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Are Condominium Association Fees Worth the Purchase
by Peter Geisheker. Purchasing a home is without a doubt the most exciting thing that can happen to anyone. It is the single largest purchase you will make in your life. Many people chose to purchase homes because they are tired of paying someone else's mortgage by pay...
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Condominium Association Fees - Added Expense or Benefit
by Peter Geisheker. Purchasing a home is without a doubt the most exciting thing that can happen to anyone. It is the single largest purchase you will make in your life. Many people chose to purchase homes because they are tired of paying someone else's mortgage by pay...
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Tokyo Condominium Prices Reaching For The Sky
by Gregory Smyth. Land prices in Japan climbed for a second year in 2007 after a 15-year downturn, as private funds and real estate investment trusts competed to attain properties in the country's largest cities.A 2007 survey by the Real Estate Economic Institute and...
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Being Classy And Fancy With Condominium Living
by Jon Caldwell. Is it really advantage to invest on condominiums? I think owning a home no matter how small is indeed a very good investment. Aside from having something to leave your children when you are gone, it is also an advantage for you because this is a goo...
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Buying Pre-construction Condos: the Profits and Pitfalls
by Dave Peniuk. Toy Factory Lofts: one of Toronto's few true loft conversions. The developer took the old Irwin Toy Factory building and converted it into work/live condo units. We bought two pre-construction units, over 3 years ago, but not before we did a ton of ...
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Soundproofing Your Condo
by Quinn Kiet. While condos can be the most convenient way to own a home, they aren't without their challenges in some areas. Whenever a large group of people are living adjacent to each other, issues will come up. Excess noise from their neighbors is a frequent c...
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Buying Guide for Condos
by Paul Escobedo.Buying Guide for Condos by: Paul Escobedo Los Angeles is an attractive city to make home investments. This is because Los Angeles is a vibrant a
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What is the Condo Hotel ?
by Tom Budniak. Condo Hotel is a residential building that is used both as a condominium and a Hotel. Though Condo hotels are not a new concept, they are getting increasingly popular with each day. The reasons behind their popularity are not that hard to find. Hote...
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What is New With Los Angles Condos
by Paul Escobedo.What is New With Los Angles Condos by: Paul Escobedo Los Angles is an attractive city well known for its culture, technology centers and opportu
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Decorating & Selling Your Condo
by Andy Asbury. If you are planning to sell your condo and are dreading getting it ready for the market - relax! It couldn't be easier than it is now! More than ever before, the vogue in interior decorating is favoring simplicity. Every room can be painted white or...
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Condo Sales Expected to Increase
by Joe Pinto. Residential real estate investors have probably realized by now that they are going to be able to 'clean up'. With so many people having to face short sales, foreclosure and often the loss of their credit rating, the rental market is going to expand...
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Need an Extra Hundred Square Feet of Condo Storage?
by Greg Ellingson. Don't let the horror stories of storage space put you off the care-free life of being a condominium owner. Since the early days of condos, the idea of condo life has become so popular, that storage space is hardly a factor anymore. This is because c...
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Think Condo!
by Christian Jacobsen. So many people are now turning away from the house buying situation, but what of buying a condo? Many condos are big enough for a family and have the added luxuries that are not available in many homes. They are also less expensive than buying a tra...
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Show Your House Or Condominium Like A Pro And Get It Sold
by Susan Bicksler. In order to be successful in today's sluggish real estate market, a seller should put every effort into showing off the property's good points and minimizing its' flaws. Whether you handle the listing and sale yourself or enlist the services of a c...
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10 Ways To Kill The Sale Of Your House Or Condo
by Susan Bicksler. Buyers of single family homes or condominiums have a lot to choose from these days in a market flush with properties. Anything buyers perceive as a negative can become a reason to pass on your offering. If you're going to list your house or condo,...
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Choosing the Correct Condo (for You)
by Robert Nachman. With the number of 'single people' buying homes reaching the highest ever and actually overtaking the number of married buying homes, it would be interesting to know how many of the singles are buying condos. Condos are an all-generational property,...
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Study Shows Condo Rules Rule
by Mark Hostetler.Study Shows Condo Rules Rule by: Mark Hostetler For many people considering condo life for the first time, having to 'obey rules' may sound intr
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Condo Rules Enhance Positivity
by Virginia Wherland. Condo residents number as high as 58 million in this country, according to the Community Associations Institute. This translates into more than 295 neighborhoods that were governed by a board, or a rule-based community association. Rather than kick ...
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Condos Rule! (and How to Live With Them)
by Lee Cameron.Condos Rule! (and How to Live With Them) by: Lee Cameron Choosing a condo according to its rules may be a little paranoid, but nevertheless, it
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Condos - the Way of the Future
by Nick Viale.Condos - the Way of the Future by: Nick Viale The prices of condos are going up in some areas and down in other areas, but one thing is for sure
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Questions for your Condo Quest
by Kevin And Gretchen Koitz. Imagine moving into an immaculate new home with all the modern conveniences that you've longed for. Does it bring a smile to your face? Imagine that this home comes complete with all the maintenance and upkeep taken care of. Grinning broadly? Now im...
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Considerations When Buying an Etobicoke Condo
by Leaftech. It seems as though condominiums are all the rage in terms of housing market sales these days, particularly in cities such as Etobicoke. Condos in Etobicoke are generally very competitively priced when compared to single family dwellings, and they al...
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Your Condo View - Enjoy it While you Can
by Brett Meade. Downtown condo living, complete with easy access to transit, shopping, a short walk to work, no maintenance yard and best of all, the view. It was the birds-eye view of the city, the mountains, and the breathtaking sunset that sold you on the place ...
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Purchasing Pre-construction Condos - Do you Really Save Money?
by Leaftech. You don't need to look much further than your nearest city of 150,000 residents or more to see that there is a condo craze in full swing. To use a well-known adage, there is no more land being created, and that means that any new development is goin...
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Condo Hotels: a Hassle Free Option
by Bob Waun. An estimated 40,000 to 60,000 condo hotels are being developed for sale in the next 1.5 years. Who will buy all these condos? Is there a bubble in condo hotels? Does the consumer even demand condo hotel units? The real estate markets may have slowed...
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