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The 5 Disadvantages of Condominium Ownership
by Nef Cortez. In the past condominiums were not necessarily considered to be a good investment for a variety of reasons, however that image has since changed dramatically. With the high price of single family homes, condominiums and townhouses are becoming more ...
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Is Your Condo Too Loud?
by Real Estate Advisor. While condo buyers have to look into various factors before deciding on the purchase of a condo, one major aspect that remains very important is the noise factor. Condo living and noise often seem to go hand in hand. Many condo owners are plagued by...
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Luxurious Views At Millennium Park Condos
by Paula Cherrist. The Legacy at Millennium Park Chicago condos are great for whatever your family unit is like. A single person or couple can fit right in to condo living, but kids can get a lot out of it too. For one thing, there is lots and lots of space at these M...
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King West Condos
by Al Daimee. What is a condo or a condominium? There is a good chance that you already have seen one and know what it is. Condominiums or Condos in short are properties with a fairly large building. The building houses multiple homes and apartments in it. When y...
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Jefferson Place Now Offers Both Luxury Apartments and Condos
by Jefferson at Providence Place Apartments.Jefferson Place Now Offers Both Luxury Apartments and Condos by: Jefferson at Providence Place Apartments Whether you are looking to rent or buy
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Vegas Pre-construction Condos
by Mark Hostetler.Vegas Pre-construction Condos by: Mark Hostetler There are a number of real estate markets across the country that are thriving. One of the most
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Buying Pre-construction Lofts & Condos
by Andy Asbury. There is major trend in the condo buying world of purchasing units in a building long before they have even started the construction. There are some great benefits to the purchase of pre-construction units. Let's examine some of these benefits in cl...
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Getting to Know Condos
by Andy Asbury. As you drive through your hometown you have no doubt noted the development that is expanding most towns in the U.S. Look closer and you will notice that a great number of these developments are condominiums. Condos are gaining popularity like a boul...
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Condo/loft Lifestyle
by Andy Asbury. With the popularity of condos and lofts skyrocketing in recent years, especially in Minneapolis; these home choices have become a major player in the local real estate market. Condos and lofts offer a distinctly different package than a typical home...
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Lofts and Condos: Living in Style in Minneapolis
by Andy Asbury. One of the most surprising elements of today's real estate market has been the resurgence of loft condos. These open floor plan living spaces first gained popularity as artist live/work spaces and were home to a fairly eclectic group (stereotypicall...
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Condo Assets
by Tyler Fawcett. For many years now the popularity of condos has been on the rise...drastically.With projects springing up in cities across the globe the condo has become a major player and power in the real estate market. The demand for this form of housing has nev...
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How to Buy Decorator Ready Condo
by Drew23.How to Buy Decorator Ready Condo by: Drew23 Buyers in the market for luxury high-rises maybe surprised to learn that they are usually sold as ba
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7 Tips For Selling Your Condo . . . Fast
by John T. Ormond. The condo market has collapsed.Since mid-2006, the condo sales frenzy in big cities like Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Miami and Boston has rapidly run out of steam. Sales are stuck in neutral, a tsunami of new construction has drowned the market in ...
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Realtors Seeing a Buyers Market for Condos
by John Harris. According to the National Association of Realtors, the flourishing condominium market is no longer an advantage for sellers. It has become a buyer's market across the United States amidst declining sales and median prices. By year end June 2006, rea...
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