War of the Cameraphones!

by : Matt Sharp

There has been a boom of the Camera phones that we have witnessed in the recent times. It all started with the VGA resolution camera phones, which went to become 1.3 Mega Pixels camera, then 2 Mega Pixels, 3 Mega Pixels and recently the 5 Mega Pixels cameras have become the latest craze in the mobile phone market.

It all started with Nokia N95 which created quite a stir in the mobile phone market of UK. The 5 mega pixels camera proved to be a rage in the mobile phone market and thus the all the rival players in the mobile manufacturing came up with their own version of the 5 Mega Pixels camera phone. Let us discuss all the 5 Mega Pixels camera mobile phones that are available in the mobile phone market.

The Samsung G600 is the 5 Mega Pixels camera phone which has just been launched in the mobile phone markets around the world. The camera of this device comes with a LED flash and auto focus and the picture quality which it produces pictures with an amazing picture quality. The Sony Ericsson has also launched their 5 Mega Pixels camera phone under its prestigious cyber shot 'K' series, which is reputed to make the world class camera phones. The handset is known as Sony Ericsson K850i. It is also an HSDPA enabled device like Nokia N95 and is doing very well amongst the mobile phone users and especially Sony Ericsson loyalists.

LG, in the mean time has also come up with its own variant of a 5 Mega Pixels camera phone, which is known as LG Viewty (or LG KU990 for those who love serial numbers) and it looks absolutely brilliant as a camera phone. The LG Viewty comes with a full touch interface, stunning night mode, and it's basicaly just sex in mobile phone form. So, for all those who have a passion of photography, the mobile phone industry has got very interesting camera phones to allure all of you!