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What Makes MMA Shirts So Great?
by Phoenix Delray. Mixed martial arts is a full contact combat sport that involves a very large variety of fighting techniques that are mixed from martial arts traditions and are typically used in competitions. The rules of mixed martial arts allow for striking and gr...
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Chuck Liddell: Bringing MMA to the Mainstream
by Phoenix Delray. Chuck Liddell is arguably the best and most popular fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and he is using his popularity to bring Mixed Martial Arts, especially the UFC to the mainstream spotlight. It seems that more and more people ar...
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The Appeal of MMA Shorts
by Phoenix Delray. Mixed Martial Arts has really made a name for itself and defined its place in the world today. With the help of the ultimate fighting champions, the popularity of MMA has skyrocketed over the past ten years. With all this hype, it is no wonder why M...
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Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do
by Tracy Lenyk. Jeet Kun Do or JKD, is a martial art philosophy developed by martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. Below is an excerpt? from 1 of the 6 ebooks that can be found at ...
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The Journey of Ten Thousand Miles
by Ted Hanulak. Many martial arts today pride themselves on being a "defensive art". In other words, if someone attacks you, only then do you defend yourself. What if you are confronted by an assailan
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Wwe Has Brought a Revolution to Sports Entertainment
by Dave Page. WWE is a name that brings a glint in the eye of all youngsters out there. It is a name that we have grown up with. From skipping studies, to skipping meals, all for those 90 minutes of pure adrenalin; the lights, the action, the drama was something ...
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Some Great Reasons to See and Be Seen in MMA Shirts
by Phoenix Delray. Undoubtedly, at some point in time you have walked around town and seen at least a couple people sporting MMA shirts. Chances are, you were probably blown away by their awesomeness and ran to your nearest sporting goods store to stock up on a few MM...
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Fedor Emelianenko is One Amazingly Tough Dude
by Phoenix Delray. When it comes to mixed martial arts, you would be hard pressed to find a family more into the sport than Fedor Emelianenkos. Born and raised in Rubizhne, Luhansk (at the time, in the 1970s, it was part of Russia. Now, the area belongs to Ukraine), F...
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What Is The Deal With MMA Clothes?
by Phoenix Delray. MMA clothes are all the rage right now, especially since the sport is seeing a drastic increase in popularity. With shows like Spike TVs Ultimate Fighter keeping the spotlight on mixed martial arts, MMA clothes are an in demand commodity. Similar to...
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The Ins and Outs of MMA Shorts
by Phoenix Delray. Considering the way that mixed martial arts have been taking the country by storm, it is no wonder that MMA clothing (specifically, MMA shorts) are in high demand. All guys like to think that they are a little tougher than the average man, but when ...

How to Look Good in MMA Fight Gear
by Phoenix Delray. MMA fight gear is not something that can be worn by just anyone. As a matter of fact, to look good in any kind of MMA fight gear; you had better be pretty damn tough. Typically speaking, MMA fight clothing is only for the kind of guys that you would...
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In Depth Look At The Life Of Chuck Liddell
by Phoenix Delray. When it comes to mixed martial arts, it can be argued that nobody in America comes close to having mastered the sport like Chuck Liddell. Also known as The Iceman, Chuck Liddell, who is six feet, two inches tall and weighs two hundred and five pound...
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The Shamanic Origins of Tai Chi
by Stefan Verstappen.  "Only the multi-disciplined warrior, the techno-shaman, can scale the walls of ignorance and shed light over the prevailing darkness. The warrior spirit must guide this proc
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Summer camp Program for Kids to Get Active
by Steve Dubin. Kids can take a stab at Thai boxing or yoga this summer at the United States Mixed Marital Arts new Summer Camp program.? The camp, offered various weeks in July and August, encourages kids to get active and fit while having fun. The USMMA Summer Ca...
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Chuck Liddell vs. Randy Couture on Spike TV
by Phoenix Delray. In 1983, The Nashville Network (TNN) was born. The network evolved in 2003 into a male oriented programming force known as Spike TV. On that network, the idea was to draw in men, and the programs the network chose to feature were designed to do just...
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The Real Sixth Sense
by Stefan Verstappen.  One day a young samurai approached a revered teacher of swordsmanship and begged acceptance as a student."You must do everything I ask you without
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The Spirit of the Tiger and Crane Deadly Combo
by Stefan Verstappen. ?The five elements and their associated heraldic animals represent an ancient knowledge of how heavenly forces could be manipulated to affect earthly destinies. The central
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Non-verbal Communication in the Sparring Ring
by Stefan Verstappen. Know yourself and know your enemy and in a hundred battles you will be victorious.Sun Tzu, The Art of WarFew people today have not heard Sun Tzu’s famous axiom

Types of Destructive Energy Used in Martial Arts
by Stefan Verstappen. If there is one word that can sum up what martial arts teach, that is power. The creation and use of power or energy (Chi in Chinese or Ki in Japan) is the primary fo
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Decoding Chinese Forms, the Hidden Meanings Behind the Flash
by Stefan Verstappen. Chinese styles are often criticized as being impractical, showy and lacking in practical application. The criticism is usually heard from the eclectic styles that focus on street fight
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What You Are Really Learning in Forms Training
by Stefan Verstappen. It's an argument we have all heard before, 'Since you would never fight in a sequence like a form, what is the use of practicing forms?' This argument is valid to the extent that
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Martial Arts Strategy
by Stefan Verstappen. ?What would you do if you found yourself in a dead end alley at three in the morning in the middle of gang town, and you’re surrounded by a dozen armed men? This is the type
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MMA Shirts Show Allegiance
by Phoenix Delray. If you are a fan of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), you probably have a favorite fighter in some of the more legendary rivalries. Who is your guy? A great way to let the world know where your allegiance lies is by wearing MMA shirts that feature an image ...
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MMA Shorts as Fashion Accessory
by Phoenix Delray. The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) field is a serious one, yet there is much fashion to be found within its reaches. One of the elements of clothing that can signify your interest in the sport as well as add comfort to your wardrobe is a pair of MMA short...
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Chuck Liddell: An Icy Presence
by Phoenix Delray. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Chuck Liddell has a history that includes a number of martial arts disciplines. He has studied Koei Kan karate since he was a child, for example, and has a tattoo with the name of this discipline on his s...
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