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Buying a Foreclosure: Ensuring a Great Investment
by philip smith. When it comes to making the best real estate investment possible, more goes into your buying decision that just getting the best price. You've got to consider other factors, such as whether or not the potential for appreciation as an investment exis...
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Bank Foreclosures: Savings You Can Count on
by philip smith. Everyone knows that to find a good deal on anything, you have to be willing to look beyond what's right in front of you. The same applies to real estate. While the majority of attention in the real estate world is focused on open market homes sold t...
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"foreclosure and Some Basic Options"
by Rob Edwards. You find yourself suddenly behind on your mortgage, and you wonder, 'Does this mean I'm a bad person?' No, you're not a bad person. You're actually one of millions all around the USA who have fallen upon hard times, and have fallen behind in their...
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Buying Foreclosure Homes: Real Estate Savings for Everyone
by philip smith. Making a real estate purchase, especially if it's for the first time, can be intimidating. There's a lot to consider, including hiring agents, finding the right homes, and of course the sky high prices you'll find on most quality homes these days. H...
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Purchasing Foreclosures Outside of Auction
by Craig Berger. With the housing market in a slump, it may seem like a good time to get a good deal on a foreclosed home. Although foreclosures are increasing across the country, you will not get the best bargain at an auction. Consider options outside of an auctio...
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Warning: Your Neighbors Foreclosure Can Cost You Your Home!
by Robert Nachman. Your neighbor down the street is facing the heartache of foreclosure. You feel bad for them, but really, what does their foreclosure have to do with you?Experts say that a foreclosed home can have a huge impact not only on property values in the are...
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Finding Profitable Pre-foreclosure and Foreclosure Properties
by Robert Lam.Where to Find Profitable Pre-foreclosure and Foreclosure Properties by: Robert Lam Locating high potential pre-foreclosure and foreclosure prope
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You Dont Need to be in Fear of Foreclosure
by Chris Simpson. Many people are living in constant fear of losing their home to foreclosure. If this is something to relate to then you really should start to adopt a more positive attitude. One way you can start to do this is to research as much as you can about f...
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Save Your Home by Finding Out More About Foreclosure Assistance
by Chris Simpson. If you are struggling to keep up with your monthly mortgage payments you may be under a lot of stress and thinking that you might lose your home to foreclosure. Do not give up just yet as there as still quite a few possibilities still open to you th...
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Preventing Foreclosure is Possible if You Learn How to Do it
by Chris Simpson. When somebody first realizes that they may have to face foreclosure of their home it is very understandable that they will be worked up about it and start to believe that there is nothing that can be done to save their home. In fact that is complete...
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Why You Need to Stand Up for Your Rights if You Risk Foreclosure
by Chris Simpson. If you do find that you are late in making your mortgage payments then you need to be able to stand up for your rights when it comes to dealing with your mortgage company. In many situations a foreclosure could have been avoiding but the person on t...
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Find Out More About the Rising Threat of Foreclosure
by Chris Simpson. Despite interest rates currently not being overly high with them having seen just a small increase in recent years the number of people purchasing homes is falling. In today's economy there are so many people that never experience what it is like to...
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What Happens Once the Foreclosure of Your Home Has Taken Place?
by Chris Simpson. If you have been unable to keep making your regular monthly mortgage payments then you may have eventually ended up having to face the foreclosure of your home. In certain cases you may yet be able to fight this and win but in the majority of cases ...
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What You Should Know Before You Purchase a Foreclosure Home
by Chris Simpson. When buying a home people are always trying to find themselves a great deal. One way to get a home at a reasonable price is to buy a foreclosure home. This isn't without its pitfalls though so it is important that you learn a little more about it fi...
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Why You Should Get an Investor to Buy Your Foreclosure Home
by Chris Simpson. In some cases when people have lost their homes to foreclosure they have decided to let an investor to buy their home. The reason they have done this is that is may give them a chance to stay living in their home under an agreement where they make a...
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What Every Home Owner Should Know About Foreclosure
by Chris Simpson. Foreclosure happens when you have been unable to keep up to date with paying your monthly mortgage payments and as a result the mortgage company repossess your home. It is similar to the idea that when you buy a car where you are contractually bound...
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How to Get Free and Effective Foreclosure Deals
by Robert Lam.How to Get Foreclosure and Pre-foreclosure Deals for Free and Most Effectively by: Robert Lam Your aim as a pre-foreclosure and/or foreclosure i
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What You Should Know About Foreclosure Vs. Regular Investing
by Robert Lam.What You Should Know About Foreclosure Vs. Regular Investing by: Robert Lam I'm a big fan of investing in foreclosure properties. But I've bough
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How to Stop a Foreclosure Without Filing Bankruptcy
by Julie Johnson. The rate of home foreclosures is rising at an alarming rate; many people are struggling with unemployment, gas prices and the cost of food. Many people have purchased more house than they can afford and they just don’t know what to do. Some co...
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Bargain Reos and Foreclosure Homes May Soon Disappear
by Carolyn Capalbo. Foreclosure 'bargains' may soon be thin on the ground and this may cause a 'rush' on the listed sales now available. The good news is that there is a more expansive program just introduced to help distressed home owners. The newly formed, 'Project L...
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You Need to be Proactive if You Want to Stop Foreclosure
by Chris Simpson. It might not always be possible to stop foreclosure of your home but if you don't even try to do anything about it how will you ever know if you could have been successful? If you are willing to try and save your home then you do need to be proactiv...
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Tips on How to Avoid Foreclosures
by Christine McGinley Russell. The numbers are staggering. In 2006 the percentage of Americans that were faced with a foreclosure was .58% of all house holds, in 2007 that percentage rose to 1% that is a 42% increase and 1% may seem like a small number but we are talking 1% of mi...
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Do You Know How a Home Foreclosure Works?
by Paige Martin. Foreclosure is a scary word for homeowners. Foreclosure refers to a process in which a lending company can take back ownership, or repossess, a home because the owners have missed payments on their mortgage. The goal of foreclosure by a lending comp...
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Some Things You Could Do if You are Under Threat of Foreclosure
by Chris Simpson. If you are a home owner then it is absolutely essential that you never fall behind on your monthly mortgage payments because doing so could you put at serious risk of foreclosure. Having said that it is still very important that you have a full unde...
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Could Bankruptcy be a Way to Stop Foreclosure of Your Home?
by Chris Simpson. There are many different things that you can do to prevent your home from foreclosure. One of the many options that you might have considered is to file for bankruptcy. Before you even think about doing that it is well worth learning a little more a...
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