Ways That You Can Engage Your Readers

by : Whalehooks

Before starting your article figure out who your reader is and what their wants and needs are. What you write and post will depend on what kind of reader you want to attract. The length, topic, or even tone will change depending on your audience. If you are writing an article strictly for entertainment it is going to be much different than something written for a business man.

Focus and identify on what exactly your audience needs. The reader is going to read your article for a specific purpose. Your article needs to be filled with content that pertains to what exactly the reader is looking for. If the readers are mainly computer guys they are not going to want to read about farming. Although farming might be interesting to you it isn't what they want to read and it won't serve the correct purpose. As a result they probably won't read anymore of your articles.

Engaging Readers
Who your audience is, is obviously going to determine how they respond to your article. If you can get them involved in your article you know they will continue reading and come back for more. The easiest way to get them involved is by asking them, surprisingly enough most readers want to be involved and want to comment they just need a little nudge to help them get started. If you ask them to respond, comment, or get involved somehow they most likely will. Once they are involved and are responding you know you have them hooked. Just remember to let them know you value their opinion and you appreciate their participation.

Unfortunately readers won't always get involved the first time you ask. It might take a few times before they respond or comment on your posts, most likely they just don't feel comfortable yet and they need some time to get associated with the site. Getting your readers involved and making them feel like they are a part of your articles and site will lead to more recommendations and more traffic.

Clutter Free and Organized
Keep the clutter off of your site. You might feel like all the extra pictures and information add to the cosmetics of the site but in all reality it makes it hard to read and navigate through a page. Extras things on a page can be annoying to the reader. They will have a hard time coming back if the page is not aesthetically pleasing. If it doesn't need to be on there don't put it on there.

Keeping a sufficient amount of white space on your article is really important. If there is too much writing it can overcrowd and clutter the page. All that makes it hard to read and usually readers won't finish what they have started. Instead they will move on to something else, leaving your article behind and probably not to come back.

The last thing to focus on your article is the length. Make sure it is long enough to get all the important points in but not so long that the reader gets bored and feels like the article is repetitive.