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Can Your Friends Make You Fat
by Linda Tremer. Can this be true? If your friends are fat you will also tend to be fat. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that spouses, family and friends all have an influence on your weight.The study investigated the extent of the person-to-pe...
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Things You Need to Do to Get Rid of That Fat
by Sheryl Polomka. If you are like most of us, you have probably tried all the weight loss methods available and are still in a position where you need to lose belly fat. So maybe it is time for you to change strategies. All the fad diets and medicines that are avai...
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How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat
by Penny Walker. How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat is probably the question most asked of fitness trainers and nutritionists whenever they see a new customer. If you have been struggling with a stubborn waistline, the advice below may give you the answer you have been s...
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How to Reduce Flabby Tummy Fat
by Robert Kamau. Reduce tummy fat using natural methods. Many people in America are suffering from obesity. It is now a matter of national concern and overweight cures are being sought even at the home
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Program to Burn Abdominal and Excess Fat
by Robert Kamau. Burn fat and turn it to muscles. There are a lot of products out there that tell you how you can reduce belly fat, men breasts, and the waist line. However, very few of these really pr
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Top Secret Fat Lost Secrets!
by Steve Davidson. For people that need an easy weight loss method, the bad news is that no system is perfect; many good methods do exist but it will depend on the user as to how effective any of these will ultimately be. Apart from the medical issues that surround ob...
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How Toxins Are Making You Fat
by Marc Menninger. Detoxification of the body is done for many reasons. Most people are familiar with detoxification being used for breaking an addiction (such as to drugs and alcohol) and purging the body of those foreign invaders. Detox works for drug addicts and al...
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Fighting Fat With an African Hoodia Cactus!
by Sheryl Polomka. There is no doubt that obesity is on the increase worldwide and as such there has been an increase in the search for ways of reducing hunger. Nobody wants to be overweight and in fact losing weight is one of the most common New Year’s resolu...
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Stay Away From Low Fat Desert!
by Jerry Leung. We love desert! We usually want some deserts at the end of our meals. However, you may also know that desert usually means sugar and fat. This will probably be bad for you, especially if you are on diet.Interestingly, if we have the chance to choose...
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Not Happy With Your Stomach Fat? Six Things You Can Do Now
by Art Graham. One of the great tragedies of life is that we store excess calories as fat. This means if we indulge, we bulge. That's problematic for a lot of us who sit down all day in the office, eat because we're depressed or have such a hectic life that we hav...
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Healthy Fat Intake
by Jun Yuan Lim. The purpose of me writing this piece of article is to help you reduce your fat intake. The reason why more and more people are obese is because more and more people are taking in more
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How To Lose Stomach Fat - A Real Mystery
by Abi Shaan. There is a question everybody at the gym wants to get the answer for.How to burn fat, build muscle, and get six pack abs? The truth is... I can show you how to get all of this done in the exact same time. When you finish reading this article, you wi...
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Five Proven Methods for Rapid Fat-Loss
by Sasha James. Have you reached a plateau in your fat loss efforts? What is the reason for your having trouble shifting that 10 or 15 pounds that will make you look really good? Or let me ask you this way : do you want to avoid plateaus as you attempt to reach you...
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Getting Fat - Why Am I Getting Fat Again
by Cheow Yu Yuan. Are you wondering why are you getting fat so quickly again after you have successful shed some pounds off your weight? The culprit is your diet. You see, it is very common for you to rejoice after you have successfully shed some 10 pounds off in 2 w...

How to Detoxify Your Body and Get Rid of Fat Stomach
by Cheow Yu Yuan. To get rid of your fat stomach, you need to detoxify your body and engage in healthy weight loss diet. A well-balanced diet and a full body detoxification can help to shed those ugly stomach fats. Let us start off with detoxification of your body. H...
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Fats - the Worst and the Best!
by Alien. Current guidelines for fat consumption are no more than 30% of total calories from fat. Most overweight or obese people consume twice that amount. Not only does this fat cause people to gai
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Is It True That Men Burn More Fat than Women?
by Jerry Leung. There is no doubt that men and women are different in nature. This is especially true for the difference in the bodies of men and women. In fact, the hormones in men and women make lead to this kind of difference. Because of the testosterone hormone...
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Can We Be Kept Fat Because Of What Is Living In Our Gut?
by Tony Edwards. We try all kinds of diets, fads and concoctions and nothing seems to work. Americans continue to get fatter and sicker but everyone has tried a diet plan. Diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases continue to escalate and now even our childre...
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The Truth About Losing Tummy Fats and Love Handles
by Cheow Yu Yuan. It is very common nowadays that people start to wonder how to lose tummy fats or how to lose love handles. As the nature of work is becoming more fast-pacing, more people are eating unhealthily and not finding time to exercise. This eventually leads...
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Burn Fat With Physical Activity
by Rob Ryan. Depending on what you do for a living, or possibly a physically active social life, can determine your weight. People with jobs that require lots of energy will tend to have a much better chance at maintaining a healthy weight. They are burning ca...
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Psst, Want to Burn Fat Fast?
by John C White. Hey you. Yea you. Do you want to burn fat fast? I bet you've like to do it without having to exercise or having to change your diet. Well let me let you in on a well kept secret. Are you ready?It ain't gonna happen. You can hope all you want, ...

How to Look Fat Naked?
by Jennifer Schaecher. 7 Step Guide to Look Fat NakedSo you want to look fat naked? Apparently, that is the popular theme these days so here are seven tips to get you well on your way to the latest trend.Step #1: Eat whatever crap you want all the time. Don’t th...
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Can Your Drinking Water Be Keeping You Fat and Killing You?
by Tony Edwards. Do you really think about what can be in your drinking water and how it affects your health and weight? But you say that you drink bottled water and it is pure or is it?You have probably heard to make sure not to drink the water when traveling or va...
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Why Busy Moms Burn More Fat When Eating Breakfast
by Tony Edwards. Breakfast is one of the most overlooked solutions to moms wanting to burn more fat.Why Breakfast?Most moms are so busy they overlook breakfast. It is one of the easiest meals to skip, but one of the most important meals of the day. Moms that do eat ...
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Water: Essential for Melting Away the Fat
by Christine Erickson. Water is essential for life, our bodies depend on it, 55 to 75% of the average adults body is comprised of water. If you do not drink enough to maintain your body's fluid balance, you will impair every aspect of it physiological function including d...
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