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The Smart Way To Look At Home Improvements
Topic : Home Improvement Tips & Home Renovation
by W. Troy Swezey.What home improvements really pay off when the time comes to sell your house? That’s an important question for any homeowner contemplating moving or remodeling. And the only possible answer is a som...
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The Spare Parts Gremlins
Topic : Spare Parts Inventory : Matrix Reloaded & Gremlins
by David Leonhardt.Don't you just love getting a little something extra? Sure you do. Everybody does. That's why Online marketers throw in 36 bonus ebooks with that little software item they are peddling. But a litt...
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How to Sell Your House For Full Price
Topic : Selling Your House : Owner Finance & Owner Financing
by Caterina Christakos.How to Sell Your House For Full Price Without a Broker Many people believe that a real estate broker is needed to sell their house. So they post it with a broker who may or may not sell it and if th...
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How To Take Care Of Weeds
Topic : Garden Weed Control : Lawn Weed Control & Weed Control Product
by News Canada.(NC)-Their names may be cute and slightly amusing - chickweed, creeping charlie, dandelion, crabgrass - but weeds can be a major annoyance. Left untreated, they spread quickly, fighting the grass for...
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Improve Your Pest Control
Topic : Pest Control Guide : Insect Infestation & Weed Prevention
by News Canada.(NC)-Pests come in a variety of forms, from mice, earwigs, ants and grubs to invasive weeds. They can trigger allergies, carry disease, contaminate food and even damage our possessions. But a few sim...
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The Dawn Of A New Lawn
Topic : Growing A Lawn : Sodding Lawn & Lawn Seeding
by News Canada.(NC)-One of the crowning ambitions of most homeowners is the creation of a beautiful lawn. In the case of new homes, or lawns that have been badly damaged, starting from scratch is necessary. While t...
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Boot Pests - And Chemicals To Boot
Topic : Natural Pest Control : Natural Pesticides & Natural Insecticide
by News Canada.(NC)-As more and more Canadians seek alternatives to traditional chemical pesticides, more and more natural products become available. Research is at an all-time high with new insect control technolo...
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Back To Barrels
Topic : Garden Rain Barrel : Rain Barrel Water & Water Rain Barrels
by News Canada.(NC)-Reusing rainwater is not a new concept. Families have saved water in ponds, cisterns, buckets and barrels for centuries for use in watering, washing and even drinking. In fact, this practice is ...
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Tips On Starting Plants From Seed
Topic : Growing From Seed : Garden Seed & Seed Growing
by News Canada.For many people, it's the preferred way to begin a garden. (NC)-If you only draw on local resources of bedding and potted plants, you're likely missing a huge variety of plant types ... beautiful, he...
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Ten Steps To A Healthy Lawn
Topic : Lawn Care Tips : Lawn Care Maintenance & Lawn Mowing
by News Canada.A simple, "preventative maintenance" lawn care plan will keep your lawn in top shape all year 'round (NC)-Just follow these 10 easy steps to keep your lawn at its best: 1. Start with a good soil pre...
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The "Environmentally Friendly" Lawn
Topic : Organic Lawn Fertilizer : Lawn Fertilizers & Organic Fertilizer
by News Canada.Organic or conventional fertilizer? (NC)-A well-maintained lawn acts like a giant air filter, constantly removing pollutants and carbon dioxide, and replenishing the oxygen supply. A lawn is a valuab...

Could Your Garden Pass A Soil Test?
Topic : Garden Soil Testing : Soil pH Level & Plant Soil
by News Canada.(NC)-How well do you know your soil? It's an important question for the health of the plants in and around your house. Good soil does more than provide a foundation for roots to grab on to. Well-stru...
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Save Money When You Renovate
Topic : Energy Saving Homes : Energy Saving House & Renovation Ideas
by News Canada.(NC)-If you're planning a home renovation, now is the time to think about making your house more comfortable and energy efficient - and saving money along the way. In many homes, upgrading the roof, ...
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How Big A Hole Do You Have In Your Wall?
Topic : Energuide For Houses : Energy Advisors & Energy Advice
by News Canada.(NC)-Imagine punching a hole in one of your home's outside walls and feeling the cold, dry winter wind rush into your house. Now imagine what all that cold air will mean for next fall's heating bill....
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Energy-Efficient Windows: Its About Home Comfort
Topic : Energy Efficient Windows & Window Energy Efficiency
by News Canada.(NC)-If any of the windows in your home are leaking air and you are thinking about replacing them, a little bit of planning will cut your energy bill and guarantee you a more comfortable, draft-free ...
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Built With The Best - No Better Place To Live
Topic : Improve Air Quality : Indoor Air Quality & R-2000
by News Canada.(NC)-Indoor air quality is a major factor in ensuring a comfortable and healthy living environment in your home. Certified R-2000* homes offer superior indoor air quality. "In fact, the indoor air q...
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Use The Summer To Winterize And Update Your Heating Equipment
Topic : Energy Efficient Heating & Energy Efficient Heaters
by News Canada.(NC)-When the sun is shining and temperatures are skyrocketing, the last thing you're probably thinking about is your heating equipment. But, according to the Canadian Oil Heat Association (COHA), th...
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Heating Water with Oil
Topic : Oil-Fired Water Heater & Oil Fired Water Heater
by News Canada.(NC)-Homeowners who heat their home with oil but use an electric water heater are missing an opportunity to save money and increase the availability of their hot water. According to the Canadian Oil...
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Furnace Inspections A Must Under New Oilheat Regulations
Topic : Oil Furnace Maintenance : Furnance Cleaning & Furnace Service
by News Canada.(NC)-The Canadian Oil Heat Association (COHA) is encouraging oilheat customers in Ontario to book inspections on their heating systems as soon as possible to avoid any unforeseen delays or interrupti...
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Fuming Over The High Cost Of Electricity? Switch To Oilheat
Topic : Home Oil Heat : Oil Heat Fuel & Oil Heat System
by News Canada.(NC)-With the cost of electricity skyrocketing and unstable, now is the best time to switch to oilheat, says the Canadian Oil Heat Association. "Not only does oilheat offer a reliable, safe heating a...
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Finding Adventure In Little Things
Topic : Saskatoon Berry Tree : Saskatchewan Canada & Seed Planting
by David Leonhardt.We recently planted our saskatoon berry trees. I am sure those of you who live in Saskatchewan know exactly what I am talking about. For the 99.99999% of Internet readers who have never even heard ...
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How to Decorate Ethnic
Topic : Ethnic Home Décor : Ethnic Décor & Ethnic Decorating
by Yuwanda Black.FIVE EASY STEPS TO DECORATING ETHNIC NEW YORK, NY - With all that is happening in the world today - the threat of war, falling stock prices, a recession (in spite of what economists say) - more and m...
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Ivory Like Sholapith Sculptures from India
Topic : India Sculpture : Shola Ivory Sculptures & Ivory Carving
by Som Chaudhury.In the past, collectors have been fascinated with sculptures of pure white Ivory without knowing the damage it caused to our eco-system. Luckily governments of a number of nations have banned Ivory t...
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Putting PASSION Back Into Home Decorating
Topic : House Renovation Advice : Home Renovating & House Renovating
by Veronyka Lau.For most people, they can count the times they redecorate their homes in a lifetime on one hand. It's a shame because this is not because they don't have great ideas about how they want their homes t...
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Finishing Touches Make the Difference Between Drab and Fab
Topic : Buy Home Accessories : Home Accesories & Home Accessories
by ARA Content.(ARA) - Three thousand parts. According to the National Association of Home Builders, that's what the typical home contains. And when you're building a home, you're faced with hundreds of decisions...
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