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What Does it Take to Sell a Home in This Market?
by Brian L. Thomas. In the current housing market; specifically in the resale homes, it takes more than dropping a sign in the front yard and proclaiming, 'Come one, come all. Buy this home!' The keys to a successful home sale are price and salability. Price is pretty ...
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Increase Natural Light and Openness Can Sell the Home
by Rick LeForce. Certain rooms, when redone can be huge selling points for homes. Of course I am referring to the two most commonly used rooms in the home, the Kitchen and the Bathroom. However these rooms are not the only things to consider when thinking about redo...
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Why is My Home not Selling?
by Jake Marsh. This is a huge question that many home sellers end up asking their realtors. In truth there is no iron clad answer but rather a group of possibilities that could be factors in the situation. Most sellers when confronted with such a situation are hes...
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Considering Staged Homes
by Rick LeForce. Something that most home buyers will run up against at some point in their home search is the staged home. It's not too hard to pick them out of a crowd. They look like show homes, there are no personal pictures, everything is sparkling clean, and s...
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Bright and Airy Homes Sell Better
by Justin Lee. Home selling, while time consuming can be intensely rewarding when the final offer finally comes in. There is nothing like the feeling of selling your home for an amount that males you happy and makes you some money. However in achieving this goal y...
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Top 8 U.S. Cities For Home Price Appreciation
by Real Estate Advisor. Investors and home buyers are always on the look out for cities that have housing markets with appreciating home prices, especially when there is a slump in the housing market nationwide. Here are the insights into the top 8 U.S. cities for home pri...

Home Flooring Choices
by Karrie Rose. In renovating your home for sale one of the most important things a home owner will have to consider is what to do with the floors. Keeping one surface throughout the home is nice in terms of flow but there are also a few rooms where you may not wan...
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Condo or Single Family Home
by Albert Bor. Deciding what kind of home to purchase may just be one of the most important decisions a person ever makes. It ranks right up there with decisions about your focus in life and the job you take. After all, a home is the base whereupon all other aspec...
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Realtors & for Sale by Owner Homes
by Kevin Bilberry. One thing that many FSBO sellers don't realize is the importance of realtors in their sale. Statistics show that most homes, FSBO or not are sold by a realtor. This does not mean that you have to list with one, but it would be a good idea to cultiva...
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Things not to Do When Selling a Home
by Matt Barker. There are so many lists and articles out there that act as a guide on what to do when selling your home. These are fairly good reference point when thinking about the actual sale process or how to stage your home. However, there is another kind of g...
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Simple Steps to Making an Offer on a New Home
by James Thomas. Determining a Home's ValueNo matter how seasoned a buyer may be, no matter how many homes you've purchased or what you know about the market value of homes in your area, it can still be unsettling to make a formal offer. Below are some ideas about w...
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Saving Energy in the Home
by Eric Badgely.Saving Energy in the Home by: Eric Badgely At a time where there is a growing energy shortage and with the rising costs of the energy that is av
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Home Flipping in Sc
by Lee Keadle. With home flipping becoming as popular as it has, interested investors and DIY'ers are forever seeking the perfect location to flip homes in. Several markets around the nation have been tapped to great success. Buyers are going totally mental having...
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Energy Efficiency in New Homes
by Scott Baxter. Over the period of a year there are quite a number of bills associated with a home. One of the most expensive of these bills usually turns out to be the energy bills. However, this is one bill that can be fairly easy to reduce if you know where to s...
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Home Evaluations - a Valuable Tool
by Virginia Wherland. In today's real estate market, one of the most important things you can know is the actual selling value of your home. It is something that can dictate the amount of money you have to do renovations, or the amount that you should ask if you are cons...
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New Home Purchasing in Minneapolis
by Virginia Wherland. As with any home purchase, there are some things that any buyer will want to know about their new home. Many buyers make the mistake of thinking that because their home is newly constructed, there will be no issues with it. Too many buyers have disc...
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Older Homes and Inspections
by Cyndi Gerken. Let's start this article by making the assertion that any home that one would consider purchasing should be inspected regardless of age. Even new construction homes have some particular concerns that can be expensive to fix if not found early. Howev...
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The New Mobile Home: A New Breed, A New Distinction
by Scott Krager.The New Mobile Home: A New Breed, A New Distinction by: Scott Krager When somebody mentions the term "mobile home," we often get visions of tho
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Should A Mobile Home Be Your Housing Choice?
by Scott Krager.Should A Mobile Home Be Your Housing Choice? by: Scott Krager People often balk at the idea of purchasing a mobile home as a first house and wit
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How To Make Money With A Mobile Home Park
by Scott Krager.How To Make Money With A Mobile Home Park by: Scott Krager Here is the scenario: You have extra cash you have saved up over the years and you do
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Things You Need To Do Before Buying A Manufactured Home
by Scott Krager.Things You Need To Do Before Buying A Manufactured Home by: Scott Krager Manufactured homes or mobile homes are houses that are manufactured on
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Sell Your Mobile Home Effectively
by Scott Krager.Sell Your Mobile Home Effectively by: Scott Krager The popularity of mobile homes is increasing, and more people have been considering the idea
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Financing Options For Mobile Homes
by Scott Krager.Financing Options For Mobile Homes by: Scott Krager When buying a home, one of the options available to people who do not have enough money but
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Home Value: Buying or Selling
by Kelli Bennett. Whether you are purchasing a home or selling a home, the value of the property will be of great interest to you. The value of any given property depended on quite a few different things. It would be nice if the value was based on the property alone,...
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New Home - Old Home
by Richard Soto. With all the new construction happening in this country there is a real abundance of new construction homes available. The question is; are these the best homes for my dollar? It's a difficult question to answer as there are definite pros and cons t...
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