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7 Questions To Ask Property Consultants
by P Green. f you're thinking of putting your home up for sale in the next few months, you should take your time to find the right estate agent.Because the right agents - or property consultants as they are sometimes known - will not only ensure you get the rig...
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Another Active Year For The Property Market
by P Green. 2008 is shaping up to be an interesting year for the property market.Already January has seen a small decline. Figures out last week from the Nationwide building society showed that house prices fell by 0.1 per cent.And with yesterday's interest rat...
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Top Tips For Happy Property Letting
by P Green. If your pension is under performing and the stock market is just costing you cash, then maybe property letting is the route you should take to secure your financial future.Buying a house and doing it up could be a sensible thing to do - especially i...
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Smart Ways To Find A Property
by P Green. Hunting down a new place to live can be one of the most stressful times of your life.The pressure is on to find a property that will fit the requirements of you and your family over the next few years. It needs to have enough space for you to grow i...
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7 Steps To Buy A New Property
by P Green. Moving into a brand new property can be one of the most fantastic experiences you'll have climbing the property ladder. You get a home that no-one else has lived in before, that often has been tweaked to your requirements, and is shiny and new when ...
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Reduce your Debts With a Property Fast Sale
by Eugene Articolov. A property fast sale can help you avoid the stress caused by your debts. Bad debt is a major problem which affects more and more of us. We can become ill and our personal lives may suffer. It can even affect our relationships at work. There's no poi...
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Rescue your Credit Rating With a Fast Property Sale
by Eugene Articolov. If you have problems with credit, then you may need a fast property sale. Bills can easily get out of hand. When you have loans, store cards and a mortgage, it's easy to let a payment slip here and there. Now that lenders have tightened up on bad de...
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Use a Fast Property Sale When you Need Cash Fast
by Eugene Articolov. Several people need cash fast to pay off their mortgage arrears or repay their debts. A fast property sale might be just what they need to help them to do it. If you want to know how to make fast cash so that you can take control of your finances, t...
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Trying To Make The Decision To Jump Into Property Options
by Sean Rasmussen. As an investor, or a soon to be investor, it is essential to know when to jump (and when to run, for that matter.) For those considering property options as their method of being caught, it can take some time to get the necessary tools and resource...
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Are Property Options Your Best Bet?
by Sean Rasmussen. Property options are a method of investing in real estate that many people do not know much about. One reason for that is because they simply are a new to the scene type of investing. While they have been available to be used for quite a long whil...
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The Mood of the Moment, Super Blues, Property News & Finances
by Michael Murray. THE MOOD OF THE MOMENTBut how quickly the wheel turns. The new year opened with some enthusiasm and confidence and now, with the stock market tanking in free fall, the sentiment out there is very wary indeed. All this talk of a recession is self-ful...
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Haggle Your Way To A Cheap Property
by P Green. It's the thing everyone searching for a new home would give their eye teeth for: You find the house of your dreams and discover it's not just perfect, it's also affordable!Welcome to the unlikely world of cheap property. It doesn't seem to exist whe...
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How To Work Out Your Own Property Valuation
by P Green. If you're thinking about moving house in the next 12 months, the first thing you'll want to know is: just how much is my home actually worth?A sensible first step to answering that question is to get three local estate agents in. If you pick agents ...
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Property Portfolio
by Parmdeep Vadesha. The aim of a property portfolio is to make money in such a way that the income remains safe in spite of ups and downs of the market as well as due to personal circumstances. To build your own portfolio you first have to own a property. However, for ...
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No Money Down Property
by Parmdeep Vadesha. No money down property is a deal which is made without spending (or spending very little) money. It is done by using the money source from a different lender or investors but not your own funds.This is also referred to as a 'no money down' loan. Thi...
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Off Plan Property
by Parmdeep Vadesha. When a property is bought before the completion of its building area, it is known as an off plan property. The term "off plan property" is used because the property is bought only by looking at its structural drawings and the plans. The trend of buy...
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Understand The Property Development Process
by P Green. If you're like most people you've sat watching the various property shows on TV and thought: "I can do that".With a new series of Grand Designs launching on Channel 4 recently; Relocation Relocation continuing with Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, ...
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Get Your Head Round Property Insurance
by P Green. There's something that happens in every house in the UK every year. No-one looks forward to it, but at the same time they get an odd feeling of peace of mind from it.What is it? It's the process of renewing property insurance.There are few of us tha...
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Get Researching For The Best Deal From Property Auctioneers
by P Green. Whether you are after a bargain investment, an unusual property with character, or the house of your dreams that you have been waiting to buy for years, buying a house from property auctioneers can work out to be great value.As the hammer drops you ...
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Retail Property Refinance
by jeff rauth.Retail Property Refinance by: jeff rauth Retail property refinances are one of the preferred building/loan types by capital sources. This is a
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How to Find Extra Cash for an Additional Buy to Let Property
by Brett Wood.How to Find an Extra ?200 to Pay for an Additional Buy to Let Property by: Brett Wood Before I helped people build property portfolios I used to
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New Build Vs Off Plan Property - Which is Better?
by Brett Wood.New Build Vs Off Plan Property - Which is Better? by: Brett Wood Firstly let's look at how I define each of these terms.New build is classified
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Should you Ever Pay Off your Property?
by Brett Wood.Should you Ever Pay Off your Property? by: Brett Wood This question needs to be broken into two questions. Should I ever pay off my home? Should
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Repossessed Property
by Parmdeep Vadesha. Many people prefer to make investments to cut down on paying taxes and to establish an additional source of income. And one of the most popular choices for investing is with property investment, with many choosing to invest in repossessed properties...
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Property Development
by Parmdeep Vadesha. Over the last few years, the trend of investing in land has taken a great leap forward. As a result, property values have soared through the roof high and are still ascending. And the popularity of property development is also increasing because of ...
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