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Better Average Growth with Less Downside Volatility
by John Summer. When looking at investments for long-term capital growth prospective, investments in land have returned dramatic rates of growth coupled with low risk according to historic data and trends.Overall prices have increased by up to 30% in the last 12 mo...
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The Boom is Definitely For Real Estate
by Harry Johnson. The Boom is Definitely For Real EstateReal estate .... Local Economic Factors (Key issues) When we talk of the real estate economy, consciously or unconsciously we use national level statistics to form the desired opinion ab...
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Key Trends in Residential Properties
by Michaelle Sui. Residential properties in India today are at a phenomenal growth rate of 25 to 30%. It's not a bubble- do not get this wrong. There are various reasons in our growing middle class economy to contribute to the boom in Indian real estate, whether comm...
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Cost Segregation - Why isnt my CPA doing this?
by Patrick O'connor, Mai. Most commercial property owners, even those who use professional accountants, fail to take advantage of cost segregation, a tax mechanism that could generate substantial savings in federal income taxes.While most accountants are familiar with the ap...
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Create A Rate
by J.R. Parler. In the world of home buying, the process of finding a house and neighborhood suitable to your family's needs can become laborious even with the assistance of a realtor. However, if you truly
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Dont Be A Victim Of A Drive By BPO
by David Neese. Memphis, TN has its share of drive by violence. But we are talking about a different type of bad drive by, being the victim of a drive by BPO as a real estate investor. We have been victims and want to help you from becoming a statistic.We are Mem...
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Get Commissions During the Subprime Squeeze
by Kristin Gabriel.There were 1.2 million foreclosure filings were reported last year in 2006, a 42 percent more than in the year 2005. Current home owner defaults and late payments are not just causing problems in the mortgage industry. More foreclosures are projecte...
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