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Why Choose a Realtor?
by Jason Sisilli. While many people prefer to sell their homes themselves, and avoid giving a Realtor® commission fees, the truth is, selling a home is a challenging thing to do, and a professional Realtor® has a lot of benefits.For starters, certified agents...
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Not All Realtors® are Created Equally
by Marie Delci.It's true, not all Realtors? are the same. Not only does personality influence our decision of which agent to choose, so do some more practical matters, such as their commission rate, level of experience and area of specialty.
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Realtor Magazine Door to Door
by Luke Bouman. I recently read an article in Realtor Magazine entitled 'Building Relationships.' In the article it talked about prospecting that works; specifically doing door to door marketing. Marc, who is the real estate broker, is the agent who has knocked o...
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A Professional Realtor - not Just for Show
by Jim Hirschman. Probably the largest single purchase that an individual will make in their lifetime is buying a house. It amazes me how many people will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars without getting the professional advice of a realtor. It costs nothing to...
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Tech Tips for Mobile Realtors
by John West. Mobility equals success in real estate, and a little extra leg work can pay off big. Put simply, the more homes you show, the more you'll likely sell. This is the most obvious example, but there are thousands of others. No matter what kind of city y...
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Why Use a Realtor?
by Dane. I hear from a lot of people we work with that they initially did not want to deal with Realtors when purchasing a property because they can sometimes be pushy or just a pain to deal with. This can be true, as it would be with any position that is i...
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Are Realtors Marketing to This Growing Segment of the Market?
by Bruce Weddel.Are Realtors Marketing to This Growing Segment of the Market? by: Bruce Weddel More and more single females are signing up for Memberships on si
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Young Realtors Guide to Survive
by Luke Bouman. Real estate can be a very lucrative career, but it takes hard work, perseverance, and a little luck along the way. Many people join the real estate field because of the potential for great wealth and because of the relative ease of getting a licens...
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How to Save Half of a Realtors Commission
by Dave Dinkel. How do you hire a full-service realtor and only pay half a commission? It is always surprising when a homeowner is going to hire a realtor® to sell his property, especially when he next complains bitterly about paying 5% or 6% to someone who he ...
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Finding the Right Realtor®
by Cj deHeer. In today's high-speed and high-stakes world or real estate, finding the right Realtor® can be a tricky prospect. There are any number of agents out there who will make claims that they can sell your home faster than any other. What it comes down...
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Top 7 Tips to Choosing your Realtor
by Eric Bramlett. "Choosing a realtor can feel like an overwhelming process. You want to find someone who knows the market and does her job well, so you're likely to look for someone who is well-established in her career. At the same time, you want to find a realtor ...
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Choosing A Realtor
by Hamid Grinage. There are many factors to weigh when deciding which Oakland Realtor should represent you in the purchase or sale of property. When talking to a prospective Realtor, take note of how you interact with them. Are they talking more than listening? Are t...
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Insider Secrets To Shopping For A Good Realtor
by Joel McDonald. Let's face it, homes are expensive. When looking for a place to live, and a property to own, everyone wants to make a careful decision. Many people choose to hire a real estate agent to work with them in finding the right home for them. Here are ...
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Wisconsin Limited Realtor Services
by Ryan Sellers. Since the advent of real estate as we know it today, home owners have essentially had 2 options available to them when trying to sell their home. You could list with a real estate agent and pay the resulting commissions or you could brave the FSBO m...
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Choosing the Right Realtor
by Branden Schroeder. There are a huge number of choices that any home seller or buyer has to make during the time leading up to the sale or purchase of a home. The one choice that they cannot afford to second guess is their choice of Realtor. Although homes can be bough...
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How and When to Fire your Realtor
by Dave Dinkel. Ever felt that your real estate agent or broker wasn't doing his job and you wanted to "fire" him? Usually firing him is often as simple as paying a penalty of $250 or less, but you have to carefully read the "termination clause" in his Listing Agr...
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Why Hiring a Productive Realtor is Essential
by Nef Cortez. "Birds of a feather?? flock together" the old adage goes. Now a homeowner may ask what this saying has anything to do with hiring a realtor to list their property for sale. Like any other industry, real estate has associated businesses and or par...
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Realtors: More Than a Simple Salesperson
by Frankie Bastek. There is a lot of discussion online lately about the necessity of realtors in the sale of homes. There is a lot of information being put out about the benefits of selling your home yourself, of course this info is usually put out by FSBO sites who a...
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Palm Springs Realtor Wins Truck With One Swing
by Terry Parker. At the 2007 Kraft Nabisco $1 million Hole In One contest local Palm Springs realtor Diane McMillan was surrounded by veterans of the game. She not only faced professionals but also amateur golfers who had won prizes in the event before. With a sin...
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Realtor Certifications - Should Your Realtor Have One?
by J Harris. In real estate display ads, you will see many realtors with initials listed behind their names. These are realtor designations, representing the certifications held by the realtors. Here are just a few realtor designations:&bull ABR - The abbreviati...
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You and your Realtor: the Team Effort
by Jim Olenbush. One thing that seems to be overlooked in the home sales game is the fact that a home seller and a Realtor are really a team with a common goal. So often people seem to forget that there is a lot of effort that goes into making a home sale happen. It...
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Using a Realtor
by Alan Olson. Selling a home for top money and in the shortest amount of time requires two things: a home and a realtor. Why is a realtor required to make this process as stress-free and painless as possible? Simple. Realtors are trained professionals. They deal ...
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Why Should you Use a Realtor?
by Sarah Dupuis. A lot of people ask why they should use a realtor instead of selling a home or purchasing a home themselves. The answer is simple. A realtor is a trained real estate professional with experience and knowledge of the local real estate market. This ex...
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Utilizing your Realtors Full Potential
by M Shane. When buying or selling a home you, as a customer have an undeniably powerful tool on your side that you should utilize to its full potential; your Realtor. Right from the beginning of the whole process, take the time to sit down with your realtor an...
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Realtor Certifications - Should your Realtor Have One?
by John Harris. In real estate display ads, you will see many realtors with initials listed behind their names. These are realtor designations, representing the certifications held by the realtors. Here are just a few realtor designations:Ã?â‚?? ABR - The abbre...
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