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The Golf Putt | Are You For Dough Or For Show?
by Aidan J Sugrue. Experienced golfers know the saying; "Drive for show and putt for dough." If you want to make par on every hole, your score will be based on how long the hole is plus the two putts you make on each green. A little calculating will bring you a world ...
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Golf Short Game | Putting for Dough!
by Aidan Sugrue. Experienced golfers know the saying; "Drive for show and putt for dough." If you want to make par on every hole, your score will be based on how long the hole is plus the two putts you make on each green. A little calculating will bring you a world ...
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Golf Stretching Guide to Improve Your Game
by Mike Pedersen. If you're looking for a quick way to improve distance in your swing, you might want to get a golf stretching guide as a reference to give you stretches for your gol
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Golfing in Los Angeles
by Jonathan Blocker. The city of Los Angeles is rich with cultural history. Because of its sunny climate, sports enthusiasts also flock to the area to enjoy the outdoors. Golfers are no exception. Los Angeles tee times are available on several exc...
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Golfing Isnt Just for Guys
by Jonathan Blocker. If you love golf, you enjoy the sport because of the skill it requires. You also love it because it gets you out onto great golf courses to get some fresh air and exercise. But it is also a wonderful sport because women have distin...
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A Beginners Guide Golf Scoring and Calculating a Golf Handicap
by LISA DAVIES. Let's start with a scratch player. A scratch player is a very good player for whom the measure of par is how he should play around the course, i.e. if the course is par 73 then he should take 73 shots to get around. If he is playing a hole of up to ...
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Golf Swing - Why Rotation Is So Important
by Dean Caporella. Developing a good golf swing is more than just hitting the ball. In fact, the experts will frown upon the use of the word "hit" because in actual fact, it's a swing and until you grasp the concept of it, then you may struggle to improve your game an...
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6 Fitness Components for Golf Improvement
by Mike Pedersen. There are 6 main fitness components for golf to play your best. These are all equally important and should not be ignored in a training program specific to golf.The golf swing requires, no demands a high level of golf specific strength, flexibility...
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Lower Your Golf Score - Golf Equipment That Lowers Your Score
by Joshua Spaulding. Obviously the golf clubs you purchase have the greatest impact on your game, but other things can affect your game as well, such as the balls you use and the shoes you wear.When you get into top of the line clubs, there truly isn't much of a differe...
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Golf Swing Slice Tips - How To Correct A Golf Swing Slice
by Joshua Spaulding. A golf slice is when your ball curves from left to right or vice versa. It can certainly become a nuisance not having control over where your ball goes. Because of this, many golfers are seeking golf slice tips to improve their game.There are a nu...
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Colorado Golf Resort
by Pole Creek Golf. Hitting it big is not everything at Pole Creek Mountain golf resort. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on the covered patio surrounded by majestic 13,000 foot snow capped peaks of the Continental Divide. Don't be surprised to see some...
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Discover Classic Mountain Golf at Pole Creek
by Pole Creek Golf. Elevate your golf game and your spirit. Pole Creek Golf Club is everything a Colorado mountain golf course should be. Stunning alpine views, drastic elevation changes, cool clear mountain air and the right amount of quiet and solitu...
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Golf Training Gloves
by Kerry Ng. Why use golf training gloves? That's a good question and I suppose it depends on a couple of factors. An old friend of mine is a golf pro in Hawaii and he has been touting golf training gloves for ever. If your main concern is to go out and get a li...
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Simple Golf Stretching Book For A Better Swing
by Mike Pedersen. Golfers know they need to stretch, but most of them don't. They perceive it as work; strenuous; time-consuming. All not true with the right golf stretching exercises or book. Download them off the net and you'll be improving your game in minutes....
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Understanding the Steps to Golf Swing
by Rick Churchill. Almost any golfer who has a passion for the sport wishes to improve their game and there are many ways to do such a thing. One way is to hire a golf trainer and many a professional golfer has done just this but many amateur golfers may not have the...
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Golf Basics for Newbies
by Kevin T. Fairbanks. You may or may not be new to golf, but you do want to get better. Knowledge is power, so make sure you arm yourself with as much information as you can. Information about the rules, how to swing the golf club, how to select clubs, etc. Also, make su...
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The Golfing Experience in San Diego
by Jonathan Blocker. Golfing in San Diego is great fun. The weather is warm and mild for much of the year, so golfing can make a fantastic year-round sport here. When you make golf reservations in San Diego, not only will you enjoy the delightful scenery that all of...
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Golf is a Healthy Activity for the Whole Family
by Jonathan Blocker. Everyone knows that exercise is an important component of a plan for overall health. Usually, the more exercise you can fit into your day, the greater chance you will have to keep your weight at a healthy level and the more likely will you be to ...
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Golf Career College Brings Passion To Life
by Andy West. There are thousands of colleges all over the nation that offer hundreds of programs to suit students' needs. Each college has their own niche that they are primarily known for. Colleges and universities range from trade schools and technical schoo...
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Refiner Golf: Does the Refiner Golf Training Aid Really Work
by Rick Churchill. For golf fans, whether professional or just starting out, the quest for the perfect swing is often a top priority for perfecting their game. While some golfers may have the resources to pay professional trainers to help improve their game, others m...
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Shop on Ebay for Golf Items
by Alan Tang. What we will do to advance our swing or handle by one micron! We lay into all sorts of equipment, game advancement irons etc. etc. If we are free to waste this kind of money, how can we advance on the bargains we find? Lets verify how and where you ...
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Taylor Made Golf Club: the Metalwoods Phenomenon
by Nicholas Tan. Taylor Made golf clubs are into leading the combined driver, iron counts and fairway wood at PGA tournaments. The advancement of the metal wood technology employed by Taylor Made golf cl
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The Ping Golf Club: an Overview
by Nicholas Tan. For a golfer, one of the most important things that he should examine is his golf club because according to experts, it is one of the main reasons why they do not hit the ball. This is t
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The Golf Store
by Nicholas Tan. With an increasing market of high-end retailers selling golf equipment, one could possibly miss a "real" golf store.Typically, golf stores have the latest, if not the best,
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Tee your Way to Great Golf Resort
by Nicholas Tan. Great things come in great packages, so to speak.In particular, golf resorts provide more than a golf player would ask. Generally, it caters to different kinds of people and
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