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When to NOT hire a SEO and Why
Topic : Using SEO & Hiring of SEO
by Zoran Makrevski.When you get an e-mail from SEO Company with content similar to this: "We submit your site on X00.000 search engines and directories…" Stay far away from companies which offer you to submit your site...
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The 7 Habits of a Successful Web-Marketing Plan
Topic : Web -Marketing & Website Marketing : Web Marketing Plan
by Valerie Prigent.What is web-marketing? Why does your business need it? The best web site and the best web-marketing strategy will not reap the highest possible results, if they are not tightly integrated. Not only d...
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Testimonials Can Increase Your Web Traffic
Topic : Increasing Web Traffic & Increase Web Traffic
by Elizabeth McGee.We've all seen and read product testimonials. They're a very valuable tool for merchant sales and can often tip the scales in determining a customer's decision to buy. But testimonials offer another ...
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Why Paid Inclusion is better than PPC advertising
Topic : Advertising & PPC Advertising : Advertise & PPC
by Kristian Pulz.When search engines pay website owners a percentage of the bid cost, you're just looking for trouble. This is the problem with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, especially with smaller named search en...
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How To Use Pop-Ups Effectively To Generate More Profits!
Topic : Pop Up & Pop-Up : Using Pop Up
by Cory Threlfall.What I'm about to explain to you will change to way you do your online marketing Today, Tomorrow and Years to come with little effort on your part. This simple But effective technique involves the u...

Submitting Your Ezine
Topic : Content Sites & Content Site : Publisher & Publishers
by Radhika Venkata.1. Make sub-lists from Your ezine publishers list: If you have an ezine publishers list, seperate the list based on the topic of the ezine. Send only specific content to specific ezines. For example...
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Why you need to and How to Follow up Your visitor or customer.
by Radhika Venkata.The person who comes to your web site seeking products or information is a visitor. A person who bought a product or service of yours is a customer or client. ***Why should you follow up Your VISITO...
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Paid Search Advertising that Delivers Maximum ROI
Topic : Paid Search Advertising & Maximum ROI : ROI
by Ivana Giardi.Paid Search Advertising (also Pay-Per-Click, PPC) has gained a significant influence in the search engine industry over past couple of years. Whilst a traditional search engine optimisation still rem...
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Why Autoresponders are an Absolute Must
by Glen Hopkins.With autoresponders, you never have to lose money advertising again! That's right, every ad you place from now on can be a winner -- even when you lose money! I know, I know, you're thinking, "Okay,...
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Double Your Revenues with Joint Ventures
Topic : Revenue & Revenues : Joint Ventures
by Glen Hopkins.The best way I know of to multiply your online results, such as doubling the size of your opt-in email list, or increasing your sales, is through the use of joint ventures. Joint ventures are partne...
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The Power of a Referral Script
Topic : Referral & Referrals : Referral Script
by Glen Hopkins.The key to the success of e-commerce is in the combination of the power of viral marketing, permission marketing and one to one marketing. Have you ever heard of Amazon.com, Bluemountain Cards, or H...
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Link Building: To Link or Not to Link, That is the Question
Topic : Link Building & Linking : Linkage
by Vik Tailor.Lately, there have been a lot of heated discussions regarding link building. Is it ethical to create a link building campaign? Does Google or any other search engine penalize for “link farms” (a bunc...
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SEO Your PDFs - Does This Work?
Topic : SEO & PDF : PDF SEO
by Kevin Kantola.Why optimize? First, why would anyone want to search engine optimize their PDF files? Well, if you had an eBook, brochure, product description or technical document in PDF format, you may wish to op...

Is An Online Business For You?
Topic : Online Business & Online Businesses : Business Online
by Erol Alici.Do you recognize yourself in this? It’s Monday, you get up early in the morning. Still half asleep you prepare yourself to go to yet another day of work. You quickly get dressed and have a burned pie...
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How To Pick A Business Opportunity
Topic : Business Opportunity & Business Opportunities
by Erol Alici.Browsing the internet there are literally thousands of affiliate marketing resources and a person often gets overwhelmed by the sheer choice of programs, products and services they offer. When looki...
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Do You Build Or Buy? (Tips On Leadgeneration)
Topic : Build & Buy : Buying & Building
by Erol Alici.Every marketer needs leads, they are the lifeblood of your online business. However not every marketer knows how to effectively "work" their leads. Your mailinglist can be a goldmine if you know how...
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What Is Waiting for Us? :: Tomorrows SEO Industry
Topic : SEO Industry & SEO Industries
by Irina Ponomareva.Today, SEO is swiftly approaching saturation point. More and more webmasters realise the necessity of learning SEO basics, and as they do so, SEO professionals are facing difficulties finding new cli...
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Linking for Fun and Profit
Topic : Fun & Profit : Profits & Profits by Linking
by Steve Pronger.Well actually, linking isn't fun at all. In fact, it's quite tedious. Seeking, responding to requests and adding links takes time and effort. But, if you're not actively building links the RIGHT way ...
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EyeTrack III - Can It Really SEE Your Visitors Thought Patterns?
Topic : Visitor Pattern & Visitors Patterns : Pattern of Visitor
by Martin Lemieux.This you DO NOT want to miss: The newest report out on "seeing" what people look at when they browse through your site and how they react to certain layouts, headlines, images, and text formats. Do...

Seek Engines
by Kevin Kantola.In the early days of the World Wide Web, when things were just getting started many geek speak terms were jockeying for position to be the standards for years to come. I used to drive by a Califor...
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Buying your way to the top with Pay Per Click Advertising
Topic : Pay Per Click & Pay Per Click Advertising
by Ed Kohler.Imagine if you could advertise ONLY to people who have actually expressed an interest in doing business with you? That’s basically what happens whenever a prospective customer or client types a phras...
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Should You Hire a Famous Writer or Write Your Own Articles?
Topic : Famous Writer & Writing your Article : Write own Article
by Bill Platt.Proven and Exceptional Click-Through Results Testing has proven again and again that promotional articles generate more click-through traffic than standard ezine advertising. And it is much cheaper ...
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Is there such a thing as LAZY way to TRAFFIC?
by Max Clixel.Nowadays there are just too many people trying to give you something of a less (or no) value at a very high price. Why do you buy it? Why do they do it? Will they succeed? And they question is not a...
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What can make You a Fantastic Internet Marketeer?
Topic : Internet Marketeer & Internet Marketing
by Max Clixel.You've probably know many answers to this question: a good marketeer palces links, bad one - don't, good one makes surveys, bad one - don't, etc. All of these answers are right, but there is one key ...
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Linking is Queen
by Shawn Campbell.If content is king, then linking is the queen that shares his throne. We have all heard about adding content to your site to give the search engines fodder to consume. But the secret to luring the se...
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