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Real versus Personal Property!
by Richa Sinha.Property designates those things that are commonly recognized as being the possessions of a person or group. The most important type of property includes real property, private property, personal property and intellectual property. Here, real or priv...
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How To Obtain Property Insurance For Small Companies
by bizavings.Insuring your company protects its continuity, making it possible to operate even after damages caused by natural calamities such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, or fire. While selecting a policy, consider the nature of the business, th...
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Property Rights and the EU
by j_hardcastle89.The European Community (also referred to as the European Economic Community) has as its task the establishment of a common market and the progressive approximation of the economic policies of Member States. The term common market has been defined as ...
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How To Make A Valuation Of Your Property
by Thomas Pretty. Making a valuation of your property is not an easy task, there are certain factors that will increase the value and there are factors which will diminish the value. There are a number of misconceptions that prevent homeowners finding the true worth ...
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Property Development in Tough Times
by Cherry Bo. Perhaps you have heard that the property market is going gloomy; with all the reports on the worsening trend in credit. But just like any industries, the property development industry has its ups and downs; yet, there are still those who can do well...
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Property Sales Today - the Irish Angle
by Susan Salkeld. Most of the western world, if not the entire first world, seems to be reporting that property market price inflation is decreasing or stalled. In the worst-hit areas we even hear tales of a lowering of house prices and negative equity for some unfor...
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Deciding Commercial Property Market Value
by Andrew Stratton. Even though we are currently in a buyer's market, many land owners are looking to sell it to potential buyers. Before an individual can sell it, they must know how much to value their own property in order to attract potential buyers. Most individua...
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Key Methods to Increase the Yield on Property
by Chris Davidson. With many BTL investors now completing their properties worldwide, many are curious to see if their income will be better, the same or worse than had been projected when they reserved 2-3 years ago.?It is fair to say that, in some areas at least, so...
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Where To Buy Overseas Property
by Catherine Harvey. Property in Bulgaria has been drawing some attention of late. People are tired of investing their money in the precarious UK property market and have been looking further afield than the little Britain of Spain to lesser known areas of Europe.If you...
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Use Your Sipp to Purchase Property With a Business Partner
by Emma. Q.? My business partner and I are looking to buy new commercial premises.? I want to buy my share using my SIPP but my partner does not have one.? Is it possible for a??to purchase a property with a non-SIPP co-owner?A.? Yes, it is possible for you ...
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Planning for Refurbishment of Property
by Cherry Bo. Commercial property investment entails a lot of decisions and one initial decision to make is to think of buying empty lot and develop building, or buy existing buildings and?develop it to more useful property. Most of the time, refurbishment of exi...
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Sell Commercial or Residential Property for Cash
by William T. ?At Last Seconds, we buy homes for cash; as an established property buyer, we regularly buy commercial and residential property in London, Birmingham, Manchester and throughout the UK. We offer you the opportunity to sell your house and rent it back...
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Property Market Revolutionised by Pricing Information Sites
by Thomas Pretty. The internet as an information resource is unrivalled; with so many contributors the sheer wealth of information is unsurprising. Nearly all people who have access to a computer use the internet, most amazing are the uses that people have for this i...
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Five Factors Involved In A Property Valuation
by Thomas Pretty. When either buying or selling property it is important to realise what defines a great valuation. When estate agents and surveyors undertake a valuation they are looking for certain factors that result in a great price. Here is a breakdown of the mo...
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Red Sea Property in Egypt
by Mr. Anant. Some would consider a Red Sea property to have limited potential, but our twelve months worth of painstaking research into this country has provided us with a very positive view of buying a property in Egypt.Yes, the new property market in Egypt can...
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How To Make The Best Of Your Property When It Goes Up For Sale
by Thomas Pretty. When you are putting your property up for sale there is often the worry that it will sit on the market for a long period of time. There are ways however when your property is for sale to reduce the time it spends waiting for a buyer by adopting cert...
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Nationwide Shake-Up In The Chinese Property Market
by Gregory Smyth. All indications are showing us that short-term investment in China is not advisable, as government initiatives to slow down the economy are proving extremely effective. We see property developers losing money, a credit crunch looming, and share pric...
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Organization And Management Of A Successful Property Business
by Javaid Kiyani. A property investor needs to treat his business as a serious business. You should therefore have several procedures and processes in place to ensure the efficient running of your business. Here, we will discuss several ideas on how to organize and...
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The Difficulties Of The Modern Property Valuation
by Thomas Pretty. A property valuation has always contained an element of guess work; today however in a rapidly changing property market it has become even harder to reach an accurate figure. The global credit crunch has led many to assume that a property valuation ...
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Do We Really Have To Fear A Slowdown In Property Sales Figures?
by Thomas Pretty. The harbingers of doom are constantly warning of a decrease in property sales and the effects this is having not only on the property market but on the economy as a whole. Today, predictions for property sales within the UK are particularly downbeat...
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Global Property Hotspots
by Emil Emilov.Global Property Hotspots by: Emil Emilov Property can make you big money but how do you know which are the best places to buy? Our global proper
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Making an Offer on a Property
by Emil Emilov.Making an Offer on a Property by: Emil Emilov At this point it really is important to understand local culture. The French are a fiercely proud
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What to Do When Property Repossessions Occur
by David J. ?While the statistics concerning the number of property repossessions in 2007 makes shocking reading, a report by the University of York, outlining the effects upon the thousands of families who have seen their homes become repossessed properties, ...
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A Good Credit Rating Will Help Your Property Business
by Javaid Kiyani. Managing your credit standing can be a difficult and challenging task. However, a good credit rating is essential if you want to succeed as a property investor. A bed credit rating will often mean that you are unable to fund property purchases and ...
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Always Negotiate The Best Property Deal
by Javaid Kiyani. Correct property negotiation will result in the acquisition of the intended property at the desired price. The most important step before entering into any negotiation is to have a very concise plan of action. Be clear of what outcome you desire an...
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