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Tips to Consider When Refinancing your Property Loan
by Craig Berger. Refinancing your property loan can be a shrewd financial idea. Refinancing is a great way to lower your mortgage payments and the cost of your overall loan by taking advantage of a better interest rate opportunity. If you have rental units on your p...
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5 Ways to Pay Off your Mortgage Early
by Craig Berger. Mortgage payments represent the bulk of many homeowners' monthly bills, and they are an expense that a fair number of people would probably like to dispatch as quickly as possible. A 15-year or 30-year mortgage may seem like something that you will ...
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Property Developing Mortgages Can Work Out Cheaper With A Broker
by Sean Horton. Property developing mortgages can work out very cheaper when you take the help of a broker. This is despite the fees that are associated with a broker. This is because a broker will have access to those lenders you do not have and are able to search...
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Find Property Development Mortgage Online
by Sean Horton. In order to save a great deal of time and possible money when looking for a property development mortgage, go with a specialist website. This is the quickest way to not only get access to the cheapest rates of interest for the loan but also provides...
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How an Increase in Mortgage Limits can Impact Real Estate
by Donald Plunkett. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two housing finance companies that have the implicit backing of the United States government, presently limit the mortgages they buy in the lower 48 states to a maximum size of $417,000. Alaska and Hawaii loans can be as ...
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Be Mortgage Free With a Fast House Sale
by Eugene Articolov. Are you concerned about the state of your mortgage? Are you worried that your home might be repossessed. Phone us now to allay your fears with a fast house sale. You might be in arrears after a payment holiday. Some mortgages allow you to take a bre...
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Stated Income Commercial Mortgage - Insanity?
by jeff rauth.Stated Income Commercial Mortgage - Insanity? by: jeff rauth Commercial Stated income loans may not require tax returns, but this is not the 'wi
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Sub-prime Mortgage Meltdown
by Bryan Burbank.Sub-prime Mortgage Meltdown by: Bryan Burbank Looks like this years spectator sport is all about the nations collapse in the sub-prime mortgage

Understanding What Happened With Subprime Mortgages
by Donald Plunkett. After the steep rise in subprime lending in the 2001-2006 period, followed by the credit crunch of 2007, some might ask, "If their borrowers can't pay, why did the lenders make these loans in the first place? Did they not want to be paid back?" To g...
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Using a Seller Carry-back Mortgage to Buy a Mortgage Note
by Judson Voss. Buying mortgage notes isn't all that hard as you've probably heard from some other property investors. There are two basic ways to get into your first mortgage note. One is to approach a bank and the other is to approach a homeowner about their ow...
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Buy the Mortgage Note on a Defaulted Property
by Judson Voss. You've been buying mortgage notes for a little while and are comfortable with the practice. However, you've noticed that there are a lot of pre-foreclosure homes out there with mortgages on them too. This is a large section of the mortgage note in...
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Mortgage Refinancing Secrets Revealed
by Clement Idahosa. Refinancing means applying for a secured loan intended to replace an existing loan secured by the same assets. Refinancing may be done by any issuer of debt, such as corporations and governmental bodies, as well as holders of real estate, including ...
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Mortgage Forgiveness Act Provide Income Tax Relief
by John Mazzara. What's positive about being foreclosed upon or selling your home for less than you owe? Well, for most people, not much. Yes, you are relieved of an onerous mortgage loan and you are now free to find housing that is more affordable within your budge...
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Home Mortgage Guide and Tips
by Jeff Hammerberg.Plain Talk About Fancy Mortgages: Stick With the Old-fashioned 30-year Fixed by: Jeff Hammerberg The word 'candidate' derives from the word 'can
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Office Mortgage Refinancing
by jeff rauth.Office Mortgage Refinance - Typical Underwriting Parameters by: jeff rauth Owners conducting an office mortgage refinance have a broad range of
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Telling the Truth About Mortgage Lending
by Kristin Abouelata - Home Loans.Telling the Truth About Mortgage Lending by: Kristin Abouelata - Home Loans There’s a bunch of important points to review when considering
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How to Manage Customer and Closing the Mortgage Deal
by Robert Lawrence. One of the toughest things as a loan officer to do is to know when to keep or kill a deal. Of course, we all want as much business as we can handle. But, spending time on loans that don't close, wastes more time and leaves you with nothing to show...
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10 Ways to Survive and Prosper in a Down Mortgage Market
by Robert Lawrence. Again the Fed raised interest rates. And if you haven't felt the noose tightening yet, you certaininly will now. With rates continuing their gentle climb and the refinance market now nothing but tumbleweeds, you MUST TAKE IMMEDIATE STEPS NOW if yo...
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Want An Appropriate Home Loan Just Go For Home Mortgage
by David Faulkner. Finding the best home mortgage for you is a jungle, even if you live anywhere. There are so many alternatives and companies out there offering you mortgages for your dream home or to get a second loan. How should you choose a mortgage loan? Well, yo...
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Will your Mortgage Company Garnish your Wages After Foreclosure?
by Nick Adama. One of the more common fears among homeowners facing foreclosure is that the bank will suddenly start garnishing their wages in order to pay back the loan. With how far behind some homeowners fall, this fear can result in the anticipation of their n...
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Commercial Second Mortgage or Commercial Equity Line of Credit?
by jeff rauth.Commercial Second Mortgage or Commercial Equity Line of Credit? by: jeff rauth Commercial real estate investors often ask which is the more appr
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Commercial Second Mortgage (second Lien Position)
by jeff rauth.Commercial Second Mortgage (second Lien Position) by: jeff rauth Commercial second mortgages have historically been a very rare financing tool r
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How You Are Pre-Qualified For Real Estate Loans?
by Amalorpava Mary. You need to be pre-qualified to avail a real estate loan. When you apply for a loan the loan officer looks into your credit report, and also figures out the maximum loan amount that you can have, by working backward. This could also be done by you, ...

The Reverse Mortgage Association: Here To Help
by Wade Robins. If you are a US homeowner approaching retirement, and have already realized that your pension, social security, or 401K will not be enough to let you maintain the lifestyle you have been able to afford during your working years, you may be consideri...
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Commercial Mortgage Refinance - Why
by jeff rauth.Commercial Mortgage Refinance - Why by: jeff rauth Why perform a commercial mortgage refinance? Out of necessity of course. Most borrowers wan
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