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The Big-Pay Off -- Brand Value
Topic : Building A Brand : Building Brands & Building Brand
by Beth Brodovsky.Many CEOs and marketing directors find their time wasted evaluating marketing opportunities instead of acting on them. When every possibility is followed, a meandering trail of hit and miss effective...

Revealing the Roots: The Process of Building Brand
Topic : Building The Brand : Brand Building & Build Brands
by Beth Brodovsky.How is branding different than marketing? Branding is not so much different from marketing as it is an element of marketing. We think of marketing as a tree; the brand is the roots, holding the tree ...
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Understand Brand
Topic : Understand Your Brand : Understanding Brand
by Beth Brodovsky.Branding has been defined, explained and examined extensively. There are books, articles, publications, seminars, and groups all dedicated to exploring the meaning and use of brand today. Interesting...
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Play it Again Sam
Topic : Consistency In Brand : Brand Consistency
by Beth Brodovsky.The marketing director for one of my longtime clients used to complain "does it have to be purple again?" What she and many others don’t realize is that the color you are seeing in your sleep, your p...
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"My Child Has Opie Eye!"
Topic : Business Writing Tips : Business Writing Tip
by Thea Swafford.7:00 a.m., the silence in the house is broken by my child's call to me, from another room, "Mom, please take care of my Opie eye!" Huh?... My mind is spinning trying to process this information, ...
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How To Create A Brand That Sticks
Topic : Creating Strong Brands : Brand Consciousness
by Eileen 'Turtle' Parzek.Most people, when they hear the word branding, think logos - but in fact, branding is really much more than that. A brand involves blending the image, purpose, and focus of your business, with your c...
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How To Write A Newsletter Without Being A Writer
Topic : Basic Article Writing : Article Writing Basics
by Eileen 'Turtle' Parzek.One of the best ways to stay in touch with current and past clients, colleagues and fans, is to publish a regular newsletter. Whether you use a HTML template tool like Constant Contact, simply create...
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Use Product Research to Position Yourself as the Expert
Topic : Product Research Marketing : Product Research Advertising
by Charlie Cook.You have an idea for a new product or service, want to get feedback from prospects and position your firm as the experts. How do you do this when you haven’t ever provided the particular service o...
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Successful Marketing Tips
Topic : Successful Marketing Tips : Successful Sales Tips
by Ana Greco.You have a great product or service… Now, how should you market it? You have to make others know about what you have to offer. There is no good in having a great idea if you don’t know how to sell i...
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Shift to Full Power Marketing
Topic : Market A Problem : Market Problem & Market Problems
by Charlie Cook.Marketing should run like a car’s engine. Give it the right fuel and you'll enjoy steady acceleration when you step on the gas, but let the tank run dry or put in diesel when your engine runs on g...
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Marketing Reach and Frequency
Topic : Reach Advertising Campaign : Reach Advertising
by Julie Chance.Reach and frequency are terms generally used when planning advertising campaigns. However, the concept of reach and frequency applies to any promotional activity you undertake: direct mail, direct ...
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Hate To Burst Your Bubble: Identifying 6 Common Internet Scams
Topic : Common Internet Scams : Common Internet Scam
by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton.If you`ve been online for more than a week, you`ve probably already seen them. Ads that promise great wealth, in little or no time, for little or no work on your behalf. They then go on to tell you h...
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The Complete Beginners Guide to Writing Articles.
Topic : Article Writing Guide : Magazine Writers Guide
by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton.So how do you get started? What do you write about? What do you actually DO with your articles once you`ve written them? It seems daunting, I know. I was petrified myself when I first started writin...
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Direct Mail Marketing Now As Easy As Email
Topic : Direct Mail Marketing : Marketing By Mail & Mail Marketing
by Michael Lemm.Is the United States Postal Service (USPS) a marketing innovator? As it turns out, the kind folks in the blue shorts are in fact making it easy for even the smallest business to duke it out with the...
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Frugal Marketing
Topic : Cheap Effective Marketing : Cheap Marketing & Budget Marketing
by Charlie Cook.You want to market your business but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You may be just starting out and have precious little capital or you may have a successful business but want to spend as l...
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Increasing Power Of Publicity
Topic : Power Of Publicity : Publicity Power & Powerful Publicity
by Todd Brabender.The call came into my office and the voice on the other end was very energetic, almost giddy: "I have finalized my marketing budget and need your help launching an advertising campaign for my new pro...
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Using A Simple Idea to Target Your Audience
Topic : Simple Marketing Tips : Simple Marketing & Simple Advertising
by Kellie Marzolf.A wonderfully easy and free concept that many people seem to overlook during their online marketing career is the survey. If you are looking for programs to promote or ideas for articles, you really...
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Catch More Clients Using Strategic Networking
Topic : Strategic Network Plan : Strategic Networking
by Charlie Cook.Is networking helping you bring in the new clients you want? If you are like most independent professionals and small business owners, you put hard work into getting your name out there and distribut...
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Solutions for the Struggling Article Writer
Topic : New Article Ideas : New Article Idea
by Brandie King.Are you struggling to come up with new ideas for articles? Whether you are a new or veteran writer, this problem can effectively halt your ability to use this method of promotion. So, to help you ove...
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Writing for Skimmers
Topic : Increase Magazine Readership : Increase Readership
by Matthew Cobb.* Scanning and Skimming Practices * Whether you're writing e-mail messages or Web site sales letters, you need to know how to hold the attention of different types of readers. Even the readers that d...

Push vs Pull Advertising
Topic : Push Pull Marketing : Push Pull Advertising
by Henry Coleman.Push vs. Pull Advertising - Understand the Consequences for your Product or Service You will save yourself a considerable amount of time and money if you first determine your product’s (or service’s)...
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Dealing with the Press
Topic : Business Credibility : Advertising Credibility
by Carolyn Moncel.As a child growing up in Chicago, my friends and I would often yell at each other, "Cheaters never prosper!" if we thought someone was playing unfairly on our Catholic school playground. In the busin...
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Get More Clients using Pull then Push Marketing
Topic : Pull Push Strategy : Push Marketing & Pull Marketing
by Charlie Cook.Marketing is like rowing. You pull hard on the oars to go forward, then lift them out of the water and push them back to finish the stroke and get ready for the next pull. Once you’ve got the sequ...
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How One Simple Concept Can Increase Your Sales
Topic : Simple Sales Strategy : Effective Sales Tips
by Al Martinovic.We all want to belong. As humans we feel the need to fit in somewhere, anywhere. I call it the "herd mentality"... we tend to follow what everyone else is doing. Well, Bob and Bill across the street ...
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Top Ten Strategies for Delivering 5-Star Customer Service
Topic : Customer Service Tips : Customer Service Tip
by Bea Fields.Customer satisfaction is valuable, but customer loyalty is priceless. In today's competitive world of business, it is becoming more and more important to deliver customer service that is unbeatable. ...
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