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Doc Rivers 2008 Nba Coach of the Year
by Eddie Delgado. Doc Rivers born Glenn Rivers on October 13, 1961 is honored both for his professional NBA playing career and his coaching career.? His professional NBA playing career began representing t
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Scott Awarded the 2007-08 Nba Coach of the Year
by Ally White. Today the NBA announces that the Head Coach Byron Scott from the Hornets was chosen for the award Red Auerbach Trophy as the 2007-08 NBA Coach of the Year. This award is named after Coach Red Auerbach who leaded the Celtics to 9 NBA Championships. S...
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Can Statistics Be Used to Determine an NBA Player Salary
by Robert Clee. How do employers decide the salary payout to their employees every year? In a sales and consulting firm the salary can be based on the number sales or clients serviced. How do the National Basketball Association (NBA) team owners decide the player...
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Larry Legend - The NBA Player
by Jonathon Hardcastle. Larry Bird is widely regarded as one of the three greatest NBA players to ever lace up their sneakers on basketball's premiere stage alongside Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. He led the Celtics to three NBA championships in the eighties before ret...
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Nba Coach Jerry Sloan Wins Game Number 1,000!
by Cindy Ferguson. The 64 year-old and two-time NBA All Star, when he was a player, started his coaching career back in 1979 with the Chicago Bulls and has already completed 18 seasons. Jerry Sloan has been with the Utah Jazz since the 1988 season.Since the start of h...
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NBA Player Suspended and Fined
by Julie Smith. The NBA team Portland Trail Blazers suspended their player Zach Randolph for abandoning the game against Golden State Warriors during the third quarter. Randolph won't be able to play on Monday night's game against Golden State Warriors in Oakland, ...
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