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Shoppers Beware - Tis The Season
Topic : Shopping Advise & Shopping Tips
by James H. Dimmitt.It’s the number one complaint from consumers and it only takes a moment for you to become a victim. While you search for holiday bargains, identity thieves are searching for targets - unsuspecting co...
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The Holiday Shopping Experience - Rewarding or Traumatic?
Topic : Shopping Experience : Rewarding & Traumatic
by Lee-Anne Robert.Picture this scenario! It’s December 24th, the day of Christmas Eve. On this day you should be relaxing, enjoying time with family and thinking of all the precious memories you have created througho...
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10 Tips To Safe Online Shopping
Topic : Online Shopping : Safe Online Shopping
by Gina Stathopoulos.The internet has changed our buying habits. Many people have found the convenience of online shopping to be a great experience. You can easily click and see the product. You have a fun time shopping,...
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Why Do We Love Sandals?
Topic : Sandals Shoes & Sandals : Sandal Shoe
by Mike Yeager.Comfortable sandals are what everyone enjoys in the summer. Your feet are open to the sun and breeze which just makes you feel that much better. Not only can your sandals be light and easy to wear, b...
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Quality Birkenstock Shoes And Sandals
Topic : Sandal : Birkenstock Sandals & Birkenstock Sandal
by Mike Yeager.Wearing birkenstock shoes is like wearing no other pair of shoes. Johann Adam Birkenstock was a shoemaker in Germany in the late 1700’s. The birkenstock shoe was designed with an understanding that a...
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How to Buy Used Baby Clothes Online!
Topic : Used Baby Clothes : Buy Baby Clothes Online
by Sharlene Rollins.There are multitudes of ways to purchase used clothing for your baby. In this article I will cover only the online options available in the hopes that it will help you to maximize your spending money...
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Paying For Your Holiday Shopping By Doing Your Holiday Shopping
Topic : Holiday Shop & Holiday Shopping
by Melanie R. Jordan.Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us. If you're smart, whether you are first considering mystery shopping, or are a seasoned mystery shopper, this year, instead of running up the credit ...
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Consignment Shopping Pays Off
Topic : Consignment Shopping
by Rachel Paxton.Is your closet full of clothes you never wear? You can bet there are a lot of people who have a closet or dressers full of clothes they never wear. I did too, until I started consignment shopping. ...
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Shopping is Great … Just Dont be Bait …
Topic : How Predators Choose Their Victims
by Michelle Annese.What makes a woman a perfect target? Here are 7 top tactics and weaknesses criminals who were interviewed say they look for to take advantage of you. They aren’t just for the busy holiday season either. It’s all year round. Don’t fall for them ...
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Drop The High Street Drag - Shop For Style Online!
by Katharine Edmondson.Surely it’s considered a major fashion faux pas – turning up somewhere in the same outfit as someone else. If the current crop of high street shops are anything to go by, however, you’d be forgiven ...
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Mr. Cheapies Frugal Shopping Tips
Topic : Shopping Tip & Shopping Tips
by David Leonhardt.Hello. Mr. Cheapie here again with three more fantastic I-can't-believe-I-didn't-think-of-that frugal shopping tips. I already gave you my best frugal eating tips at: http://www.thehappyguy.com/fru...

Shop and Save
Topic : Shop & Save : Save Money Shopping
by Audrey King.There is still time to shop and save this holiday season, you can shop online or offline and actually get back what you've spent on gifts at ClubMom! You can shop for everyone and earn rewards for th...
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Women – The Easier Marketing Target?
Topic : Marketing Target & Trageting Women Market
by Kelvin Ng.When I skim through the newspapers or any magazine these days, I’m always confronted by an avalanche of advertisements appealing to women. Sure, there are products out there exclusively for men, but the proportion of products for female and those f...
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Ladies only credit card: For the woman who wants it all
Topic : Credit Card & Credit Cards for Ladies
by Tan Liwei.Understanding what motivates and drives the contemporary women of today is important and advertisers know that the trick to winning the hearts and minds of these women is in their marketing campaigns.
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Womens Love Affair with Shoes
Topic : Womens Love Affair with Shoes; Why Women Love Shoes
by Jane Ng.To most women, shoes mean more than merely keeping one’s foot covered. Never mind if the pair of shoes cause blisters or that we have already lost count of the number of shoes at home which are on the verge of bursting out of the shoe cabinet. Wome...
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Why Women Love Sales
Topic : Sale & Sales : Love Sales
by Tan Liwei.The word “sales” seems to be synchronized with women and the mention of this word seems to send the womenfolk into an excitable frenzy and scurrying at the swiftest possible half-run to the nearest shopping malls with the word “Sales”.
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Womens Shopping: An Obsession the Men Dont Get
Topic : Shopping: A Womens Obsession And A Mens Frustration
by Lavinia Ching .“Men are hunters and women are gatherers” some scurry to relinquish that notion, others graciously embrace it. Now, though the question of what its relation is to shopping is not particularly obvious, at least the ever debatable issue of ...
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Why Should You Shop On eBay?
by snakerivergal.Millions of Americans now prefer to shop online. Shopping online is quick, easy and convenient. There are so many choices and you can get through the options that you have quickly. You can get exactly what you are looking for, no crowded malls, no...
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Bargain Basement, Shopping basics
by tommen.Own a business? Buy for large groups (scouts, students, family)? Allergic to paying retail? Any of these reasons is good enough for you to explore the world of buying wholesale.Hard Core Buyer or Casual Shopper?If you always buy large quantities of...
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Find Bargain Items On Ebay Easily And Conveniently
by susan.To find bargain items on ebay is certainly easy and convenient. You will find many different types of things being sold this way including computers, household accessories, autos, pictures, clothes, in fact just about everything and anything that yo...
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How To Secure The Best Shopping Discounts
by dps247.It takes money to make money is an adage we hear everyday in the business world. So, when it comes to getting promotional items, you've got to budget for it. Or do you?There are several ways you can save money on your promotional item order. If you a...
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The Basics of Buying Contact Lenses
by mdlpub.So many people have to wear glasses. These people have trouble seeing without the help of them on a daily basis. Vision problems generally fall into two groups: those who can not see things clearly at a distance (near-sightedness), or those who can n...
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Your Bird Flu Pandemic Survival Shopping Guide
by rickstooker.Why?During a bird pandemic you should remain as isolated from everybody outside your family as possible. Therefore, you should shop only for necessities: food, water, fuel and medicine.Where? Therefore, you should go only to a supermarket, drug store...
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Buy Acuvue Advance Online & Save Time And Money
by susan.To buy Acuvue Advance online is a very sensible thing to do. Not only will you be saving time and money by buying online but you will of course be also purchasing a high quality product. The Acuvue name in itself tells you that you are already buyi...
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Commode Buying Tips
by infocus.A commode is a special portable chair which incorporates the features of a regular toilet. It has a snap-on lid to fully accommodate the buttocks, legs for overall support and a comfortable backrest. In the next section, you will look into some of th...
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