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Personalized Email Summary to Mobile
by Amika Mobile.Amika Mobile products are unique in that they take any content, analyze and distil it to key words that provide the essential information or meaning contained in the original email or web page. The products leverage artificial intelligence algorithms...
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Emails Say the Darndest Things
by Mark Meshulam.The advent of email has created a new environment for human interaction which is simultaneously more and less personal, but much less private. Above all, it is unforgiving. Once you click the "send" button, it is as irretrievable as a nickle down a s...
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Simple Strategies to Improve your Email Techniques in Outlook
by Rosy Jansen.Software Tips MS Outlook-----------------------------------------A simple strategy to improve your email techniques in Outlook .... How to colour code emails from a specific person In the Inbox, select an email from someone important, such as ...
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Boxtrapper Spam Protection for your Email
by Robert.Spend a little time, you will found a solution that will save you lots of time, instead of wasted on screening those spam mails. I had found my best spam protection solution, and it's a free solution. I am talking about boxtrapper email spam protecti...
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Email to Fax Services Are Really Cool
by Ajeet Khurana.If you were to ask me, I would not agree that fax is cool from any angle. Then again, many people from the last generation lost the wonder that copy machines used to instill. The technology has unfortunately been stereotyped as old, inconvenient, and...
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