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Add-on Sales - The Key To Success On The Web
Topic : Add On Sales : Add-On Sales & Add-On Sale
by Rick Rouse.Question: Can you guess the cheapest way to make a sale? Answer: Sell to the customer that just bought from you! All successful salespeople have one thing in common: They know how to make sales "afte...

Share Your Knowledge! Write It And They Will Come!
Topic : Online Copy Writing : Write Online Copy
by Martin Lemieux.Are you looking for more visitors to your site? Of course you are!!! There are so many ways to promote your business. These days it's; hard to decide which methods are best for your business. One thin...
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Persistant Advertising Will Do No Harm!
Topic : Secret To Sales : Sales Secrets : Sales Secret
by Martin Lemieux.From my experience, I've been on many discussion groups and have spoken to many other like minded people. The one topic that always seems to arise is how to get massive sales right away. Not only mas...
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The Building Blocks to Effective Marketing
Topic : Secrets Of Marketing : Marketing Secrets & Marketing Secret
by Julie Chance.The Building Blocks to Successful Marketing It’s More than Sales and Advertising By Julie Chance Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a one person shop, to be successful, you must have a marketing...
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A Revolutionary "NEW" Dimension in Sales
Topic : Best Sales Approach : Best Sales Method
by Linda Blew Carlson.A Revolutionary 'NEW' Dimension In Sales: Make many more closings in the same amount of time! By Art Nelson and Linda Carlson Phase I Phase I: Learning the Product is the first thing Paul does as ...
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The Most Important Marketing Tool
Topic : Best Marketing Tool : Best Marketing Tools & Top Marketing Tools
by Nicholas Dixon.As an online marketer, there are many tools available to help you succeed.Some are free , while some will cost you money.Essential tools include a computer , an internet connection and the various so...
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5 Keys To A Successful Ezine
Topic : Creating An Ezine : Creating Ezine & Creating Ezines
by Al Martinovic.There are 5 basic keys you need for your ezine to be successful and here they are though not necessarily in this order. 1- Hosting You need good reliable hosting for your website. You don't want to...
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The Top Ten Rules of Effective Networking
Topic : Secrets Of Networking : Networking Secrets & Networking Secret
by M.E. Callan.Many of us are discouraged by the networking events that we go to. We feel swamped by people just looking to get money from us, and we rarely feel as though the event was worth our time. Yet network...
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Make front page news by NOT inviting the media
Topic : Making Front Page : Making Frontpage & Make Frontpage
by David Leonhardt.Not a single reporter showed up at our news event. And we were THRILLED! Not a single photographer showed up to capture the moment. And we were pleased as punch! Not a single newspaper knew about t...
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How to Tap in to the Holiday Publicity Bonanza
Topic : Holiday Season Marketing : Holiday Advertising
by Bill Stoller.If your product or service can be given as a gift, a publicity windfall awaits at the end of the year - but you need to start working in June. Each December, media outlets cover the newest, the hott...
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Forget The Hype!
Topic : Online Marketing Help : Internet Marketing Help
by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton.So you`re new to the internet, and want to learn everything you can about internet marketing. Or at least the essential basics, and you want a place to go to find the answers to all of your questions...
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The Nitty-Gritty Of Ezine Publishing
Topic : E Zine Publishing : Ezine Publishing & Emagazine Publishing
by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton.I sat here this morning, and decided to work out exactly how much time I use on creating my weekly ezine, and I almost kinda shocked myself. I`m not the ONLY publisher who refuses to automate, so ple...
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The Nuts And Bolts Of Traffic Exchanges
Topic : Traffic Exchange Tips : Traffic Exchange & Traffic Exchanges
by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton.Traffic Exchanges. What are they? How do they work? What do they do? First of all, a "Traffic Exchange" is exactly that, a way to exchange traffic, a way to get visitors to your site. This happens b...
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Email Marketing Tips
Topic : Email Marketing Tips : Email Marketing Advice
by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton.If you don`t know it yet, you will probably learn over time, that email marketing is probably THE most effective way of marketing online. That is, IF you do it the right way. Here`s a couple of hin...
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How "Available" are YOU?
Topic : Internet Safety Tips : Online Safety & Surf Safely
by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton.The internet can be pretty scary at times. Do you realise how easy it is to access your personal information? Your phone number, name, address? Even get driving instructions on how to get to your loc...

Tips on Avoiding Scams
Topic : Avoiding Internet Scams : Avoiding Scams & Avoid Scam
by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton.One thing I think we ALL agree on: There are way too many scams out there. Both online and off. Things like: Email from a "millionaire who needs help transferring large sums of money" This is one of ...
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I WANT To Be An Online Marketer!
Topic : An Online Marketer : Online Marketer & Online Marketers
by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton.Where do I start if I want to be an online marketer? Tough question, huh? There are lots of ways to begin your way on the bumpy journey. Just make sure you are aware that it WILL be a bumpy ride. Fi...
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Building Downlines and Keeping Them
Topic : Asking For Help : Getting Help & Get Help
by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton.You know the scenario: You join some program, work your butt off to promote it, to get signups, and you feel like you`re hitting a brick wall. After a few months, you give up, and try something else,...
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Life After Press Release Distribution?
Topic : Press Release Distribution : Press Releases Distribution
by Carolyn Moncel.A few weeks ago I was participating on an on-line message board. One of the members was a new business owner who was very excited about sending out her company's first press release. The question she...
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6 Steps To Get "Slightly" Famous
Topic : Become More Famous : Become Famous & Becoming Famous
by Steven Van Yoder.A few years ago, Bruce Smith experienced a slowdown in his Salt Lake City-based travel agency. Airlines had eliminated his sales commissions. The recession and recent terrorist attacks also took a to...
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The Damn Truth About Network Marketing
Topic : Network Marketing Secrets : Network Marketing Secret
by Scott Lucas.The Damn Truth About Network Marketing: How I Was Wrong and How You Can Learn From My Mistakes by Scott Lucas © 2003, http://www.WebCashLeads.com/2894 It’s interesting to hear people’s opinions ...
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Fishing For Ezine Subscribers
Topic : Get More Subscribers : Attract More Subscribers
by David Leonhardt.The Bible tells the tale of the fishermen who were just not catching a thing. Jesus came along and told them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat, which they did. Surprise! They caught...
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The Damaging Admission--a Persuasive Technique
Topic : A Persuasive Technique : Persuasive Techniques
by Matthew Cobb.We would all like to think that our product or service is flawless. More importantly, we would like for others to believe that as well. But no matter what you sell, a drawback (sometimes several) wil...
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Dropped Jaw Syndrome, Your Fastest, Most Reliable Market Test
Topic : Selling Products Well : Selling Well & Sell Quickly
by Dr. Lynella Grant.Business owners should be more like doctors. Forget selling and start asking your customers where they hurt. Broken leg? Ulcer? Empty wallet? Don't sell, diagnose. And what are you as a doctor look...
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Are There Secrets to Gaining Media Coverage?
Topic : Gaining Media Coverage : Gain Media Coverage
by Carolyn Moncel.Are there secrets to gaining media coverage or is it pure luck? It's a question that I am asked often while meeting with small-business owners who are seeking press attention for their companies or p...
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