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How Owner Builders Should Find Land to Build On - The Right Way
by Chris Esposito. Are you considering building a new home? If so, you'll need to find the right piece of land. But, you probably don't buy land every day. Whether you're hiring a builder, or being an owner builder, finding land is the first step of what may be the bi...
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Final Touches to Home Construction
by Omar Mahmood.Final Touches to Home Construction by: Omar Mahmood ?Home construction is a phased task. It involves various steps from inception of the idea fo
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Need of Perfect Planning for Home Construction
by Omar Mahmood.Need of Perfect Planning for Home Construction by: Omar Mahmood ?Home is a place where our heart resides. Men after entering into job, his first
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Tips on Hiring and Managing Property Builders
by Javaid Kiyani. Hiring and managing builders can sometimes be daunting. However, if you know the proper steps of hiring as well as the policies of managing, you will realize in the end that hiring and managing builders is as simple as entering into a relationship t...
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What is an Owner-Builder, Really?
by Chris Esposito. If you have been involved in construction in any way over the years, you have probably heard the term owner-builder thrown around. You may have even heard some stories about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of being an owner-builder. But, the tr...
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Home Builders Commitment to Energy Efficient Homes
by Richard Soto. A hot job market, low unemployment rates and climbing home values have made the San Antonio area a popular destination for new home builders focused on energy efficiency. Realty Times reports that from January 2007 to January 2008, San Antonio has s...
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New Home Builders: New Breed of Dream House Builders
by Joe Cline. Building a dream house is not an easy task. For one, you need someone who is patient enough and understanding enough to explain the processes of building a house -- what to expect during and after -- and the budget that you need every step of the wa...
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Custom Home Builder Uses Open Book Bids
by Joe Cline. You have heard about custom home builders; but a home builder with an open book bid? Maybe not. Yet. There's this custom home builder in Texas that has this unique offer: see all the cost list for your dream house. This includes the materials, labor...
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Steel Frame Builder Overview: Carter Bruce Homes
by Joe Cline. Steel Frame Home Builders - Build Sturdy Yet Beautiful HomesYou love an old-fashioned, rugged looking home with a southwestern touch. However, you also want it to be sturdy, built to last even generations after. Thus, if you want beauty and utility ...
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Production Builder Insight: Capital Pacific Homes
by Joe Cline. Capital Pacific Homes - Your Dream Home Plans, a RealityThe beauty of a rugged, southwestern house is unparalleled. You want to have this kind of look for your dream home. The off-white, antique-like effect of Texas Pearl -- a white limestone - can ...
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Rustic Home Builder Roundup
by Joe Cline. Log Home Builders -- Building Artistic Dream HouseA rustic log home, wooden picket fences, a small, shaded porch. You want your Texas home to look like this: old-fashioned and beautiful. However, you want your dream house to be a "working" home, a f...
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Custom Home Builder Profile
by Joe Cline. Have the Dream Home of Your Favorite Star with Austin Home BuildersSo you're a movie buff. Or better yet, an avid fan. You've followed the tales of your favorite star and wished that you could experience their luxurious life even just for a day. Wel...
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Architects and Builders Must Get With the Program!
by Bill Black. Women buyers are changing the realty demographics and seriously challenging the current market. The face of the home-buying public is altering, but as yet the market options have not changed enough to meet the different housing requirements of the e...
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Builders Adjusting to Buyer Demands
by Paul Escobedo.Builders Adjusting to Buyer Demands by: Paul Escobedo Phoenix Arizona is an attractive city to make a home investment. The real estate market he
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What is New With Home Builders
by Paul Escobedo.What is New With Home Builders by: Paul Escobedo The real estate market in San Jose is very happening place offering buyers plenty of investment
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Fort Bend County Tops in New Home Construction
by Tim Dillard. Fort Bend County, home to Sugar Land, considered one of the best places to live in America, is growing at a fast rate. New home construction in this county is keeping pace with the influx of population who are drawn to the community by plentiful job...
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Canadian Builders Association Looking Green
by Joe Samson. The Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) are not happy chaps at the moment! There is concern in the industry that building codes are being compromised by the use of programs that were not designed in Canada and that are replacing Canadian based...
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Custom Home Builders Work In Dozens
by Tim Dillard. Houston custom home builders are working in dozens of locations in the Greater Houston Area completing new homes in all price ranges and styles. Generally, the average price of new homes in the Houston area is somewhat less than the national average...
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Find A Reputable New Home Builder
by Tim Dillard. If you are looking to build a new home in one of the many Houston gated communities, then you will need to find a reputable new home builder. In Houston, most of the top places to live are gated communities, which are also known as master planned co...
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Common Builder Blunders - and How to Avoid Them!
by Kevin Bilberry. When it comes to building a house, there are dozens of opportunities for making mistakes or bad decisions. Not to worry, you've hired a reputable builder who knows what he's doing; these mistakes shouldn't be an issue. Maybe in a perfect world, but ...
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Finding Builders Who Build With Quality Materials
by Joe Cline - Austin Real Estate Broker.Real Estate Secrets: Which Builder Builds With the Highest Quality? by: Joe Cline - Austin Real Estate Broker Which Builder Is The Best?When cli
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Builders Warranty Versus Home Inspection
by Eric Badgely.Builder's Warranty Versus Home Inspection by: Eric Badgely Many home builders will convince a buyer that there is no need for a home inspection
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A Dream Shared by Home-seekers and Home-builders
by John Adamm. While Sofia is quickly becoming the favorite place of apartment seekers, home-hunting worries are also becoming more and more numerous, due the large number of unsuccessful real estate projects or buildings which fail to meet buyers' expectations. T...
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Local Residential Project Attracts the National Builders
by Propertiesmls. Unitech, the New Delhi-based national construction company which derives a large proportion of its revenues from real-estate development and construction including both residential and commercial has tied up with a local developer, Bajwa Developers ...
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