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Burglary Prevention Tips
by James Hopkins. 'Uninviting Burglars' Part 2 Burglars, thieves, and muggers are opportunists. They're watching for little details that will lead them to an easy victim. Here are some things to know to help keep your home and family safe.AN OCCUPIED HOMEWhen leavin...
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Get Creative With your Home Security System
by Jason Dutch. A 21st century Home Security System can be so much more than just a device that calls for help in case of an emergency. In fact, it can be a great help in everyday life. What about an SMS message when the liquor cabinet is opened at 3 AM and the onl...
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The Shocking Truth About Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms
by Alan Price. The Shocking Truth About Smoke Detectors And Fire Alarms: Discover What Fire Sprinkler Systems Are The Most Effective Protection Against Fire!One Scottsdale family also thought fire alarms were enough to protect them from fire-with tragic results. ...
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Guide on How to Prevent Burglary
by James Hopkins. Physical improvements you can do to make your home less attractive to burglars. Burglars, thieves, and muggers are opportunists. They prowl about looking for things such as high bushes around doors, windows, or garages to hide behind; open doors or ...
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Doors With Glass Panels, an Easy Way in for the Burglar
by Martin Underwood. If the entrance door to your home is fitted with glass panels, or there is a glass panel right next to the door, you have yourself a home security risk.Doors with glass panes allow light into what otherwise would be dark hallways, but from a securit...
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Lock Bumping - a New Phenomenon?
by Jeff King. The term lock bumping conjures up images of people in stripy jumpers with eye masks on bumping against a locked door on the off chance that it will open and they can fill their bags full of 'swag'. The reality is a lot less glamorous and a lot more ...
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Why Did I Get Burgled?
by Martin Underwood. "Why did I get burgled? Why did the burglar pick my home, why not somebody else's?After all, I work hard, I pay my taxes and I'm honest Joe citizen. Why did that no good thief have to pick my home?" The burglar picked your home because your home loo...

Video Cameras Detection
by Barry Jenkins. Video camera detection is one of the fastest growing areas of personal security. The technology continues to advance and new products hit the market every day. This can make it difficult for consumers to wade through the information and find the pro...
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8 Common Fire Hazards in Your Home
by Alan Price. Over 80% of fire related deaths happen in the home and in a home without a fire sprinkler system, these fires can take over a house before you have time to do anything about it. Here are eight of the quickest and easiest w...
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Home Security Surveillance Cameras
by yh786515. Surveillance cameras (wireless or wired) are great for finding out at the door or nosing around the garage, or whose mutt is digging up your vegetable garden. But until lately only the rich and famous could afford security cameras. Now you can purch...
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Home Security Cameras Tips
by Michael Malega.Home Security Cameras Tips by: Michael Malega I want that the following article will help you to better understand this topic. There are many wa
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Home Security Cameras Information
by Michael Malega.Home Security Cameras Information by: Michael Malega I want that the following article will help you to better understand this topic. There are
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Home Alarm Systems
by Michael Malega.Home Alarm Systems by: Michael Malega I want that the following article will help you to better understand this topic. As many of us are aware t
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The Advantage of a Home Inventory List
by Martin Underwood. OK, the worst has happened. You have arrived home to discover that you have had an uninvited visitor. The door to your abode is ajar when it should be firmly locked and the place has been ransacked. You experience a raft of emotions, anger, fear, sh...
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Airsoft for Fun
by Amelie Mag. Airsoft is, by definition, a sport simulating which real life combat, with copies of real life firearms - airsoft guns. Several individuals take part in the game, using smoothbore weapons. The game has its origins in Japan, in the late '80s, when re...
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The Basics of Bb Guns
by Amelie Mag. There is nothing more important than safety when marketing or purchasing bb guns. You can have good clean fun with them, indeed, but you definitely should not look at bb guns as if they were toys.Any potential user or buyer of bb guns needs to under...
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Pet Plans Can Save you From Shock Vet Fees
by Philip Smith. Most of the pooches on parade at this month's Crufts dog show lead pampered lives but even the best cared-for pets can get into scrapes.The website msnbc recently asked dog owners to tell tales on pets that had eaten bizarre objects. Among the items...
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Peeling the Onion: Security Layers Prevent Crime
by Vin Domino. Burglar alarms and security cameras are time-honoured security options, but can they should not be considered a total security solution.There is good evidence that alarms and cameras act as a deterrents to crime. However, they don't actually prevent...

Is That Burglar Really so Stupid?
by Martin Underwood. We've all read them and laughed at them, those stories about stupid burglars doing the dumbest of things whilst attempting to commit a crime and getting themselves arrested instead. Like deciding to take a nap on the victim's bed and still be laying...
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Tasers and Non-lethal Stun Weapons (emdt)
by Scott Barnes.Tasers and Non-lethal Stun Weapons (emdt) by: Scott Barnes Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) TechnologyTasers Versus Stun Guns: Most people use
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Touched Yet by Cybercrimes Pandemic? Dont Worry; you Will!
by Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW.Touched Yet by Cybercrime's Pandemic? Don't Worry; you Will! by: Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW The following is adapted by an article in eWEEK.com entit
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Carbon Monoxide Levels - How Much is Too Much?
by Alexandria Haber. What is carbon monoxide?Carbon monoxide or CO is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. Due to this fact, it is very hard to detect the presence of CO in your environment. It is, however, imperative that the CO levels in your home are carefully mo...
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Batons for Self Defense
by Barry Jenkins. Contemplating a method of protection is a very serious undertaking. If you are considering such a purchase you need to evaluate your options very carefully. When selecting a tool for self defense the first thing is to consider your own level of stre...
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Protecting yourself With a Stun Gun
by Barry Jenkins. Every responsible person should consider ways to ensure their personal safety. As protection becomes a growing concern, the variety of self defense tools and methods available is on the rise. Although any effort to protect yourself is commendable, s...
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Home Protection Protecting Your Castle
by Barry Jenkins. Your home is your castle. It contains your most valuable possessions, not the least of which is your family. It is an unfortunate reality that criminals will exploit any gaps in your home protection system in order to invade your private domain. Thi...
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