Make Time for Your Relationship

by : Nisandeh Neta

Most people would agree that romance is the key element beneath the relationship pot. Be it a steamy, sizzling wok or a warm, steady slow-cooker, romance is the flame that generally gets-and keeps-the heat of love alive.

But what exactly is ''romance''?
When my wife and I were dating, we were ultra-romantic. There were roses, love letters, surprise gifts, spontaneous adventures, and hours upon hours of talking and... you know, other stuff.

Like couples everywhere, we find ourselves pressured by the demands of daily life: work, children, finances, household chores and commitments to extended family. Yet, through all our years together, we have somehow found a way to balance these things. But most of all, romance for us has become a way of making the ''everyday'' exciting. It doesn't take a lot of money or effort - just a commitment to making our relationship special by paying attention to it and a willingness to make (here is the four-letter secret)...

The Secret Formula to Your Relationship
Is Making & Finding Time for Each Other

  • Romance keeps the spark alive. It keeps a relationship vital and interesting. And that requires time!
  • Nurturing your relationship, enhancing it, and keeping it flourishing takes time.


How to Make Time For Your Relationship?
By establishing priorities and setting goals, by making better use of the time you have, and by creating time you thought you didn't have, you CAN find more time for each other.

The first thing to do is prioritize!
You can spend your time in one of four ways, doing things that are:

  • 1) Important and urgent
    Such as caring for your child that has fallen down and is bleeding;
  • 2) Important but not urgent
    Sitting together sharing about your day;
  • 3) Not important but urgent
    Taking your suit for dry cleaning, before tomorrow's meeting;
  • 4) Not important and not urgent
    Switching on the TV and zapping between the channels.

2. Focus Your time on item 2
"Important but not urgent"

Let go of any task that is not important (item 3 & 4). Below are examples of "important, but not urgent", activities to focus on;

  • A) Have a regular daily chat.
    Turn off the TV and the cell phone and sit together for a short time, uninterrupted and face-to-face, every day to share your thoughts and feelings. Tell each other the little details as well as the big news. Focusing on each other for as little as fifteen minutes can make a huge difference. You will both feel appreciated and heard.
  • B) Spend one evening together each week.
    Plan a specific night each week for your special date. Get a babysitter or trade childcare time with a friend. Once scheduled, treat the commitment as if it were written in stone. Don't break the date!

    Take turns planning the activity (and occasionally surprise each other). Take in a movie, go for a bike ride, have a bubble bath, dance in your kitchen. Whether it's a dress-up home-cooked meal or a picnic dinner on the living room floor, make it special. It doesn't have to be expensive, just generous.

  • C) Spend some ''day'' time together.
    Get up earlier than normal and have breakfast together at a coffee shop. Commute together if at all possible. Meet at lunchtime for a quiet meal or a ''stolen moment''. Rendezvous after work for a drink and an appetizer before dinner.

    Meet at a park for a walk in the fresh air. You'll be surprised how lively conversation can become when you're meeting in the middle of the day, away from the household chores.

The anticipation of a planned evening or activity can be fun and exciting, even if (especially if!) you've been together for a long time. By making a date, you'll set aside the special time your relationship deserves and rediscover the romance that started it all.