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Does Javascript Affect Ranking?
Topic : Search Engine Ranking & Search Engine Positioning
by Jon Ricerca.Almost all SEO's agree that using too much javascript can harm your rankings and might confuse the search engines. Is it true? We decided to answer this extremely simple question for the two leading ...
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Testimonials for Business Success
Topic : Sales Promotion Marketing & Marketing Testimonials
by David Leonhardt.It's no secret that testimonials sell. Why should you believe me when I say my super-duper, new and improved, does-everything gizmo is the best of its kind? But if a celebrity puts her reputation o...
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My Dumbest Marketing Blunder And How You Can Avoid It
Topic : Marketing Research Problem & Marketing Problems
by John Colanzi.When I started submitting Ezine articles, I never realized their true power. I was just happy to see the articles being published. I expected to get some traffic and hopefully some sales. I would ha...
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If Networking Is So Hot....
Topic : Network Marketing Business : Networking & Network Management
by Linda Carlson.If Networking Is So Hot, Why Aren't I Rich? How to make today's NEW streamlined 'networking' work! By Linda Blew Carlson Before we start, please note that in this article 'MLM' and 'Networking' are i...
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Negotiating Skills: Ask For More Than You Expect To Get
Topic : Business Negotiation Skills & Negotiation in Business
by Richard Cunningham.It creates some negotiating room, and you might just get what you’re asking for. Whether playing the role of buyer or seller in a sales transaction, asking for more than you expect to get is a classi...
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How to Use Public Speaking to Attract Clients
Topic : Public Speaking Skills & Effective Communication Skills
by Steven Van Yoder.When Robert Middleton moved his marketing consulting practice, Action Plan Marketing, to Palo Alto, California several years ago, he started his business from scratch. He had left his well-establishe...
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Effective Marketing Isnt a Game!
Topic : Effective Marketing Strategies & Effective Internet Marketing
by Louis F. Burleson.Marketing strategies abound on the internet. We all know that bad advice is floating all around the net. Your marketing department must work seriously, if you have intentions of making a decent e-in...
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Boost Buyer Confidence By Assuming The Sale
Topic : Sales and Marketing : Sales Strategies & Sales Marketing
by Phillip Fuller.I saw something in town the other day that just really struck me as funny. Not only that, however, it really nailed home a strong lesson for me about how to make more money. I was driving down main ...
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7 Search Engine Tips for Non Webmasters
Topic : Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation
by Jinger Jarrett.With all of the changes to the search engines these days, you can drive yourself crazy trying to get your site submitted. Unless you are willing to commit yourself to doing it full time, or you are a...
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Are You Asking the Right Questions in Your Copy?
Topic : Web Site Copywriting : Business Copywriting & SEO Copywriting
by Karon Thackston.It’s a common approach to writing copy. You begin by asking questions. Why? To evoke thoughts in your readers' minds, to stir up emotions, and to get customers thinking in the way you want them to...
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7 Marketing Methods for Real Estate Coaches
Topic : Real Estate Marketing & Real Estate Marketing Ideas
by Joanne Victoria.You shower, shampoo, dress your best, check to see if you have plenty of business cards, drive about an hour, introduce yourself by saying "Hi, I’m Mary and I’m a coach" and the other person says, "H...
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Selecting a Web Host for Business
Topic : Business Web Hosting & Business Web Site Hosting
by Chris Kivlehan.It may seem simple yet it is often times overlooked. When it comes to choosing the right Internet hosting provider for their websites, the majority of business owners or companies know very little ab...
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Developing a Formal Brand Messaging Document
Topic : Marketing Brand Management : Brand Marketing & Brand Messaging
by Richard Cunningham.Ensure everyone in your company sings from the same sheet of music when it comes to communicating a consistent brand message. Imagine one of your customers calling six different people in your compan...
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How To Get More Business During The Winter Months
Topic : Competitive Advantage Marketing & Winter Marketing
by John M Satterfield C.Ht.Business seems to drop, slow or even stop during the winter months. As tourist traffic slows or stops during the winter months so does the incomes of many local business owners. The first step in ove...
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Interview With Josh Epstein of Vision Music USA
Topic : Internet Music Marketing : Music Marketing & Music Promotion
by Keith .Vision Music USA is a proactive and progressive music service firm with the interest of their clients the driving force that makes them successful. President Josh Epstein and CEO Nick Stamoulis are f...
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Growing Your Brand Assets
Topic : Brand Asset Management : Brand Asset & Marketing Brands
by Claire Cunningham.Okay. Raise your hand if you think brand management is just for BIG companies (like Target, McDonalds or Ford.) Wow! That's a lot of hands! Well, guess what? You're all wrong. Brand issues are import...
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What Your Click Tracking Script Should Tell You?
Topic : Click Tracking Script : Click Track & Click Tracking
by Radhika Venkata.You run an ad spending $100.00. How could you possibly know how many people bought your product? If you don't know your ROI on that particular campaign, how will you spend another $100.00 on it? Simp...
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10 Tips On Offering A Free Ecourse
Topic : Internet Marketing Course : Online Course & Online Courses
by Radhika Venkata.1. Make your ecourse short like 5 - 7 days. The longer the ecourse easy for your subscriber to forget the matter of your previous emails. 2. Use double opt-in follow up autoresponders to stop accusit...
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Network Marketing
Topic : Network Marketing Success : Network Marketing & Networking Tips
by Krishnaveni Vulisetti.When a person knows and knows not that he knows. Teach him. When a person knows and knows that he knows. Follow him. I have read a lot about Network Marketing and MLM and I have learnt a few things w...
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Traffic Exchange Primer
Topic : Traffic Exchange Program : Traffic Exchange & Traffic Exchanges
by F. Terrence Markle.Traffic exchanges are everywhere. A traffic exchange is a clever way to get hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website. The concept is very simple and the exchange process is easy to put int...
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How to Avoid the Marketing Blues with Your Offers
by Charlie Cook."Here's a little tip I would like to relate Big fish bites if ya got good bait." To attract more prospects and clients, you need what Taj Mahal calls "good bait" in his song the Fishin Blues. One of ...
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Why You Should Write To Inform And Not To Sell
Topic : Marketing Positioning Errors & Marketing Problem
by Joyce A Corrales.Advertising is key! Unfortunately most people waste their money on advertising unless they can play by the numbers. Playing by the numbers is simply spending enough money on advertising and saturati...
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How To Fire Up Your Link Popularity
Topic : Search Engine Placement : Link Popularity & Popular Links
by Nicholas Dixon.When I first started out in Internet marketing, reciprocal linking was one of the techniques that I was required to master. Left, right and center gurus were telling me of the importance of having m...
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Need Ezine Content - Think Holidays
Topic : Online Magazine Articles : Ezine Article & Ezine Marketing
by Jane Tabachnick.Publishing an ezine certainly has its benefits and rewards, but even the most prolific publishers often need more content ideas, topics and graphics. One of the best resources for newsletter and ezin...
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How I Turned $1.05 Into a Growing Business
Topic : Make Money on Ebay : Ebay Marketing & Ebay Strategies
by Pete Egeler.I wanted to share this story, as an inspiration to others, and to show the power of eBay and a little creative thinking. A few days ago I was talking with a friend of mine that lives, breathes, and e...

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