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Sports League Games for Teens
by Sushil Kumar Singh Raghav . There are so many different sports for teens to chose from, teens want sports that get them involved and they can learn from. Most areas will have many different sports to choose from, some will even be at the high school that the teen attends. So...
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Euroleague Basketball: Back and Stronger Than Ever
by SPORTiana.com. The new Euroleague season starts on October 22nd 2007 with the Final Four taking place in Madrid (Spain) May 02-04. 2008. For the first time in European basketball history, several teams were able to offer players $8-figure co...
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Tickets Available for the Chicago Cubs!
by Anna Woodward. Americans love sports and love to watch sports. In the last few years, many sports have seen old records fall, new records rise and athletic heroes come of age. All of these great sports moments have something in common: the thousands of fans watchi...
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Womens College Basketball League - History
by Nicky Pilkington. The history of women's college basketball started in Smith College for girls in 1893. But the first official basketball match played by women was between Stanford and Berkley in April 1896, which was played behind locked doors, for women eyes' only....
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Fantasy Basketball League Is Worth Learning
by David Barnes. There is nothing that can be more exciting than being a member of a fantasy basketball league. It allows you to be the manager and owner of your own team. You can draft players, trade players or bench players, very much like professional managers an...
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A Brief History and Overview of the English Premier League
by Dave Page. The Premier League, also affectionately known as The Premiership, is the pride of football in the United Kingdom. The league is relatively young and was formed in response to the decline of the sport in UK during the 1980s. Football stadiums were be...
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Manchester United Ready for Champions League Semifinals
by Claudia Beckford. Manchester United Captain Gary Neville believes the team is well prepared to win this season Champions League due to the ability and the preparation the team possesses.Last year the Manchester United was defeated by the AC Milan, but the team player...
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Urawa Win Afc Champions League Title
by Pankaj. SAITAMA, Japan, November 14: J-League and Emperor's Cup holders Urawa Reds won their first AFC Champions League title by edging Iran's Sepahan 2-0 in the second leg of the final here on Wednesda
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Solutions for the National Football League Players
by Dee Power. "What the heck is going on out there?" the Great Man would say if he were here today commenting on the numerous incidents of National Football League players getting arrested for all sort of crimes, from DUI, to physical violence to weapons charges....
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Fantasy Baseball - Why Traditional 5x5 leagues are outdated
by Sam Neff.The first two pitchers most commonly drafted are Johann Santana and Randy Johnson. It is hard to argue that these two are not the premier pitchers in baseball. The batters most commonly drafted in the top three are Albert Pujols, Carlos Beltran, and ...
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Locked Out NHL Players Skate in the Beer Leagues
by Glen Trainor.NHL players are all locked out. They are not allowed to play or sign for any NHL team. They are, however, free to play for any other team in any other league that they choose. Some have gone to Europe and Russia, some will play in the minors, but man...
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