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Why Do You Need A Good Car Audio System?
by Cheow Yu Yuan. sized chrome rims for your car, if you do have a good car audio system, all of those mentioned above are useless. To enjoy a good experience with your car, a good car audio system is a must to have.As you know that having a poor car audio system wil...
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Cost Effective Vehicle Assistance Anywhere Anytime
by Smith James. The case of breakdown is common in everywhere. It doesn't matter how expensive your vehicle is and how well it is maintained, there is no guarantee that it does not meet with any breakdown. Hence, it is intelligent to keep your vehicle covered again...
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Honda Park Light: More Than Just for Parking
by Anthony Fontanelle. Many car accidents happen due to the drivers' inability to clearly see the road ahead. Snowstorms, heavy rains, and insufficient street lighting can make it very difficult for them to see beyond a few meters. This is why your Honda car has a wide ar...
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Fortifying and Enhancing Your Honda
by Anthony Fontanelle. The Japanese carmaker Honda Motor Corporation is among the renowned leaders of innovation in terms of automotive technologies. No doubt about that as we've seen Honda vehicles garner numerous manufacturing excellence awards through the brand's years...
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Volvos City Safety System Monitors Distances
by Leaftech. The engineers at Volvo are no strangers to cutting edge safety systems. In 2006 the Volvo S80 could be outfitted with Collision Warning and Brake Support alerts. The systems sent visible and audible cues to the driver when the gap between his car an...
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Waxing to Protect Your Car
by dennis james. You just bought a car, and just like with any other new thing you simply want it to remain clean and shiny for as long as you can keep it like that, and you might want to protect its paint from the many corrosive elements that can be found in the at...
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Car Audio - How To Install Car Audio
by Cheow Yu Yuan. Do you want to save some money by installing a car audio system yourself? To install a car audio system, it is not that hard after all, and you definitely can do it. Doing a car audio installation is a very rewarding experience for you too, as you w...
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Car Audio - How To Get A Discount for Your Car Audio
by Cheow Yu Yuan. To get the latest car audio system, it usually will cost you a bomb to do so. However, it is not the case every time. You just need to find that discount car audio to fulfil your audio system desire.To find a discount for your car audio, there are p...
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Car Audio - Car Audio Sale for The Big Boys
by Cheow Yu Yuan. As you get older, the "toys" that you get for yourself gradually change. Now as someone announces a car audio sale and you, the man comes thundering with your cheque book and wallets ready to purchase it. As a man myself, I can fully understand why ...
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Radar Detectors: Some Things You Need To Know
by Alex Baumm. Radar detectors are instruments with so many applications. Nowadays, such devices used by police officers especially those given the task to guard the streets against traffic violators. Radar detectors in this case are used to detect over speeding d...
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Exterior Car Body Accessories That Can Be Used
by Bercle George. There are many good reason why accessorizing of your car can be of that importance. One is, when you want your car to look brand new even if it is as old as you. Remember, a car without an accessories is just like a home without furniture or a garde...
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Oakleaf Automotive - Leading the Way in Left Hand Drive Cars
by lazysubmit.Oakleaf Automotive - Leading the Way in Left Hand Drive Cars by: lazysubmit Buying from an established UK left hand drive specialist dealer will
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Auto Industry Cover-Ups Not Uncommon
by John Bisnar. Auto industry cover-ups are not an uncommon occurrence, especially for Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company has been under investigation numerous times for holding pertinent information, from the public and from authorities, regarding defective an...
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What is Better for Staying Alert at the Wheel
by Thomas Fox. Is there an alternative to coffee for staying alert while driving-something without the familiar addictive side effects one can experience from caffeine. Researchers believe air charged with negative ions may be the remedy to prevent drivers from no...
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Roof Racks: When Do You Need Them
by Garry Kelkar. Keeping the roof of a car vacant makes sense but not at the cost of inconveniences. By keeping the roof top of a car unoccupied, one can maintain the original look of it. Some people find it rather clumsy to attach something on the top of their car....
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Avoid the Horrors of Engine Overheating
by Anthony Fontanelle. Keeping the engine cool is important. The engine works efficiently only at a certain operating temperature. But the constant movement of the engine's parts during the internal combustion process produces tremendous amounts of heat. As a Honda car ow...
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Car Wallpaper Enthusiasts
by Robert. Car Enthusiasts - Rev up your desktopsTake a look at any of your average desktops. They are usually pretty plain and bland. Usually, it still has the default theme and wallpaper and looks just like the million other or so desktops out there. Now ...
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Improve The Reach Of Your GPS Devices
by Cindy Heller. GPS antennas are an important part of any and all wireless systems. The GPS antenna works by combining a planar antenna and a frequency converter, which converts the high-frequency phase-modulated spread spectrum signal of the GPS system to an inter...
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GPS Devices Are Great Investments
by Cindy Heller. Effective GPS tracking devices are great tools to help you keep track of your loved ones, employees, products and equipment. Since these GPS tracking devices are so prevalent today, you will be able to find a suitable solution that fits your budget....
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Car Alarms - Do They Work As A Deterant?
by Kenneth Scott. With increasing crime and a large proportion of it being targeted towards vehicles, car alarms have become a necessity. Most of the recent cars being rolled out of the factory have a standard alarm that is fitted in the car itself from inception.The...
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Buying Tires Online
by dennis james. More and more products can be bought online today and Tires are now one of them. Online tire retail companies have witnessed a rapid increase in the sales numbers. After some years in which people were a bit reticent when purchasing different things...
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Audi Lights
by Kalin.Audi Lights by: Kalin As we all know lights are important no matter where you are. Sunlight is the very thing that makes the day and during nig
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Vw Fog and Tail Lights
by Kalin.Vw Fog and Tail Lights by: Kalin Volkswagen's lighting system is very effective since its early years. In these cars the safety is taking prior
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Auto Locksmithing
by Gillian. Simply getting a new set of keys cut on a modern car will not solve security problem. However modern cars have significantly improved security and lock features. Most cars built in the last five years have coded engine immobiliser system. The keys h...
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Lessen Environmental Woes With a Catalytic Converter
by Anthony Fontanelle. As a car owner, you probably have done a lot of maintenance jobs for your most-prized possession-your stylish Honda vehicle. On a regular basis, you wash it, have its oil checked, do annual tune up, and inspect it for any malfunctioning or damaged p...
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