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OK People - Lets Get Real!
Topic : Business Magazine Subscriptions & Business Magazine Subscription
by Cathy Bryant.It's all about numbers - or so some ezine publishers would have you believe. 10,000 subscribers and counting! 20,000 subscribers and counting! 30,000 subscribers and counting! You get the picture.....
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Grow Sales Using Image Tactics
Topic : Marketing Business Development & Marketing Position
by Sharron Senter.In my dreams, I envision being the marketing consultant equivalent of Oprah or Tiger Woods. Oprah, for her premise, “You’re a woman and only you are responsible for yourself.” Tiger Woods, for his ul...
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Long Sales Letters vs. Short Sales Letters
Topic : Business Marketing Letter : Sales Letter & Marketing Letters
by Matthew Cobb.Everywhere I turn, I'm being asked to weigh in on the issue of whether copy should be long or short in a sales letter. I receive countless newsletters on copywriting and marketing, and they are all s...
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The Art Of Cold Calling
Topic : Cold Call Marketing : Cold Calling & Telemarketing
by Sue and Chuck DeFiore.I know, don't groan. You have to do them if you want to get properties and make money. Believe me, I used to hate cold calling. For those of you that have read our book, "Who Makes It Happen: Back On...
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3-Levels of Successful Selling
Topic : Internet Business Consulting : Business Consulting & Sales Help
by Paul Shearstone.Any selling approach that lacks a proven strategy, a practiced proficiency for its application and most significantly, a full understanding of its psychological, human behavioral import – is at best,...

A Magic Number for Writing Sales Letters
Topic : Business Sales Letter : Marketing Letter & Business Letter
by Matthew Cobb.When I write sales letters for my clients, one rule I always start with is The Rule of 7. I learned about The Rule of 7 from one of my good friends who once ran for political office. In his campaign,...
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The Marketing Person You Think You Arent
Topic : Sales Marketing Consulting : Marketing Coaching & Sales Skills
by Beth Woodward.Have you thought about starting your own business? Have you started one and are having challenges with marketing, fear of failure, fear of success…I could go on and on. Has the question, Now what? ev...
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USP - Unique Selling Propositions
Topic : Unique Selling Proposition & Business Proposition
by Scott 'Gears'.If you have competitors, then you should have at least one Unique Selling Proposition (USP). The more REAL ones you have, the better - for your Branding, your business recognition, and your sales! W...

$10 Per Click - Do They Know Something We Dont?
Topic : Affiliate Internet Marketing & Pay Per Click Marketing
by Neal Lebar.I have utilized pay-per-click (PPC) advertising since its inception about two years ago. With PPC, the advertiser is only charged when a person actually clicks on their link. The amount you actually ...
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Profound Knowledge
Topic : Business Marketing Management & Positioning in Marketing
by Peter Andersen.Profound Knowledge We all are on a quest for knowledge. Whether its information that will make our lives easier or just small packets of data that in a trivial way allows us to sort out "why things ...
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Internet Direct Mail Is Different: 14 Things To Remember
Topic : Advertising Direct Mail & Marketing Direct Mail
by Aran Kay.Internet Direct Mail (IDM) and Traditional Direct Mail (TDM) both have the same goals in mind. They are to generate leads or orders. However, marketers need to respect that online media and print me...
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Entrepreneurial Traits that Drive Sales
Topic : Characteristics of Entrepreneurs & Advice for Entrepreneurs
by Sharron Senter.Frequently overlooked and hidden deep within our marketing tool box is the ultimate marketing vehicle for your business – you! Many small business owners are so busy figuring out how to increase sale...
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How To Create a Perpetual Traffic Generator
Topic : Perpetual Traffic Generator & Web Traffic Generator
by Michael Southon.What runs through your mind when you hear that ezine articles will bring you masses of fr^e traffic, get you higher listings in the search engines, and raise your profile on the web? For many people...
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New Sources for Targeted Web Site Traffic
Topic : Targeted Web Traffic : Traffic Generator & Traffic Generation
by Lee Traupel.Qualified traffic is the lifeblood of any web site today, especially for ecommerce sites that are selling goods or services online. But, many media buyers and/or owners of web sites are paying too mu...
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Its a Numbers Game!
Topic : Business Marketing Consulting & Sales Management Training
by Kimberly Stevens.Three years ago, Paul left his corporate job to launch his freelance writing career, and he’s done relatively well. He has a group of regular clients that keep him going, and they are happy with his ...
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Positioning for Profits!
Topic : Marketing Communication Strategy & Marketing Positioning
by Kimberly Stevens.Last Friday, I was spending one last day of freedom with a dear friend who was expecting to have her first baby at any minute. We decided to hang out by the pool. On the way there, we stopped to pic...
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Are Your Clients Buying What Youre Selling
Topic : Direct Marketing Consulting : Sales Strategies & Sales Strategy
by Kimberly Stevens.Linda felt like she had reached a plateau in her cleaning business. For the past 3 years, she'd run the same ads in the same publications with the same results. She would generate enough new clients ...
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Start Your Sales Engine!
Topic : Customer Relationship Marketing & Marketing Relationship
by Kimberly Stevens.Does your business run on a sales engine or a sales effort? A sales effort is something that has to be done every time you want to make a sale. But, a sales engine is something that, once put into ...
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Get More Clients Now!
Topic : Integrated Marketing Communication & Marketing Communication Mix
by Kimberly Stevens.Although David has been a graphic designer for a decade, he’s only been a business owner for a little over a year. He was becoming increasingly discouraged with his clientele. “I'm the only person ...
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Want to Make More Money? Fish in a Bigger Pond!
Topic : Sales Management Consulting & Sales Strategy Consulting
by Kimberly Stevens.Setting prices is a dilemma most service business owners encounter at one time or another. This week, it was Susan’s turn. “When I first started my business, I felt uncomfortable charging for my se...
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Raise Your Fees Overnight!
Topic : Sales Training Consulting & Sales Process Consulting
by Kimberly Stevens.Do you want to make more money? Yes, I guess that is a rhetorical question. Everybody wants to make more money, but oftentimes we are not willing to do what needs to be done in order to make it. For...
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Joint Venture Your Way to Extraordinary Sales!
Topic : Joint Venture Business & Joint Venture Marketing
by Kimberly Stevens.You know what makes me really happy? Drinking a Starbucks latte while doing my grocery shopping at Safeway. Getting my Godiva fix at Barnes & Noble. Cheap thrills, I know! Ever wonder why McDonald’s...
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Is Your Business Ready for 2003?
Topic : Business Value Proposition : Business Sales & Business Proposals
by Kimberly Stevens.Anyone who owned a business in the U.S. in 2002 knows the difficulties that a poor economy can cause. Even those in other countries who may have operated under better economic conditions last year ha...
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Are You Irresistibly Attractive?
Topic : Business Development Proposal & Business Proposal
by Kimberly Stevens.If you’ve done any reading on the subject of marketing, you’ve certainly heard the term “Unique Selling Proposition” or “USP.” As a reminder, your USP is what positions you in the marketplace --- ar...
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Online Marketing Tips
Topic : Business Development Proposal & Business Proposal
by Laurie Meade.1--- The importance of a schedule and staying focused. Keeping on task. schedule promotions. Plan and make a task schedule for project ideas. schedule purchases -- (don't buy on impulse, the offer wi...
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