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Personalizing Emails
Topic : Mailing List Manager : Email Personalisation
by Radhika Venkata.Are you publishing an ezine or offering an email course? Are you talking with your subscriber through your ezine or email course? If so what are you calling them? "Hello John"? or "Hello friend"? or...
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Writing Business Newsletters: Avoid the “Me, Me, Me” Mistake
Topic : Newsletter Writing Tips : Newsletter Tips & Newsletter Tip
by Richard Cunningham.Effective customer newsletters find the right mix of promotional and ‘real’ content to maximize readership. It’s that time of year when the old college roommate sends ‘round his or her annual holiday...
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Your Resourcebox Giving You Profits?
Topic : Online Article Tips : Resource Box & Article Tips
by Radhika Venkata.Rule number one - You must write ezine articles and submit them to publishers and content sites. Rule number two - You must include a resourcebox that gives you profits, subscribers, link popularity ...
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Four Ways To Increase Your Sales... Fast... In 2-4 Weeks?
Topic : Increase Web Sales : Increase Website Sales
by Radhika Venkata.You built a very good web site... You have a great product... You know that people are in NEED of Your service... AND ALSO You want to Increase your sales FAST... There is no wrong with that. As a we...
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Don’t Expect to Bump Oprah From A Magazine Cover
Topic : Article Submission Tips : Article Submission & Submitting Articles
by Roman Pericon.“I want a pony, a tree house and the fastest bike in the world.” “I want the G.I. Joe with the parachute and camouflage Jeep.” Those wants from when we were children haven’t changed much now that we ...
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Telemarketers Dont Like Them? Heres An Idea For Ya!
Topic : Increase Your Referrals : Increase Referrals & Increasing Referrals
by Martin Lemieux.Telemarketers... ooohhh... I'll bet we've all got a nice story to tell about these guys & gals don't we? Well here's a story i'll never forget and I'll show you how to turn a sales call into a sale...
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Postcard Marketing Your Small Business
Topic : Post Card Marketing : Postcard Marketing & Postcard Advertising
by Eileen 'Turtle' Parzek.One of the best marketing strategies a business or organization can use is postcards. Even before the arrival of online postcard printing and mailing services, postcards had a good reputation amongst...
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Marketing Success Story
Topic : Steps To Success : Success Stories & Success Story
by Hans Klein.Let me tell you story about a friend of mine who used to be a complete failure. His name was Bob. My friend Bob was the type of guy who always was looking for instant riches, but never could seem to ...
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Subtle Art of Closing
Topic : Closing The Sale : Closing Deal & Closing Deals
by Paul Shearstone.Ask any salesperson, "At what point in the selling process does the 'Close' take place?" Eight out of ten will answer, “at the End”. To be fair, they are not totally incorrect but they are, neverthel...
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Are You Ignoring These Marketing Principles?
Topic : Business Marketing Tips : Marketing Tips & Marketing Tip
by Charlie Cook.In marketing as in science there are basic principles that govern the movement of bodies in space, or prospects and clients. Just as people instinctively know the law of gravity, they are aware of th...
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Cause-Related Marketing
Topic : Cause Related Marketing : Cause-Related Marketing
by Steven Van Yoder.Altruism. Corporate responsibility. Philanthropy. These are often used to describe cause-related marketing, an activity in which businesses join with charities or causes to market an image, product, ...

Autoresponders: Ease Your Life
Topic : Auto Responder Marketing : Autoresponder Marketing
by Pavel Lenshin.What every small business operator always lacks is time. Sometimes lack of time leads to inefficiency, what in its turn, leads to business failure even if you have plenty of financial resources. That...
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Promoting Your Business on Cable Access TV
Topic : Cable Television Advertising : Cable TV Advertising
by Carolyn Moncel."Don't knock it until you've tried it." That's what I told a political opponent's campaign manager when he laughed at me for using cable access television as part of my communications strategy. Unfor...
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Overcoming Your Biggest Marketing Obstacle
Topic : Biggest Marketing Problem : Marketing Problems & Marketing Problem
by Charlie Cook.At times, no matter what you do your marketing is stuck and you're not attracting new clients quickly enough. It doesn't seem to make a difference how much time or money you put into it, its like you...
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Building an E-Business
Topic : Joint Venture Guide : Joint Venture Tips & Joint Venturing
by Valeriu Popescu.This article reveal the same techniques that many Internet marketing experts uses every day to make millions of dollars in profits - no kidding! In my own opinion it is the most profitable and powerf...
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The Lessons Walt Disney Learned Still Apply Today
Topic : Insights Into Business : Business Insights
by Stephen Schochet.Contrary to popular belief, Walt Disney spent more time as a struggler than a success. Described at a various times as a visionary and a genius there were actually many occasions he could not foresee...
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Walt Disneys Failures Could Inspire Entrepreneurs
Topic : Walt Disneys Failures : Walt Disney Failures
by Stephen Schochet.You are a struggling entrepreneur and sometimes it feels like you are pushing a 3 ton boulder up a steep hill. Costs keep mounting and you are considering giving up. Well before you do, check out the...
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SIX Golden rules of Pay per click marketing campaign.
Topic : PPC Marketing Tips : PPC Marketing & PPC Advertising
by Radhika Venkata.What are pay per click engines? Pay per click engines as the name suggests, webmasters have to pay a fee for each click coming from search engine results. Depending on how much the person bids for a...
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Selling the Dr. Seuss Way
Topic : Good Sales Approach : Sales Techniques & Sales Strategies
by Kelley Robertson.“I am Sam. Sam I am. Do you like green eggs and ham? Would you like them here or there? Would you like them in a box, would you like them with a fox?” I think most people have read this Dr. Seuss tal...
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8 Ways to Get More Email Addresses On Your List ... Today
Topic : Get More Emails : Getting Emails & Get Emails
by Cynthia King.Whether you've got 100 or 100,000 people on your email list, chances are you can optimize your web page to better feature and promote your ezine. Here's a few ways to capture more customers and leads...
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Winning Strategies With Traffic Exchange Programs
Topic : Traffic Exchange Software : Traffic Exchange Programs
by Paul Penafiel.Everyone knows what traffic exchange programs are and how their popularity have exploded within the last year. Some of you may have built a massive downline and accumulated hundreds of thousands of f...
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Let Your Mistakes Improve Your Marketing And Your Profits
Topic : Improve Marketing Strategy : Marketing Strategy & Marketing Strategies
by Charlie Cook.Have you ever sent out a sales letter and received little or no response, or put up a web site and found hardly anyone visiting it. Have you worked hard on an article only to find that few people rea...
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Persistence, Patience, Dedication - The Nick Martin Interview
by Ofa Morgan & Paul Penafiel.Name: Nicholas John Martin aka Nick Martin Age: 24 Residence: Copenhagen, Denmark (Europe) Business name: LifeStyleNetworker Business address: http://www.LifeStyleNetworker.com Business description: ...
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Three Big Ol Tips for Better Sales Letters
Topic : Sales Letter Tips : Sales Letter Guide
by Matthew Cobb.Growing up in the South, I used the phrase "big ol'" a lot. Big ol' truck. Big ol' house. Big ol' party. The phrase was one we used when the word "big" just wasn't descriptive enough. I think the fol...
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Are You Marketing With A Deaf Ear?
Topic : Good Marketing Strategies : Good Marketing Strategy
by Charlie Cook.Can you imagine having a phone conversation where you couldn't hear what the person at the other end was saying? You would have difficulty getting much done and you certainly couldn't tailor your res...
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