are rampant in the stylish phone category today.? Popularity of pink phones needs a special mention as they signify the growing clout of female mobile phone user.