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The Psychology of Urgency: Make Them Want It Now!
Topic : Sales Marketing Strategy : Sales Strategies & Sales Marketing
by Scott Moldenhauer.“I’ll think it over and get back to you.” “Sure, we’ll do that someday.” “I need to check with my colleagues.” “Give me a call next month, then we can set a date.” Tired of excuses? Looking for a mo...
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Better Copy: The Interview is the Key
Topic : Product Market Research : Marketing Product & Product Research
by Neroli Lacey.Most of us spend our days persuading others to buy our service, product or idea. Here is how to create powerful marketing copy to make your job easier: INTERVIEW YOURSELF. If you hired a writer to cr...
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Organizing Your Data to Write Better Copy
Topic : Good Copy Writing : Copywriting & Good Copywriting
by Neroli Lacey.Last quarter I talked about interviewing / gathering data. So now you’ve got several thousand words of notes, hopefully digitally recorded. What comes next? GETTING ORGANIZED I suggested organizing y...
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Cleaning Up Your Copy
Topic : Writing Effective Copy : Creative Copywriting & Copy Writing
by Neroli Lacey.When you are beginning to write, you gather as much data as you can. You continually add allied thoughts. . You use your right brain, the creative side. So when you have an idea and your mind says...
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Finding Your Clients Business Problem Leads to Better Copy
Topic : Outline Marketing Plan : Marketing Outline & Marketing Plans
by Neroli Lacey.WHAT’S THEIR PROBLEM? How do you begin a dialogue with a prospect, be it in person, on your website or in print? You talk about your client’s business problem. What IS your client’s business proble...
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9 Tips for Great Design of Your Marketing Materials
Topic : Product Development Design : Design Process & Product Design
by Neroli Lacey.1) Don’t just hire a good designer. Hire someone who has had plenty of experience designing business collateral. Your designer needs to ask you the right questions about the project. And he/ she ...
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Traffic Generating Sites
Topic : Targeted Website Traffic : Website Traffic & Web Traffic
by Jinger Jarrett.There are tons of free traffic generators you can use to build traffic to your site. Some are better than others, but before you go signing up for 50 accounts, let me give you a couple of tips, as we...
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3 Things You Should NEVER Do in a Joint Venture
Topic : Joint Venture Marketing : Joint Venture & Internet Joint Venture
by Jinger Jarrett.A joint venture can be one of the most profitable and fastest ways to make money on the Internet. It can also destroy your reputation, get you ignored, or worse, accused of spam if you if you don't t...
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Tooting Your Own Horn
Topic : Self Marketing Plan : Marketing Plan & Self Marketing
by C.J. Hayden."If he who has a thing to sell Goes and whispers in a well, He won't be so apt to make the dollars As he who climbs a tree and hollers!" -- Anonymous Every day in your business, something happens th...

How To Ruin Your Business
Topic : Online Business Tips : Online Business & Business Tips
by K.R. Nadreau.If you're like the rest of us, you've spent a lot of time trying different things to make your online business come together. There are countless methods of conducting a viable marketing career, but ...
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How To Achieve Success With Your Own Money - Making Newsletter
Topic : Create a Newsletter : Create Newsletter & Creating Newsletter
by Kevin Purfield.Writing and publishing a successful newsletter is perhaps the most competitive of all the different areas of mail order and direct marketing. Several years ago, there were 1500 different newsletter...
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SMS Marketing
Topic : SMS Text Messaging : SMS Text & SMS Message
by Ken Norbury.Imagine having at your disposal a means to immediately inform house buyers that you have just the property they are looking for. Potential buyers have given their details and their preferences - imag...
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Overcoming Objections to Price
Topic : Product Pricing Strategy : Price Strategy & Pricing Strategies
by Charlie Cook.How much more could you earn if your prospects didn't object to your prices? You'd close more sales and be more successful. Like most service professionals and small business owners chances are you ...
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Deal Sites for Consumers: Service or Spam?
Topic : Affiliate Marketing Program : Affiliates & Affiliate Program
by Andrew LaDuke.The internet has spawned yet another class of web sites designed to save consumers money by helping them to locate the best deal on the internet for products and services. This is how it works. En...
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A Lesson From “The Apprentice” That Can Make You A Master
Topic : Know Your Customer : Customer Marketing & Customer Strategy
by Karon Thackston.I have to admit, I was curious. When I saw previews of a new show called “The Apprentice,” it made me want to at least watch the premiere to see what was going on. Immediately, I was hooked. The w...
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7 Card Tricks That Improve Your Personal Networking Power
Topic : Quality Business Cards : Business Cards & Business Card
by Debbie Jenkins.CARD SHARK 7 Card Tricks That Improve Your Personal Networking Power The humble business card has been a mainstay of business and industry for years. But despite it's small size and cost, it's one of...
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How to Brief a Marketing Agency
Topic : Successful Marketing Strategies & Marketing Strategies
by Chris Smith.A new client recently emailed us a brief here at Mano Design. It was very brief brief indeed. All it said was, "Can you write me some copy for a postcard?" Resisting the urge to write, "Dear Customer...
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How To Bully Your Prospects Into Buying Your Product or Service
Topic : Professional Selling Skills : Sales Skills & Selling Skills
by Chris Coffman.Selling is a tough job, and sometimes you may need to appear tough in order to get the sale. As a salesperson (whether in person or in print) you don’t have to appear to the customer as being needy o...
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5 Powerful Tips To Beat The Biggest Problem ALL Marketers Face
Topic : Tips for Marketing : Marketing Advice & Marketing Guide
by Charles Kangethe.I bet you can't tell me... the single biggest problem facing Every Direct Marketer, new and old. It's not generating traffic, nor building an O'pt-In list, nor is it finding products to market and i...
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Is It Legal? - Indecent Naming With Tradition
Topic : Brand Identity Marketing & Marketing Branding
by Wolfgang Nedobity.When Mitsubishi launched a new car with the name „Pajero“ on the Spanish market, it became obvious very soon that the name chosen was not optimal because it immediately was the subject of jokes due t...
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Ten Tips for Affiliate Marketers Using Google AdWords
Topic : Make Money Affiliate & Make Money With Affiliate Programs
by Patrick Carlow.One of the hottest ways to sell affiliate products is using Google AdWords. Follow these tips and strategies to maximize your earning potential. 1. Seek out affiliate products that generate fifteen ...
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At Last - A Plain English Guide to Internet Marketing
Topic : Internet Marketing Guide : Internet Marketing & Marketing Tools
by Gordon Goodfellow.Have you ever been horrified and intimidated at the convoluted, jargon-reliant information about Internet marketing available on the Net? Often it results in many companies becoming confused and the...

Secrets To Buying Without Being Sold
Topic : Consumer Buyers Guide : Consumer Guide & Buyers Guide
by Dan Auito.Have you ever asked yourself, now how did I let that guy sell me on something that I had no real need for at the time? Do you ever get a sneaking suspicion that your probably not going to really use ...
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Top Ten Tips for Leveraging Conferences for Big SUCCESS!
Topic : Business Conferencing & Business Conference
by Bea Fields.As I am preparing for my attendance to the CoachVille's Third Annual Coaching Conference, I have been considering how I can make the most of my conference attendance. These ten tips will support you ...
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Common Exhibit Marketing Mistakes: Ten Tips on How to Avoid Them
Topic : Trade Show Marketing : Tradeshow Marketing & Tradeshow Display
by Susan Friedmann.The key to great exhibiting is marketing. But marketing is a very inexact science that leaves room for a multitude of errors to occur. The following are 10 of the most common marketing mistakes that ...
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