Internet Marketing Tools

by : Jack Doren

Viral marketing has been around for a long time, in the offline world it basically means word of mouth. People see or have a great product and tell their friends about it, their friends tell some more friends and they tell even more friends and before you know it lots of people know about the product and want to find out more about it.

In the online world, telling other people about someones product that you like or would recommend can be done in several ways. If you have a newsletter, you could tell your subscribers about it. If you uses chat rooms and forums, you could tell others about it there, but for those who want to make money from their product recommendations as an affiliate creating and distributing a viral ebook is probably the easiest way to get the message out.

Creating an informative ebook isn’t difficult. In fact it is as easy as typing out something like this, and it could be easily done in a few hours. But how do you get people who have downloaded your ebook to pass it on? Simple, make it rebrandable.

Making an ebook rebrandable give people who have downloaded the ebook a reason to pass the ebook on, because at the very least you could allow people to put their name and website address in it. As these people are always looking for ways to get their own name and websites in front of other people, they will have a reason to pass your ebook along.

Also, for people who are running, or starting their own affiliate program, rebrandable ebooks are a great way to help new affiliates promote your products. If you give the ebook to your affiliate and they can rebrand it with their affiliate links, they have much more of an incentive to pass the ebook on because of the potential of making money from it themselves.

So how do you make an ebook rebrandable?

Affiliate PDF, is a rebranding software that takes all the hard work and technicalities of rebranding away from the user. Quite simply, you create your ebook in Word or OpenOffice, placing links to products etc strategically throughout the ebook and then convert it to a .pdf format. In OpenOffice this can be done from within the software, but to convert a Word file to a .pdf file you will need another package such as PrimoPDF.

Once you have created your .pdf run Affiliate PDF and select the file you just created. Affiliate PDF will search the file for all hyperlinks and for each one that it finds present you with three options,1. Not a brandable link2. Allow people to replace this with their own link3. Allow people to enter an affiliate ID to be inserted into the linkIf you want to keep some of your own links in the ebook, then select option one.

If you want to allow people to add their own link (in a “brought to you by" field), then select option two, or if you are running your own affiliate program and want your affiliate to only change the ID part of the link, then select option 3.

Once the software has stepped through all the links in your ebook, and you have made any changes that you require, it will produce an executable (.exe) file which you can save to your hard drive. The .exe file will contain both your .pdf ebook and your rebrander.

When people have downloaded this .exe file, all they need do is run the file, make the changes that they want and the software will reproduce your ebook with other peoples links, in .pdf format ready for them to pass your ebook on to others. It’s as simple as that.

Although Affiliate PDF is primarily designed for affiliate program owners, there is absolutely no reason why anyone wanting to use the Viral Marketing power of ebooks cannot use Affiliate PDF to their own advantage, it really does make it easy to create a rebrandable pdf ebook.

The only downside to this software is that when it is run, it creates a .exe file that can only be run on a PC with the Windows operating system. However, as 80% of PC users use Windows as their operating systemFree Reprint Articles, this isn’t much of a limitation.

So now there is no reason for you not to start your own Viral Marketing machine with your own rebrandable ebook.