The Pros and Cons of Gas RC Planes

by : Michael Cottier

Gas RC planes, also known as nitro planes, are very realistic and are the most popular type of airplane amongst remote control hobbyist. The only problem is that many beginners buy one without ever having a clue to what work is really involved with a fuel powered RC airplane.

First off beginners need to know that owning a gas RC plane is actually like owning a real airplane. You have to maintain it, refuel it, keep its oil clean and adjust certain parts to achieve the best possible flight. Some may be turned off when they hear that, thinking that is too much work for a hobby!

Well the fact is some people actually like that and they enjoy taking care of an RC airplane. You may even be one of those people and don’t even know it.

It is enjoying too get your hands dirty and actually build and repair something. That is why many people get into hobbies, to build things. But then again, it is also nice to just go to a park, or your backyard, and have a quick flight without the hassle that comes with fuel powered engines. Electric powered RC airplanes don’t require much work at all, and will have you flying in minutes, so that is the best alternative.

There are many ups and downs to gas powered RC airplanes, so let's discus them now, starting with the bad side to them. First off they are noisy, which can actually be a problem for some people who live in an area where noise is a concern.

The next bad thing about nitro planes is they cost more to buy and keep operational compared to electric RC airplanes. Finally, another con to gas RC planes is that they take a much longer time to construct and put together. Sometimes they can come with just balsa wood, and you have to cut out each piece yourself. Some people will actually not even be able to do this because of lack of tools and skills.

Now let's talk about the good side to gas RC planes and why they can be a good choice for some beginner pilot's. The best thing, in my opinion, about nitro planes is that they can fly for a much longer time then an electric engine that is powered by a battery. This is ideal for people who want to spend hours flying, not just fifteen or twenty minutes.

The next best thing is the authenticity that comes with a gas powered engine and plane. If you are one of those people who want the most realistic experience possible, then you definitely want a gas RC plane. Not only do they sound authentic, but they also fly and operate like a real airplane does. Unfortunately it also comes with the maintenance like a real plane does, but like I said before, some people find that enjoyable.

Last but not least, gas RC airplanes have much more speed and torque then a measly electric engine ever could have. This makes it ideal for pilot racers or people who just want a fast airplane. I have even seen some gas RC airplanes before that actually could go hundreds of miler per hour, and even required real jet fuel!

Now I will end this discussion with some final words of wisdom that I hope every pilot will take into consideration. Make sure you keep your gas plane and engine as clean as possible, and properly maintained before and after every flight. You also need to remember to keep the oil changed so your engine stays clean on the inside. Proper tuning is also very important to make sure that your engine runs at maximum speed and uses as little fuel as possibleHealth Fitness Articles, plus it needs to have the proper fuel and air mixture.