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Financial Tips for Trying Times
Topic : Tips for businesses during hard times, financial tips for businesses
by ARA Content.IHateFinancialPlanning.com offers advice on managing your money (ARA) - When life gets unpredictable, there's one thing Americans always want to hang onto: their money. During times of national unc...
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Recession-Proofing Employee Motivation
Topic : Motivate employees:keys to improving employee motivation
by Dr. Douglas Waldo c/o ARA Content.(ARA) - As we hear more predictions of an economy showing signs of weakening, managers around the country are asking a couple of key questions: Are we prepared for a recession reminiscent of the earl...
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A Remedial Course in Investing
Topic : Tips on smart investing
by ARA Content.Or, How We Discovered the Real Y2K By Carol Clark (ARA) - Was it really just a year ago that we were all running around trying to prevent computers from coming to a grinding halt on the first of Janu...
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Ethics? How To Take the Measure Business
Topic : How to be ethical in Business: Business Ethics
by Patty Baldwin.When asked to write a small piece pertaining to ethics and integrity in the business world, my first inclination was to draw on personal experience. Everyone has bad experiences to relate. We deal...
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Does Your Customer Talk Back To You?
Topic : Steps to Improve Your Business: The Importance of Customer Feedback
by Cheryline Lawson.What is your customer saying about you? Do you really know? Does your customer really know who you are? If you don't know what your customer thinks about you, your business, your product and your ser...
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Happy Employees are More Productive Employees
Topic : How to increase productivity of employees at the workplace
by ARA Content.Small workplace-enhancing changes can reap big rewards (ARA) - It's not surprising that employees cite compensation as the number one factor that makes them professionally satisfied these days. What ...
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Tax Information for Small Businesses
by ARA Content.(ARA) - The IRS publishes a lot of tax information to help small business owners and there are many ways to get it. You can always visit an IRS office to pick up copies of IRS forms and publications,...
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Minimize Your Office And Equipment Start-Up Costs
Topic : Steps to starting a business: How to minimise costs
by Maria Stefanova.When you set up your office area you have to consider clients, suppliers, family, neighbors and yourself. The balance is easy to achieve when you keep in mind the double function your home has from n...
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Want to Loosen Uncle Sams Grip on Your Wallet?
Topic : How to minimise taxes, how to lower taxes
by ARA Content.Talking About Money With Jim Larranaga (ARA) - The average person pays more than $6,000 in federal income tax, according to the Congressional Budget Office. If you cringe at sending a big chunk of ch...
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No Business Is Safe from Environmental Disaster
Topic : Why Businesses Should be Environmentally Friendly
by ARA Content.Protect Your Assets and Future with Pollution Liability Insurance (ARA) - Fears that the environment will suffer under the Republican administration are misplaced, say the world's leading pollution l...
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Early Retirement Readiness
Topic : Advice on Retirement-Check your Retirement Readiness
by ARA Content.(ARA) - If you've delayed planning for retirement because it makes you feel a) old or b) financially inept, think again. With a little foresight, you could be out there enjoying life like other peopl...
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Managerial Malpractice Claims on the Rise
Topic : Information and Advice on Company Insurance
by ARA Content.Protect Your Assets and Executives with D&O Insurance (ARA) - When disgruntled shareholders, employees, customers or competitors allege financial mismanagement, discrimination or other wrongful acts...
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Time Management Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs
Topic : How to be a successful Entrepreneur, Tips on Time Management for Entrepreneurs
by Jean Hanson.Does it seem like everyone and everything is vying for your attention all at once? It can be hard for solo entrepreneurs to know what to do first, let alone try to find the time to get caught up. Her...
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Successfully Adding a Service To Your Business
by Dr. Rachna D. Jain.There will come a time in your business where you feel ready to add another service offering. To make this successful, there are ten tips to consider before moving ahead. 1) Revisit your business pl...
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Principles For Successful Communication
by Lee Hopkins."But you don't understand!" exclaimed the manager, "this new initiative is vital for our team. If it doesn't work we could all be out of a job!" "Uh-huh... Really... Explain to me again how this new ...
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How to Survive in Business Long Enough to Win
Topic : How to Survive and Succeed in Business
by Kim Beardsmore.As a former human resources professional it has always intrigued me as to why people were more 'successful' than others. By 'successful' we are referring to an innate ability of some people to set a...
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Time Management Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs
Topic : How to be a Solo Entrepreneur
by Jean Hanson.Does it seem like everyone and everything is vying for your attention all at once? It can be hard for solo entrepreneurs to know what to do first, let alone try to find the time to get caught up. Her...
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How to Improve Your Management Procedures’ Usability
Topic : Smart Management: How to manage people successfully
by Chris Anderson.Are your people consistently following your procedures? Each year, organizations lose thousands of dollars through common mistakes and lapses in usability. But what does that mean for business owners...
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Expect Success to Stay Self-Motivated and Get Great Results
Topic : Be Self Motivated and Succeed: How to make your business succeed
by Caterina Rando.If you called my office you will hear my voice mail message that ends with the words “Expect Success.” There’s a important intent behind that. What if every time we made a phone call or personal req...
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How to write a Privacy Policy
Topic : How to write a privacy policy for your company
by Anti Spam League.A Privacy Policy can be defined as the policy under which a company or organization operating a web site handles the personal information collected about visitors to the site. For most of us consumer...
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Risk and Reward
Topic : How to invest wisely: Smart investments
by John McKeon.If you are doing your own investing in the stock market, what would be the first question you would ask yourself before you make any trade or investment? If your answer is how fundamentally sound th...
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Project/Program Management
Topic : Successful Project/Program Management for businesses
by Eddie R. Williams.Where is our success? Although there have been improvements, over 60% of projects/programs failed and many were canceled in 2003 (ref:The Standish Report CHAOS)! Our goal for 2004 and beyond is to ...
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Public Relations
Topic : Public Relations – Defining Your Organization from the Inside Out
by Agnes Brousseau.What do your customers say about your company? Would you let your major competitor control your sales strategy? Public relations is an inevitable consequence of being in business. Whether you like i...
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Common Sources of Financing for Small Business
Topic : Business start up tips:Common Sources of Financing for Small Business
by Jeff Schein.The choice of financing is an important determinant of whether a product reaches the market, or whether an existing business can survive. The choice of financing is an important part of being an entr...
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The Role of the Business Model and Strategy for Business
Topic : Business Strategies:The Role of the Business Model and Strategy for Business
by Jeff Schein.People will always stress that having a well researched business plan is key before you start your business. Although creating a business plan is often an important step in the evolution of a busines...
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