The "3 Big Points" to Selling Successfully on the Web

by : Glenn Ducharme

Building a home internet business on the web can seem at times like an impossible goal for most people getting started because they are either not sure of what products they should sell, or how to build their internet business website so its effective enough to get the right targeted traffic to sell their products.

If your new to the concept of starting a home business, I implore you not to waste time or your marketing budget until you have the tools and knowledge for creating a profitable internet business. Most people that are inexperienced, want to rush into setting up their home business website and try to make that big sale (Don't Do This). This is the single biggest common mistake made, and usually all that's gained is, promotion of a product that wont sell on the web, a website that has no content, and no traffic. This will lead to throwing in the towel do to frustration and disappointment. Trust me, I was new to the web once too.

If you already have an internet business web site you should ask yourself these questions...

Are my products delivering a good price/benefit ratio?

Am I providing my customers with the right website content they want?

Is my website getting the targeted traffic I need to convert my sales?

If your answer to any of these is no, then you may want to consider making some changes to your website by adding more content, making sure the products your offering are able to be sold on the web, and try narrowing your traffic to specific visitors for the products offered.

Do you know why most sites fail? It’s because they are developed with the wrong mindset...or no mindset at all.

I'm not kidding when I tell you 95% of new home businesses fail, and most of it due to lack of having the proper knowledge about what their trying to sell and how to sell it. You need to change your mindset from trying to sell customers to pre-selling them with well written content so they are more receptive to the products you offer. By doing this your site becomes more credible to your visitors, they get a feeling of trust instead of feeling sold which leads to a sale.

Think of it this way, most people surfing the net are looking for information, information is contained in text if they arrive at a site with no content and flashy sale ad banners you lose credibility and the sale. So make your visitors feel good about making that purchase through good content and your guaranteed to get the sale.

So if your ready to succeed in building a home internet business, you must start by learning and then utilizing each one of the Big 3 points that are directly under your control...

develop a great product

write a Website that SELLS with deadly effectiveness

attract targeted customers (i.e., traffic) to the site.

When you use these experience-proven strategies, you will attract motivated, targeted customers and turn your home business website into a killer sales machine . Then you will sell them. Period. Its not that hard to build a home business that's profitable once you gain the knowledge and utilize the Big 3 steps to Make Your Site Sell on the web. As with any business their is no get rich quick, a home business takes time and effort to build, so what you put into it is what your going to get out of it.

Keep in mind, it's not just about being well-financed. Just Smarter.

So step back for a moment, and try evaluating your site for its content value, en-vision yourself as a prospective visitor, what feelings do you get when you view your site? Is it one of trust and credibility? Are you willing to make a purchase?

Just another quick bit on pre-selling to your visitors.

Remember, your not selling your products your pre-selling your visitors and there is a big difference between the two concepts.

Take for example, a prospective visitor is searching the net looking for a product which you offer. That person has already visited say, ten other sites before getting to yours. If your site is offering the same copy and paste text and banners ads as the previous site, your doomed. Your prospective visitor will leave your site and not make the purchase because its human nature to trust your feelings and if your visitors feel like your trying to sell them they just wont buy from you. Which is why its so important to use your own words and provide as much pre-selling content as you can, gain the trust first, then make the sale. It just doesn't work any other way.

There are two ebooks which cover my article topic in detail, Make Your Site Sell which explains step by step how to, developing a product, create a website that sells, and get targeted traffic. The second ebook Make Your Content PREsell will teach you how to presell your visitors through content and drive them to making the purchase.

Good luck in your home business ventures.

Best Wishes,

Glenn Ducharme