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The Importance of Links
by Janice Byer, CCVA, MVA.Link: {(noun) - lin[ng]k} 1 : a connecting structure: 2 : something analogous to a link of chain: as a : a connecting element or factor b : a unit in a communication system c : an identifier attache...
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Website Material Theft
by Janice Byer, CCVA, MVA.(Please note that some of the information included in this article has been quoted from various locations while other information is simply my personal opinion and you will probably feel my passion i...
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Website Theft - Part 1 of 3 ~ What exactly is Copyright?
by Janice Byer, CCVA, MVA.(Please note that some of the information included in this article has been quoted from various locations while other information is simply my personal opinion and you will probably feel my passion i...
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What is PageRank?
Topic : Page Rank & Pagerank : What is Page Rank
by Matt Colyer.What is Pagerank? - Pagerank is based on how many links to one website. PageRank is a value that represents how important a page is on the web. Robots or Spiders figures that when one page links to a...

Choosing a Web Host Based On Price? Dont!
Topic : Price of Web Host & Web Hosting Price : Web Host Price
by David Leonhardt.It's tempting. There are so many companies offering cut-rate hosting – loaded with astounding post-futuristic techno-gizmo features ! – that it just makes sense to save a few dollars, right? Think a...
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Hey, Client, This Is Me! Sell With Your Writing Voice.
Topic : Writing & Voice : Writing Voice
by Cathy Goodwin.In a crowded market, clients will be seeking personality as they read what you've written -- they'll click right past pages that feel "been there, read that." They're looking for a voice that says,...

Opinion – Search Engine Success
Topic : Success of Search Engine & Search Engine Success
by Tom Henricks.This article is actually the summary to a book soon to be released by the author, titled “Guaranteed Website Success”. Opinions are quite often controversial. Such is the nature of this one. There a ...
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10 helpful tips to follow when switching web hosts
Topic : Switch Web Host Company & Changing Web Host
by Russ Mate.You've made your decision to move from your website from your current web host to a new web host. The following tips will help you make the transition easier and make you aware of some potential pitf...
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Why Should You Care About Your Web Site Colors?
Topic : Website Colors & Colors for Website : Websites Colors
by Radhika Venkata.**How Colors are Used in web design:** Demarcates screen elements into groups- You can pu a blue background for your navagational bar and white for rest of your page. This tells the visitor that the ...
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Absolute & Relative Links How Do They Rank?
Topic : Relative Links & Relatives Links
by Martin Lemieux.The question for this article is whether or not you should use "absolute url's" or "relative url's"? Not only that, this article researches whether or not Google ranks these methods differently. Abso...
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10 Things All Webmasters Should Know
by Lata Budhrani.Geared Up with a website and lots of energy to make a mark online? Spare some time and go through this. You'll be glad you did. If you don't already, this is something you MUST know! 1. Maintain an e...
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"Get It All" with Good Web Content
Topic : Good Web Content & Good Web Contents
by Cherie Davidson.No matr how goud th infomation... why wood you tak content like this seriusly? No mater how good the infomation, if is riddiled with typos its asta lavista baby. You lose. Typos, misspellings, hideo...

Boost your Application Development
Topic : Application Development & Applications Development
by Maria Sajjad.“Reduce Time Intensive Phases during Software Development with TierDeveloper” Software must be delivered faster than ever before, without sacrificing the time taken to design and implemen...
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What to avoid to make your website design effective?
Topic : Effective Website Design & Effective Web Site Design
by Veselin Andreev Andreev.The effective design is this one, which is maximum simplified, conformable to your users because they are your main purpose. This one, simply and clearly announcing what is your website about. This o...
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Top 10 Web Design Mistakes
by Lisa Irby.As a webmaster, you want to keep your visitors content so they’ll come back again. Below you will find ten common mistakes made by webmasters that may deter people from returning. 1) Poor Color Choi...
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Design vs Content: Who is KING?
Topic : Design & Content : Good Design & Good Content
by Romelo Itong.Well it is not Elvis, that's for sure. I am a firm advocate of good design but most of the time people tend to interpret design as amazing graphics and astounding visuals they tend to forget that des...
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How To Get Profits From Your 404 Page Not Found File
Topic : Page Rank & Profit
by Radhika Venkata."'Page Not Found' on this Server. Check the URL and try again. Or Refresh the page..." This is the annoying error that we will come across every time we surf the web pages. Internet will be changing...
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Installing a Weblogger
Topic : Weblogger & Weblogs
by Radhika Venkata.I don't know about you, but when I built my first web site three years back I don't know anything about the webloggers. One day when I checking the features of my web host control panel (after two mo...
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Web Site Professionalism? What Is It?
Topic : Professional Web Site & Professional Website Design
by Radhika Venkata.Your web site should be- visitor friendly to navigate search engine friendly for the crawlers Automated with ecommerce and subscription forms... Your visitor should get the feeling that you know...
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Tips to Protect Your Downloads or Products
Topic : Downloads & Download : Product & Products
by Radhika Venkata.1. Upload robots.txt file in to your root directory and include the folder name where you set your downloads. More information on how to set robots.txt: http://www.webmasters-central.com/wp/se/robots...
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Using "Title Tags" With Your Web Links & Images
Topic : Title Tags & Web Links & Web Images
by Martin Lemieux.Using "Title Tags" for your web links & images is an arsenal many companies fail to utilize when planning out their web site optimization. These tags will help search engines to navigate through y...

Web Hosting: To Switch or to Stay?
by Joelene Wickens Orlando.That’s a question that can only be answered by you. Depending on your current status and relationship you have with your provider, along with your evolving business objectives and needs, can determin...
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Metrics Matter!
Topic : Metric & Metrics
by Philippa Gamse.Recently, I talked with a speaker about her "extremely successful" Website. She based this opinion on the fact that she was selling several e-books every day and generating "some calls". When I ask...
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Is Reciprocal Linking Dead?
by Tom Henricks.Is reciprocal Linking dead? I just read an article at SitePro News that really rings my bell. It was written by Mike Banks Valentine. Obviously being a very successful webmaster, one must pay attenti...
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50 Surefire Web Design Tips
by Mario Sanchez.Tips to brand your website Include your logo in all pages. Position it at the top left or each page. Complement your logo with a tagline or catchy sentence that summarizes your business purpose. ...
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