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Gymnastics Basics: The Horizontal Bar
by Jimmy Cox. The horizontal bar in gymnastics is one of the most difficult pieces of apparatus. The requirements of strength, timing, coordination, and daring - typical of gymnastics - seem to be somewhat exemplified on the horizontal bar. As in all life situati...
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Using the Parallel Bars in Gymnastics
by Jimmy Cox. Parallel bars represent the most desirable apparatus for the aspiring gymnasts. It is easier to learn most of the fundamentals that are common to other apparatus on the Parallel bars. It is here that the fundamentals of tumbling are most easily appl...
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Cushions Used For Gymnastics
by Jim Brown. There are various cushions and padding that is used for gymnastics exercises, but people who are in training to become a ballerina, or those that do dance routines for recreational or professional purposes can also find them to be very helpful. The ...
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Gymnastics: Sports Specific Conditioning
by Karen Goeller. Gymnastics Article: Simulate the Skills with Straight Arm Conditioning We all know there are so many different coaching methods, training programs
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Gymnastics: Handstand Article
by Karen Goeller. The Handstand is the most important skill in our sport and remaining tight is essential!Gymnasts of all levels perform the handstand several times throughout
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Gymnastics Equipment Creates Balance
by James Brown. When gymnasts start training at an early age, they are exposed to various pieces of gymnastics equipment that might seem foreign and unapproachable. All of the gymnastics equipment will seem so large to a person that stands less than four feet tall....
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A Brief History of Gymnastics
by Denise Villani. Gymnastics is a graceful and artistic sport that requires a combination of strength, balance, agility, and muscle coordination, usually performed on specialized apparatus. Gymnasts perform sequences of movements requiring flexibility, endurance, and...
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Tumbling Stunts in Gymnastics Explained
by Jimmy Cox. Instruction in tumbling is considered basic to all work in gymnastics. It should be undertaken rather extensively by all who participate in gymnastics, prior to any apparatus work. From the standpoint of class instruction, tumbling can be conducted ...
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Tips in Safety in Gymnastics
by Jimmy Cox. With the current interest in safety in the United States, the safe conduct of a sport like gymnastics is essential to its very existence. It is a basic assumption that gymnastics can be conducted safely. To make safety a reality students and teacher...
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Simple, Fun Childrens Gymnastic Games
by Spartanmalc.In a system of gymnastics, games may be used for hygienic, developmental and educational purposes. For general hygienic ends their value is great, if for no other reason, than that it usually requires a large air space, often outdoors, to play them. ...
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