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Why Choose to Make a Cyprus Property Investment?
by Clint Jhonson. The Cyprus real estate market represents quite outstanding potential for foreign purchasers; these purchasers may wish to invest their money and time in an apartment, villa or other real estate in Cyprus after seeing a wide range of real estate poss...
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Investment Property in Spain
by Les Calvert. Althought this year (2007) has seen a general slowdown in the overseas property market and especially within the Spanish property sector it still seems that Spain accounts for almost half of the property searches conducted on most of the popular pro...
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The Allure Of Clearwater Florida
by Tim Stewart. What immediately comes to mind when you begin thinking of Clearwater, Florida? Do you think about the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico? Do you think of time spent relaxing on the sand with your family, making a quick trip to Busch Gardens w...
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Bulgarias Booming: Investing in That Eastern Promise
by Elisha Burberry. With property prices going through the roof in the UK, many people are now looking further afield to realise a dream of owning their own property.Indeed, with the European Union opening its boundaries to even more countries, this has led to a proper...
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Late Surge For 2007 Andorra Real Estate
by Roger Munns. The Andorra economy has been used to a decade of steadily rising real estate prices, with many of the local population buying new property off-plan and selling them again at higher prices to outsiders later on.But 2007 has seen a hiccup in this weal...
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Investing in Real Estate in Fayetteville North Carolina
by Sam Huntington. If you're looking for investment opportunities in Fayetteville, North Carolina, there are things you must look for before you plunk your hard earned money down on a piece of property.Investing in real estate can be quite lucrative and is one of the ...
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Cyprus Property In Polis : Next To Heaven
by Adrian Jones. Property in Cyprus offers a great investment opportunity as the market is booming. Whether you want to invest in property, rent a holiday home, or buy a house and settle permanently, you can find what you want in Cyprus. The property market has grow...
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Investing in Greece
by Les Calvert. There's no greater historical country in Europe than the place where the continent's civilization originateeveryone intrigued and longing to visit the country at least once in their lifetime. The country that has produced great thinkers, like Aristo...
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Contesting Taxes in Texas
by Curtis Reddehase.Contesting Taxes in Texas by: Curtis Reddehase What do you do if you disagree with the county appraisal district's (CAD's) appraisal of your pro
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Things to Consider Before Buying Slovenia Property
by Kelly Price. Slovenia was recently named one of the top destinations in the world in which to buy property. More overseas investors than ever before are now buying Slovenia property for sale, for a combination of long term capital gains, as well as solid rental...
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Cyprus Luxury Villas Make Great Holiday Homes
by Adrian Jones. Can you imagine living in the Mediterranean, wading in the crystal clean water, watching your family soak up the culture in a safe, clean and tropical environment and then going home to your authentic Cyprus holiday home at the end of the day? House...
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Central Texas Growth
by Curtis Reddehase.Central Texas Growth by: Curtis Reddehase Austin didn't change much for many years but look at it now. It was a slow start but Austin is spreadi
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British Wealthy Flocked To Monaco In 2007
by Roger Munns. Monaco has appealed to Europe's wealthy - and since the advent of jet travel from further afield - since Victorian times, but recently British money in particular has been finding its way to Monaco at record levels.Signs of the British in Monaco are...
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Why People are Choosing to Buy Property in Spain
by Daniel Sendman. With beautiful coastlines, relatively low property prices, long hot summers and a number of other attractions, there are a whole host of reasons to buy property in Spain.Many of the busier areas of Spain (especially areas like Costa blanca, Costa br...
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Bled Property Slovenia - a Great Investment Opportunity
by Monica Hendrix . Slovenia has emerged as a one of the best overseas property destinations and has been ranked in the top 10 countries in the world to buy and growth is forecast at up to 300% in the next 10 years. Successful property investment is all about location ...
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Estate Agents in Slovenia - Tips on Choosing the Best
by Monica Hendrix . Forecast growth by a respected UK investment TV show, is anticipating growth of up around 280% in the next 10 years and interest in property investment in Slovenia is at an all time high. Of course you will need an Estate Agent in Slovenia to help y...
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Investment Property in Morocco
by Les Calvert. Morocco represents an anagram of different cultures/civilizations and boasts of being one of the most picturesque countries on the planet. Located in the Northern half of the African continent, this paradisiacal country is in close proximity to Euro...
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Bulgaria Leads Balkan Property Boom
by Andrew Regan. Twenty years ago, few Brits would have been able to find Bulgaria on a map, let alone tell you anything about the country. Today, hundreds of Brits own property there and thousands more visit this Balkan gem every year. Bulgaria has undergone an inv...
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Why Going European Could be your Best Investment
by Elisha Burberry. It's a popular option to invest in real estate nowadays, but British property prices make it difficult to get on the investment ladder. That's why more and more people are starting to look further afield to find a property investment they can hang ...
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Best New Places to Live in Texas - The Master-Planned Community
by Tim Dillard. There is no doubt that the best new places to live in Texas are essentially master-planned communities. These communities differ from ordinary subdivisions in several important ways. Subdivisions are groups of houses, usually completed by one develo...
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Some Thoughts on Javea
by Alicia Taylor. The Town Of JaveaJavea is about 60 miles North of Alicante and stands in the shadows of Montgo Mountain. The old windmills on this mountain add a quirky charm.Arenal is the main beach, and is acknowledged as a "blue-flag beach" because of its crysta...
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Why Invest in Berlin Real Estate?
by Uwe Falkenberg.Why Invest in Berlin Real Estate? by: Uwe Falkenberg German Property MarketFor the 3rd quarter 2007 the German economy experienced its strongest
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UK Property Predictions For 2008
by P Green. As we start to move into the last few weeks of 2007, it's natural to look ahead to what might happen in 2008.Often future predictions are made off the back of what's happened over the last 12 months. And it's been a very busy year for the UK propert...
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Broward Real Estate: Best In Florida
by Hector Lesende.Broward Real Estate: Best In Florida by: Hector Lesende Located in the state of Florida, Broward County is the second largest county in the stat
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Real Estate Agent in Texas
by Richard Brazil. Texas is a very big state, nearly 900 miles from east to west, with dramatic diverse landscapes and over 500 cities to explore. This remarkable state is organized into seven regions, each with its own Texan personality. Texas real estate comprises o...
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