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Forming Links With Mass Notification
by ajeetKhurana.The offices of our world have transformed immensely. While many still adhere to the daily grind and hustle and bustle of a commute, more and more people are carrying out their work in various new-fangled ways. And more and more businesses are making ...
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Why is Content Important?
by LeadersExcel.Are you new to online marketing? Or are you one of the millions of frustrated website owners watching helplessly as your site fluctuates up and down (even on and off) the search engines? Is your traffic suffering as you try to stay on top of the most...
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Using RSS Fields In Communication
by solikatir2006.RSS is fast replacing email marketing and newsletters. You would not want to be left behind would you? Your competitor will surely overtake you and speed right up. RSS is mostly called Really Simple Syndication, although some give other meaning to th...
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The Power Of Free Reciprocal Link Exchange Programs
by Brian Garvin And Jeff West. Description: Find out the truth about Reciprocal Link Exchanges and see if they are right for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of Recip
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New Event Ticket Comparison Website
by Claudia Walker. Many sports fans want to get cheap tickets for Sports games but it is not always easy... The best practice and advise anyone could follow in order to avoid such predicaments is to alway
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The Google Feedback Loop for Quality Traffic
by Hanit.The Google Feedback Loop for Quality Traffic by: Hanit **For this to work, you need some kind of tracking for your website/web pages that tells
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Getting the Most From Traffic Exchanges
by Bhavna sharma. If you are a new to web site promotion or an experienced campaigner, you should include Traffic Exchanges as part of your marketing plan. When you join a Traffic Exchange you agree to surf other peoples pages and in return, they will surf yours. Tra...
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What is a Traffic Exchange?
by upinder singh negi2. If you have surfed the internet for very long, you have probably run into what is referred to as a "traffic exchange". These programs can be designed in many ways, with many different functions. In this article we are going to cover what they are, w...
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What Updating Your Sales Page Will Do For You
by Whalehooks.When it comes to the business world, things are constantly changing, whether they are going up or down. At times it can seem overwhelming to stay on top of everything. This may seem even more difficult when it comes to online businesses or blogs. But...
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Ways That You Can Engage Your Readers
by Whalehooks.Before starting your article figure out who your reader is and what their wants and needs are. What you write and post will depend on what kind of reader you want to attract. The length, topic, or even tone will change depending on your audience. If ...
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Long Copy - Its What Works
by Whalehooks.Trying to stay up to date with all of the new technology can sometimes be a hard thing to do. There are always two sides to everything and to doing certain things. Especially when it comes to blogging. One question that a lot of bloggers have is whet...
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An Editor Spins Her Thoughts about Web Content
by Linda Jay Geldens.There was only one small problem in the ad, but it was big enough to undermine the credibility of the hotel’s claim to perfection. The headline blared, When Everything Has to Just Right Uh-oh.  What happened to the “Be” before the “...
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Making Web Content Interesting
by C. Brackney, Content Done Better.When it comes to online writing, what do we usually call an individual piece of "straight content" writing? An article. We rarely use the word "story" to describe the work. Stories go beyond factual recitation. They have characters, a voice and fol...
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Why Content Still Matters in Web 2.0
by C. Brackney, Content Done Better.Some time ago, I read Andrew Odlysko's "Content is Not King," which argues that connectivity and point-to-point communication is far more important in terms of the net's growth and value than is traditional content. Last week, I read a post at "What...
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Develop Web Content to Generate Links
by aisha.danna.Writing for the web is quite different from creative writing for the print media (newspapers, books and magazines). The biggest difference lies in the fact that the cyber medium is virtual. And, the level of trust - between buyer and seller - here is...
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Business Ideas Web Site : Keywords for Site Promotion
by Juhani Tontti.As you may know, the number of the backlinks are the sign of the popularity for the search engines. That is why the anchor texts in the about the author box are important, they say what the link will be about.1.It Is More Effective If The Keywords C...
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What Not To Do When Advertising On Your Site
by Whalehooks.A lot of the blogs that you may read are full of great advice about how to improve your blog and what to do to make it happen. These are great tools to learn all the basics and apply it into your blog and website. But now you will learn a little bit ...
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A Clean Twitter Is A Good Twitter
by Adamkirby.Twitter has been called micro-blogging, or blogging for ordinary people. Basically they have provided a way for people who don't want a full fledged blog to post about their daily happenings.The downside to Twitter is the amount of people who sign up...
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Does Your Web Site Beat The Clock?
by Paula Morrow.Tick, tick, tick. That's the sound of those all important 10 secondsslipping away - the average amount of time a visitor remains at a web site before clicking on.That is, unless you give them a reason to stay.Take a good hard look at your web site - ...
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Winning Words for the Web
by Oscar Bruce.The Internet Is A Money MakerIn many ways the Web is the ultimate medium, but only for those who can deliver their message persuasively and convincingly. In the end it will be your site's ability to create desire and compel action that will bring rea...
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How to Create Content for a Web Site
by Allison Nazarian.Frankly no one knows exactly how many total web sites exist, because they're springing up at warp speed. And rightfully so. Many of them are quite good and needless to say we've all become dependent on the Internet. But how many of us really know h...
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Attract more Business from your Website
by Ratulewis.Why isn't your Web site attracting business? You took the time to obtain the site, looked at the tutorials, and created pages you can be proud of. so why isn't anyone noticing? Your WebsiteYou put time and care into your Web site, but your site isn't...
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How to Find A Trusted Graphic Design Company or Web Designer
by Horatio Farquaar.It's long been held that trust goes a long way in building strong long term design relationships. Building all your hopes and dreams with one designer could leave you high and dry when they up their rates after you've committed to a job. So how do yo...
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Free Web Hosts Are Not Good for Business
by Randy Moretz.Small business owners who want a web site but don't want to pay for a domain name or for hosting many times will go to a free web hosting service for their web site. They may be doing themselves a disservice in the long run.These free web hosts may b...
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Top Web Site Mistakes Solopreneurs Make (and How to Fix Them)
by Biana Babinsky.As an online business coach, I have reviewed hundreds of solopreneur web sites. Many of them are making exactly the same mistakes on their web sites and are losing customers as a result. Here are the most common mistakes that solopreneurs make:- The ...
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