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Commercial Mortgages - Using your Assets as Collateral
by Wildfire Marketing Group. When you apply for a commercial mortgage, your chosen lender will require you to use the assets of the company as collateral on the loan. Lending money can be a risky business and even more so in certain industries. A responsible lender will therefo...
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Getting Second Property Mortgages
by Sean Horton. If you are the enviable position of owning a second property as a holiday home or holiday let, then it is imperative that you investigate the marketplace fully when it comes to getting second property mortgages.Nowadays the demand for holiday home m...
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Finding Holiday Let Mortgages
by Sean Horton. Finding the right holiday let mortgages are of the utmost importance if you are looking to maximise the investment potential of your holiday home.While having a holiday let can be great fun, you must remember that it is still a business and as with ...
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Securing a Mortgage Pre-purchase
by Charlie Pigeon. The process of buying a home is one that can be highly stressful and time consuming. It is a time of high emotion as you are hoping to find the home of your dreams at a price that you can afford. A good question to ask yourself is "How can I make th...
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Getting Educated on Mortgage Fraud
by Jim Olenbush. The crime of mortgage fraud has developed quite a bit in this country over the past few years. Sometimes called real estate fraud, this type of crime is wreaking havoc across the country as perpetrators get better and better at it and their methods ...
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Finding The Best Mortgage Broker Rates
by Eric Morgan. It goes without saying that a broker is only as good as the lenders he or she serves. The larger the list that you have to draw from, the better service (mortgage broker rates) you can provide for your customers. Sooner or later, though, you may fin...
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Settle your Mortgage if you Plan to Buy a Home
by Eliza Maledevic Ayson.Settle your Mortgage if you Plan to Buy a Home by: Eliza Maledevic Ayson Settle Your Mortgage If You Plan to Buy a HomeIf you are tired of spend
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Homeowning Made Easy With No Money Down Home Loans
by Rony Walker. Nothing spells stability like a house does. You realize, of course, that the only thing stopping you from owning your dream house is money. You have none. The money you saved up for the house's downpayment has been used for some other personal emerg...
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A Bit About Mortgages
by Karrie Rose. The reality of buying a home is this: you will likely need a mortgage. There are those people out there who have the ability to pay cash for a home but that is by far, the minority. Homes are more expensive now than ever before, partly due to the ri...
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Holiday Home Mortgages - A Solid Property Investment
by Sean Horton. If you've ever fancied being a property investor and you've always dreamt of having your very own place in the sun, why not combine the two and get a holiday home? Holiday home mortgages give you the chance to own a solid investment as well as have ...
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Mortgage Lenders Concerned to Avoid Crisis
by Stephen Morgan. Cash-strapped offspring are increasingly turning to their parents for help, with almost half of first-time buyers now reliant on their families to help fund their first property, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders.The council's latest re-s...
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First Time Buyers in Difficulty With Mortgage Deposits
by Scott James. The Council of Mortgage Lenders has recently reported that first-time buyers are having to turn to family for assistance with funding their first property.Apparently 46% of people under the age of 30 having to get financial assistance from relatives...
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Why People Are Choosing Holiday Home Mortgages
by Sean Horton. With the British Summers becoming longer and warmer and people being more environmentally aware of the damage that travelling by airplane can do, holidaying in the UK is enjoying a well deserved revival.And more and more people are now choosing to t...
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Discover How Soon you Can Pay Off your Home Loan
by Wayne Hemrick. Buying a home can be a wonderful experience. If you have rented for a long time, now you will finally get to fix up a home exactly the way you desire. Instead of money going to a landlord, you will be building equity in your home, and that money...
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How Different Mortgage Rates and Terms Affect your Payment
by Wayne Hemrick. A comprehensive mortgage calculator is a handy device to access when you have questions about your current or new home mortgage. There are several factors that can increase or decrease your monthly payment amount. The tot...
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California Home Mortgage Lenders Help You Help Yourself
by Rony Walker. Have you been California dreaming? Maybe you see yourself up on the big screen, and your footprints set along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Perhaps you picture yourself catching waves or a tan at a fabulous Malibu beach. California seems to have it al...
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How Mortgages Work
by Bob Miles. A mortgage is created when someone uses real estate to secure a promise to repay a debt. For example, if you borrow money from a bank and give the bank permission to sell your house to pay off the debt if you don't pay it back yourself, then you hav...
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An Introduction To Mortgage - What Is The Big Fuss About It?
by Mario Churchill. A lot of people talk about mortgage all the time, but not all people really know what it is. If you are one of those who do not really understand all the things about mortgage but are afraid to ask, do not be afraid. Mortgage is simply a way of borr...
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All About Uk Property Mortgages
by Sean Horton. If you are buying a property in the UK, in most cases you will be looking to borrow money in the form of a mortgage. However, there are many types of UK property mortgages, and it is important that you get the one most suitable for you. Suitability ...
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How do Reverse Mortgages Work
by Nancy Woodward. Reverse mortgages are good those retirees who have a great deal of equity in their Real Estate but they need an influx of cash to support their lifestyle. So what actually is a reverse mortgage?This is a mortgage loan on the equity in your home but...
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Finding the Correct Mortgage
by Mark Hostetler.Finding the Correct Mortgage by: Mark Hostetler Finding the correct mortgage can be a time consuming and strenuous process, yet it is one of the
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Getting A Home In Paradise With Equity Hawaii Home Loan Rates
by Rony Walker. When you hear the word Hawaii, several vivid images pop into mind. Massive volcanoes, exotic tropical fruits, and slender hula dancers - these are only some of the things Hawaii is known for. In the past, strong industries in Hawaii included whaling...
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Finding The Right Mortgage
by J Harris. If a home buyer is looking for a home loan, otherwise known as a mortgage, there are a few things they should know. The rates differ depending on where they reside. The rates in San Diego may be different than the rate is Boston.A good way to find m...
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Americans Believe Mortgage Fraud Wrecked Real Estate Market
by Mike Colpitts. More than three out of four Americans believe mortgage fraud wrecked the booming real estate market, according to a poll conducted by Housing Predictor.com, an information driven web site, which forecasts local housing markets in all 50 U.S. States....
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Smart Mortgage Shopping
by Charlie Pigeon. Shopping for a mortgage is one of the most important aspects of purchasing a home. The mortgage you get will be a major defining factor in your financial future. It will dictate the amount of money you have available for the other facets of your lif...
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