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Relisting Homes to Make Them Appear as a New Listing
by John Harris. With the current housing market making it much more difficult for owners to sell their property, some realtors have been creatively resetting the 'days on market' meter for their clients on their local multiple listing service (MLS). Though many hav...
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What Buyers Need To Know About Homes for Sale
by J Harris. We all have heard of both good and bad opinions about homeowner associations (HOAs) from the people who have to deal with them as a resident right down to newspaper articles.One case in Jupiter, Florida, between resident George Andres and his develo...
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Homes For Sale
by J Harris. In May of 1997, the tax code governing profit from the sale of a personal residence was changed. In the past, any gain from a home for sale could be taxed, unless rolled over into the purchase of a new home.The new Internal Revenue Service rules are...
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Homes: Knowing What you Can Afford
by Adeal Benhayoun.Homes: Knowing What you Can Afford by: Adeal Benhayoun Considering buying a home? If you have ever been in this situation before you likely know
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Finding your Perfect Home
by Matt Barker. Finding the home that is right for you and your family can be a complicated undertaking. Add to this the fact that you will likely need to find a home that will perfect for many years to come and the process becomes even harder. So how can you best ...
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Why Dont Some Homes Sell?
by Calum MacKenzie. It's an unfortunate thing, homes that are listed on a given real estate market and do not sell. This can be a huge cause of anguish and stress for the owners as they have to reduce their price to eventually sell the home. There are a variety of reas...
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New Construction Homes: Things to Remember
by Calum MacKenzie. There is an amazing amount of new construction happening in the Tampa area. This has presented home buyers with an amazing amount of opportunity to cash in on the building boom. However, take care to remember that not all new construction homes are ...
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Curb Appeal Sells Homes
by Liz Bacall. What is it that sets certain homes apart from others on any given real estate market. Curb Appeal. It is that element that makes buyers sit up and take notice of a certain home. Curb appeal refers to the visual image that the home projects. It is a ...
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Fort Bend Land And Homes Is Bucking The US Market
by Linda Landman.Fort Bend Land And Homes Is Bucking The US Market by: Linda Landman The housing market in most of the country seems to be sluggish in recent mon
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Lighting; Makes a House a Home
by Eddy Kicker. There are few things that have the potential to create more of an ambience in a home then the lighting. Lighting is functional, used to set moods and a great design element. It is an element that is open to a great degree of personal expression and ...
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The True Costs to Sell a Home
by Marty Orefice. Most homeowners do not realize the true cost involved in selling a home. To calculate the true cost to sell your home you need to include the Realtors commission, repairs, closing costs, holding costs, and offer discount.How much money will each it...
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Home Design Preferences Of Women
by Real Estate Advisor. Home designers are catering to women's interests and accommodating their opinions in home designs. This comes as no surprise given that women are the major decision makers in home purchases accounting to 83 % of consumer spending decisions in the U....
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Does Refinancing A Home Make Sense?
by Real Estate Pros. Refinancing mortgage loan basically means that home owner is replacing mortgage payments and terms of the loan to new terms and monthly payments. Home owner refinance mortgage loans for several reasons. Mortgage payments are one of the largest mon...
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How to Stage a Home Properly
by Ken Hamric. One of the most daunting aspects of selling your home yourself is the staging of the home itself. It is possible to hire professional stagers that are trained to showcase the strong points of your home, but with a little time and effort you can stag...
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Clean Home, Easy Sale
by Preston Guyton.Clean Home, Easy Sale by: Preston Guyton One of the biggest problems people run into when selling their home is the process of preparing it for
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Atlantic Luxury Homes
by Preston Guyton.Atlantic Luxury Homes by: Preston Guyton The moniker "Atlantic Luxury Homes" likely conjures up images of crashing waves and majestic beach home
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Compelling Photos Help Sell A Home Or Condo
by Real Estate Advisor. If you are one of those home owners who are poised to sell your home online, then it is time you took your digital camera and got a few shots of your home. As vital as it is to sell your home on the Internet, it's also imperative that your home sale...
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Making a Home Less of a Fire Hazard
by Kevin Cox. Many homes are lost to fire each year. In some of the cases it can be avoided .There are many ways to make a home less of a fire hazard. One way to make a home less of a fire hazard is make sure the wiring is up to code. The recommended thing to do ...
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What Is A Market Value Of A Home Or Condo?
by Real Estate Advisor. You spent $75,000 on renovating your home but it did not fetch you the money you thought it would when you sold it. The pool you built for $50,000 may only add $20,000 more to the sale price of your home. Sounds appalling, doesn't it? Yes, the dynam...
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Character Homes & Heritage Homes
by Jake Marsh. With a revitalization of turn of the century and older homes, has come a number of concerns regarding the integrity of these older homes and the health concerns that are synonymous with older building materials. The increasing popularity of characte...
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Updated Home Security
by Jim Hirschman. There have some amazing advances made in the world of home security in recent years. Security systems are becoming more and more futuristic and integrated into the home than ever before. There are now systems that will wake you every morning, modera...
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Top 20 U.S. Communities At Risk For Home Price Reductions
by Real Estate Advisor. The risk of home price reductions across the U.S. has been triggered by the year-over-year slowdown in the appreciation rate of home prices and a decrease in housing affordability, according to the PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. The forecasts are based ...

Tips For Buying New Construction Homes
by Scott Hubbard. Communities are finding new construction homes being built more and more every day. There are good reasons that these new homes are becoming such a demand. New homebuilders are offering ideal floor- plans that include attractive benefits such as b...
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Things a Buyer Should Examine About a Homes Exterior
by Nef Cortez. So, the curb appeal has attracted you in examining the interior of the home in the first place, and after examining the house with your realtor, you have come to the conclusion that this house suits your needs and budget. This is the point where a ...
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Landscaping your Naples Home for Better Curb Appeal
by V.K. Melhado. If you are considering selling your Naples, Florida home consider yourself lucky. You are going to be selling in one of the best markets in the country. Many reasons contribute to this status, but none more so than the weather. This areas amazing cl...
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