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Realty Picture: I-t Dept to Zoom on 8Ã- Income Buys
by Pratibha.Realty Picture: I-t Dept to Zoom on 8Ã- Income Buys by: Pratibha HAVE you bought or sold a house or a plot for more than Rs 30 lakh? Then expec
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How To Analyze An Income Producing Property
by Joe Manausa. I often evaluate properties for investment purposes for myself and for clients, and I have found that many people have no starting point for evaluating income producing properties. Having done so for years, I have learned, discovered, and compiled s...
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1031 Exchange - How You Can Indefinitely Defer Income Taxes
by Patrick O'Connor. 1031 Exchanges are excellent tools to reduce income taxes. Known both as "tax free exchanges" and "1031 exchanges" (based upon the enabling section of the federal income tax code) this tool allows investors to sell real estate without paying income ...
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How Do you Create Income From Property?
by Brett Wood.How Do you Create Income From Property? by: Brett Wood The question I pose to most of my clients when I first meet them is how do you create inc
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Income Suites and Primary Residences
by Kevin And Gretchen Koitz. In today's real estate market people are spending a good deal of time trying to find ways to make their primary residence pay off a little bit better. One way that this can be done is by installing or renovating an income suite. Income suites are fa...
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Passive Income Opportunities
by Mark Walters. Traditionally, men worked on farms or in trades and women raised the family. The industrial revolution introduced the manufacturing sector and established a set workweek. WWII introduced women to the workforce, and the 1970s introduced them to a li...
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