Conferencing Solutions To Save Company Travel Expenses

by : dana amit

Conferencing solutions - how to cut your companies traveling expenses.
Travelling around the world for business meetings is a good way to meet and know your business partners, but it is also a good way of wasting time and money.
Spending a day or two travelling around the world to attend a meeting that is two hours long is a complete waste of time and money.
The best solution to save your time, your money and your energy is the technological solution of web meetings. There are a few kinds of web meetings you can have:
Audio conferencing:
Audio conferencing is a voice based web conferencing solution. Using technological advanced hardware from the leading companies in the world such as Polycom and Plantronics you can connect with multiple recipients and have an audio conference tailored to your exact needs.
A conferencing solution which can be used to enhance audio webconferences with multimedia content. Easy to use web applications which are intended to help you with your meeting and turn it into a webinar (web seminar), a webcast or a virtual meeting. It enables you to show your PowerPoint shows, excel spreadsheets, word documents, a free writing board and much more. You can display your latest revenue graphs using webconfernce services.
Video conferencing:
Do you want to see your meeting partners? No need to travel for hours or even days, a video conferencing solution is just for you.
In a video conference you can have a meeting with multiple participants (as many as you need) you can see the other participants on the screens in front of you just as in a live meeting.
You can have the meeting set by an external company in your own meeting rooms or hire a meeting room which is already equipped for a video conference. Anyway you choose it is much cheaper that the air fare and the time spent travelling.
Virtual events:
Do you wish to host or attend a big event where the participants are geographically far from each other?
The best solution for you is to host a virtual event where you can use technology to help you bring together all the participants. There are various platforms to host any kind of event, you just need to define your needs and any conferencing solution company will assist you in accomplishing those needs.

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