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Holidays and Diets: Can They Get Along With Each Other?
Topic : Holiday & Holidays : Diet & Diets
by David Longo.Santa Claus cookies, gingerbread men, fruit cakes, candy canes, ... need we go further? Hey, it's the holidays. We don't know about you, but some of us here have started our new diets ever so proudl...
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Facts About Diets and Weight Loss
Topic : Fact about Diet & Dieting Facts : Excerise and Losing Fat
by Nick A. James.This is a layman marketers' observations on diets and weight loss based upon selling and working first hand with weight loss products for over 10 years. We avoid the weight loss drugs, we do not reco...
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Who Ever Said Low Carb Diets Meant No-Carb?
Topic : Low Carb Diet & Low Carbo Diet : Carbo Diet
by S.A. Smith.A little information if often a dangerous thing... and many people trying low carb diets failed miserably in the long-run because they took the concept to its extreme figuring that if low-carb diets ...
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Eat More And Weigh Less, dieting secrets, lose weight, slimming
Topic : Dieting Secret & Diet Secret : Way to Lose Weight & Slimming Down
by Dorrie Ruplinger .Yes, but it depends what you are eating more of. If you are eating more fresh vegetables and less chocolate brownies and nachos, then yes; you certainly can eat more and weigh less. You may have seen article titles such as "Have More Food and Lose W...
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How Many Calories To Eat A Day
Topic : Weigh Loss & Lose Weight Fast : Successful Dieting & Losing Calories
One of the main reasons why so many people have become overweight in the West is due to their eating too many calories. The consumption of more calories than are burned each day means that the body stores the extra calories as fat.
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Simple Weight Loss Tricks
Topic : Weight Loss & Lossing Weight : Dieting Tip & Dieting Tips
by Terry Brazil.The most basic approach to dieting and loosing weight is to burn more calories than you take in. Sometimes no matter what you do it just does not seem to be working. When it seems like you need an ace up your sleeve for a critical moment, try one of ...
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Starting On A Diet
Topic : Tips for Diet : Way to Loss Weight & How to stay Slim
by Zachary Thompson.It’s no secret that the key to a healthy life is an adequately balanced diet. Keeping an unhealthy, unbalanced diet leads to several disorders, the most frequent of which is obesity. As you may know if you already tried one or more diets, the firs...
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Dieting Information
Topic : Weight Loss Tip Weight Loss Tips : Things to know when Dieting
by Doug .There is no better way to lose weight than to eat right and exercise regularly. Weight-loss pills are not a good solution to the weight problem, nor are they proposed as a replacement for the conventional weight loss and management methods such as ex...
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Your Metabolism And Diet
Topic : Metabolism & South Beach Diet : Dieting Successfully & Slimming Secrets
by Ryan Cote.The claim made by the South Beach Diet is that it is a scientifically proven plan that will definitely assist you in fulfilling your goals to lose weight safely. The South Beach Diet will help you to drop pounds quickly as well as improve your heartâ...
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Quick Weight Loss Tips
Topic : Way to Loss Weight & Ways to Loss Weight : How to stay Thin
by Davion W.Quick weight loss tips are much sought after by folks eager to lose some weight in the shortest time possible. You could be a bride preparing for your wedding and needed to slim down to fit into your gown nicely, or in your mid-40s and want to lose t...
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Reasons for Unsuccessful Diet
Topic : How to maintain Weight : Ways to Maintain Weight
by Robert Palmer.Many people try diet and exercise and when they don't get fast results they assume it doesn't work and quit. The next seven reasons examine why many people do not continue their diet and exercise program:
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Developing a Proper Diet, dieting secrets, slimming, lose weight
Topic : Developing a Proper Diet : Dieting secrets, Slimming, Lose weight
by Joey Brausch.Just about anyone you meet will tell you they worry about their diet. If this is the case, why do so many continually make poor choices? Poor eating habits can lead to obesity, heart and joint problems, arthritis, and general bad health.
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Negative Calorie Diet Food
Topic : Calorie Diet Food: How to lose weight, Fat loss secrets & Slimming ideas
by Patou.In reality, there is no such thing as a negative calorie food because all foods contain calories. According to the theory, negative-calorie foods are foods which require more calories to digest than the calories the foods actually contain.
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South Beach Diet Book
Topic : South Beach Diet Book : Dieting Fads & Popular diets
by Patou.Diet books and fad diets are nothing new. It seems every few months there?s a new weight loss program being touted by the so-called experts as the new miracle diet. We, as consumers, are bombarded by before and after pictures and testimonials from pe...
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How to Get Your Diet Plan Back On Track
Topic : Tips on Successful Dieting & Diet Plan : Planning for Diet
by Nathalie Lussier.It has happened to all of us at some point or another: we were doing so well with our weight loss diet or exercise regime. Then suddenly we fell off the horse and decided that if we had already gone this far and yet failed, we might as well give up e...
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Get Rid of the Toxins: Go For Detoxification
by rsbombard.We all know the importance of the consumption of the foods and nutrients to support health and to strengthen the immune system. But the elimination of the waste products from the body is even more important as these un-eliminated substances lead to t...
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Drink Oo Long Tea To Lose Weight
by ChrisChew.Wu Long tea or commonly called Oolong cha or Oolong tea is a literal translation from the Chinese language meaning 'Dark Dragon Tea' is a traditional Chinese tea somewhere in between green and black in oxidation. There are numerous legends describing...
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What Are Calories? How To Burn Calories?
by ChrisChew.We know that we need to burn more calories than we consume to lose weight. But just what exactly are calories? How are calories being burnt?Calorie is a form of heat measurement. It is the amount of energy that is required to raise one milliliter of...
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Where Did All the Low-Carb Diets Go?
by sayush.With all the emphasis on low-carb diets that made the news for so long, it seems that the emphasis on low-carb is not as prevalent as it once was. Why is this? Where did the low-carb diets go? The popularity of Atkins and the South Beach diets may co...

Natural Weight Loss Dieting Program - Know Why You Are Fat
by ChrisChew.Have you ever wondered why you are fat and have considered going on a weight loss dieting program? If you did, then you must know why certain food makes you fat.Most if not all of us are somewhat carbohydrate addicts. We have pastas, pizzas, white ri...
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Vitamins, Minerals and Weight Loss
by eshannon.In the struggle to lose weight, often we neglect our daily intake of vitamins and minerals, as we are cutting down on our caloric intake. This is a definite dieting mistake, and can even contribute to weight loss failure. There are certain vitamins a...
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Eating a Healthy Diet
by MN_Nikk.One of the important things you can do for your overall health is to eat a healthy diet. Your diet affects your weight and increases your risks of health diseases. Deciding a healthy diet is easier to say than to do because it is tempting to eat less...
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Will the Mediterranean Diet Work for Me?
by MN_Nikk.The Mediterranean diet is surely one of the hottest things you can try today as any hardcore dieter can tell you. It seems to be quite easy to follow being a lot less restrictive than other diet plans and wine consumption is actually encouraged (with...
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Are There Some Diets that Will Never Work?
There are diets that work for certain people, there are diets that do not work for certain people and then there are diets that never really work for anybody at all. Dieting is the most popular past time in the Western world and, makes no mistake tha...
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Diet Coke Can Help You Lose Weight
Is Diet Coke a safe replacement for regular carbonated beverages? Can it really help you lose weight or, at least, is it a good choice when it comes to cutting calories? There are as many pros and cons to Diet Coke as with anything else in the world....
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