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ContemporaryGrandfather Clocks
by Kristy Annely.While much of their technology is a reflection of the earliest clocks, the styles have evolved through the years.Contemporary grandfather clocks are available in a wide range of styles. Whatever your taste, you are sure to find a clock to match. Toda...
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The German Grandfather Clock Tradition
by Kristy Annely.At some point, we’ve all heard the phrase that something works “like clockwork.” That is how dependable we expect our clocks to be. We think of them as infallible. Clocks have become a symbol of everything strong and faithful. In fact, we put o...
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10 Great Gift Ideas for Fathers Day
by Cynthia Marcano.Ok, so Father’s Day is approaching and you’d rather go to the dentist than buy another tie.  Save the appointment for wisdom teeth trouble and make shopping a little easier.  Here are 10 gift ideas for Father’s day that are sure to br...
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Fathers Day Crafts
by Ken Marlborough.Father's Day crafts are a perfect way for kids to show their love to their fathers without spending a huge amount of money. Father's Day crafts are articles made out of material available around the house and fashioned into cute gifts by kids. Father...
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Fathers Day
by Ken Marlborough.'Father! - To God Himself We Cannot Give a Holier name!' - William WordsworthThe above quote completely defines the meaning of being a father, and the various responsibilities the male parent has on his shoulders. We salute fathers all around the wor...
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Fathers Day History
by Ken Marlborough.Father's Day has today become a global symbol of expressing love and respect to one's father. Sons and daughters all over the world make it a point to take some time off and meet their father on this day.Father's Day has religious as well as social o...
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Fathers Day Gifts
by Ken Marlborough.While there are many gifts for mothers, it may seem nearly impossible to hunt and get gifts for fathers. At the same time it is simple to please fathers with gifts. For them the gift doesn't really matter, so long as we remember and honor them.Howeve...
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Fathers Day Gift Baskets
by Ken Marlborough.Gift baskets are generally a collection of articles and items that have universal appeal. Gift baskets can be presented on different occasions to various people. One of the advantages of gift baskets is that they are collections of small items. There...
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My Great-great Grandfather Served in the Civil War
by Irvin L. Rozier.My Great-Great Grandfather Served in the Civil WarYesterday, April 15, 2006 I went to the grave marker dedication honoring the Civil War service of my great-great grandfather, Henry Prescott.His father was John Prescott (came from South Carolina)&nbs...
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Whos The Father? DNA Paternity Testing
by Richard Cussons.There is an urban legend that over thirty percent of all children are not born of their appointed father; instead, they are the products of adultery. Because of this long-standing myth, the idea of a paternity test has been a persistent one in the mi...
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Unique and Unusual Gift Ideas For Fathers Day
by Judy Hardaway.Father’s Day is a wonderful time of year for men. It’s a wonderful time to honor them and a wonderful time to buy for them.Let’s first talk about honoring our fathers. It is true that we have many homes without fathers. My heart goes out to tho...
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A Fathers Day Experience
by Jane Roseen.One man's story of why Father's Day is especially meaningful to him.When I was a kid, Father’s Day was always something that was sort of an afterthought. We’d always do some silly little craft at the direction of our teacher, and then help Mom ch...
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Fathers Day Gift
by Mj Millares.If you are looking for a special and unique Father's Day gift, laser engraved crystal might be perfect option for you. Father's are generally fond of electronic gadgets. But if you find it difficult to find gadgets or your father has plethora of gadg...
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Fathers Day Can Be Fabulous! Great Gift Ideas for Dad
by Karen Fusco.It's that time again. Father's Day. Your dad is just about the best guy in the world, but shopping for him is next to impossible. You want something meaningful and unique, and you know a tie just isn't going to cut it anymore.Don't worry. With a litt...
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Fathers Day Gifts for the Artistic Type
by Karen Fusco.As long as your memory stretches back, your dad has been the creative, spontaneous type. Whether it's been putting together models, dragging you to the art museum, or creating his own paper, he's just got to try his hand at it.Getting him a meaningfu...
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Fathers and Fathers Day
by Gary A. Crow, Ph.d..Yes, warmest feelings and gentle memories, poignant moments and unconditional love each vie for inclusion in any heartfelt honor and sincere recognition. They are the prime ingredients that a father adds to the lives of his children, the building blo...
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Diamond Gift Ideas for Fathers Day
by Steve Shannon.When you think of diamonds, you probably immediately think of women. However, giving a gift of diamonds can make a special Father’s Day gift as well. Father’s Day is a time to show your father how much he really means to you. And what better way ...
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Fathers Day Gift Guide
by Phillip Fuller.Why is it that dads can be such a challenge when it comes to picking that perfect gift for Father’s Day? He’s your dad; this should be easy, right? Here are ideas for your fathers day gift
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Forget The Tie - Remembering Dads on Fathers Day
by Donna Hager.Every Fathers Day I am reminded how fortunate I was to have a Dad like mine. My Dad was "Number One," and, yes, I miss him. But I never bothered to buy him a tie. My sisters and I knew what he wanted more.My Dad was a very quiet, gentle, caring fathe...
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Special Ways to Celebrate Fathers Day
Topic : 5 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Fathers Day
by Jolanda Garcia.The third Sunday in June is a special day that is set aside to honor our fathers and the other special men in our lives. Here are 5 awesome ways to celebrate fathers day this year.
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A fathers take on bilungual / multilingual upbringing
by Stefan Korn.We are in a somewhat unique situation (I guess) in that we've got 3 generations in 1 house, cover 3 languages between us and run a language school. Our mix of Spanglemanish (Spanish, German and English) makes for some great conversation in the house ...
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Fathers Day quotes
by Jolanda Garcia.Father's Day is a day to honor Dad as well as all the other men—grandfathers, uncles, stepfathers, big brothers—who have played a special role in your life. It is a day to show the father figure in your life that you love and care for him. Plan a...
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Gift Giving Ideas for Fathers Day in Canada
by Tomer Harel.Father's Day is approaching really fast.The third Sunday in June is used by families to honor the father figures in our lives, whether it is our dad, granddad, uncle or someone else.Father's Day is typically known for its games of pickup basketball, ...
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How to Shop for Him on Fathers Day - Mens Watches
by Joseph Levy.Oh to our Father's, the backbone of our American family. Our father's represent what our country was previously founded on, its morals, its security, it assurity. Father's play such an important role in the molding of this nation and the molding of t...
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Father of Modern Day Air Conditioning
by Barney Garcia.As we turn on our air conditioners, we hardly think about how difficult life could have been without the particular device. Seldom would we think about how the ingenuity and tenacity of an individual gave us one of the most widely used tools in the m...
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