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Infiniti Manhattan: Luxury Redefined in Newer Ways
by Tim Johrer. Nissan it seems has a way with the cars. Here, the term luxury surpasses every known comfort of the life we know. People are crazy with the Infiniti brand of cars which spell technological excellence combined with sophistication that is unmatchable....
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2008 Land Rover Lr2: a Better Version "freelander"
by Anthony Fontanelle. ?The Land Rover Freelander is a compact crossover SUV made by Land Rover, a subsidiary of the Tata Motors. It is now on its second generation known as the LR2 in areas such as the North America and Middle East. The first generation Freelander was la...
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From the 1980s to 2008 Are Mercedes Benz Still as Reliable?
by Musa Aykac. An article on the difference between the new and old. Lets rewind back to the 1980s where Michael Jackson, Abba and Wham ruled the charts. The great Mercedes baby was introduced to the nation, critics and the public alike were ecstatic with the car...
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Lexus Gs 450h Hybrid Extended Review
by Thomas Jones. The first thing to realize about Lexus's GS 450h hybrid is that the vehicle wasn't solely designed to be a fuel-efficient hybrid. The fact of the matter is that as a Lexus, this line is expected to consistently develop more impressive and sophistica...
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Lexus Gs 450h Hybrid Exterior and Interior Review
by Thomas Jones. ExteriorThe staple of a Lexus vehicle is the strong emotional reaction people have to the car, be it passion or awe, and in the case of the GS 450h, we see that easily. This hybrid sedan has a style to it that accentuates the advanced and eco-friend...
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Lexus Gs 450h Hybrid Overview
by Thomas Jones. Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation has decided to create a new hybrid, one that blends the luxury-class of their Lexus brand with the eco-friendly hybrid engine that made the Toyota Prius the foremost hybrid in the market. While the RX 400h...
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A Brief History Of Peugeot; From Dresses To Cars
by Thomas Pretty. The cars we see on the forecourts of Peugeot dealerships today can trace a rich heritage back more than a hundred years. The company however originally manufactured many other items before it decided to enter the car manufacturing industry. Far remo...
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2008 Jeep Commander: the Sleeker Cherokee
by Anthony Fontanelle. ?The Jeep Commander is a mid-sized SUV introduced in 2006. Its first public appearance was commenced at the New York Auto Show in 2005 and debuted as a sports utility vehicle in 2006. It came out as a 7 passenger SUV with just about 2 inches longer ...
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Richard Chevrolet Helps Make Cheshire High Grad Party Memorable
by Steve Dubin. ?For the past five years, Richard Chevrolet has provided two computers as raffle prizes on graduation night.? The Cheshire High graduation party held June 18th ?from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., is designed to not only entertain the graduates, but to provide a...
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The All-new Nissan Rogue - not a Rogue One After All
by Jay Sanders. For the small family who is planning to acquire just the right vehicle as they embark on another across-the-country trip, the market offers them a variety of choices for crossovers and SUVs. The Japanese automaker Nissan alone recommends its all-new...

The All-new Nissan Cube - Small But Terrible
by Jay Sanders. The Nissan Cube-a popular choice among the Japanese and perhaps by Americans later on as it has already reached Uncle Sam's soil-is being touted as one of those cars that will gain top sales and land on complimentary bylines in the upcoming years.Th...

Pimp My Ride: Mercedes Interiors
by Darrell F. Like all things Mercedes, the high-grade leather seat covers are designed to last for years. There are, however, the occasional accidents in life and you may someday be in need of changing the leather interior in your Mercedes. Rather than have to w...
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Hyundai to Roll Out Six Lakh Cars
by carazoo.com.Hyundai to Roll Out Six Lakh Cars by: carazoo.com The investment on small car market in the compact car section in India is boosting, Hyundai Mo
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The Chrysler & Six Flags Joint Venture
by Anthony Fontanelle. ?The Auto Channel reported that Chrysler LLC has penetrated into a new joint venture with the world's biggest regional theme park company, the Six Flags, Inc., to provide millions of consumers a p...
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The Love of the VW Bus
by Phoenix Delray. The Chrysler minivan may have burst onto the market with more ferocity, but the VW bus is what really started the trend decades before this. The VW bus had a very minimal amount of horsepower, but they were so fun and reliable. They were the perfect...
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What Happens To A Dead Lexus
by Catherine Harvey. Lexus is a luxury car of lasting performance and style. Buying a used Lexus holds no stigma for they will still be cars of quality. However, there will come a point when that used Lexus is as dead as a do-do and then what happens to it? How many of ...
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Volvo Embraces Holistic Approach to Environmentally Sound Cars
by Leaftech. While any discussion of "green" automobiles tends to focus on fuel consumption and emissions, the environmental impact of a car's construction and that of the materials it contains from production line to junkyard are equally critical. Volvo has tak...
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Chrysler Plans Expansion for India
by carazoo.com.Chrysler Plans Expansion for India by: carazoo.com Indian auto sector is growing in a big way and you can see many luxury car makers are trying
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2009 Lincoln Mks Reviews
by Anthony Fontanelle. The 2009 Lincoln MKS has a new modern design which leads the technology in an understated, luxurious package as an aspiration vehicle. This Lincoln MKS developed from the competent, sturdy and safe platform used for the Taurus, Volvo XC90 and many o...
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Pricing for All-new 2009 Dodge Challenger
by Anthony Fontanelle. Pricing for the 2009 Dodge Challenger has been announced by Dodge. It will start at $21,995, by U.S. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Which will arrive this fall, it includes $675 for destination. Dodge dealers across the country are now takin...
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BMW Gone In Sixty Seconds
by Catherine Harvey. With all the security on modern vehicles, it's quite amazing that it still seems so easy to steal them. Security is getting ever more complex, particularly on luxury vehicles, and trackers, anti-theft devices and armour plating are becoming popular....

Limited Edition Chevrolet Corvette Zhz
by Anthony Fontanelle. To launch the Corvette ZHZ the Hertz Corporation has teamed up with General Motors, a special limited-edition, high-performance super-car now available for rental exclusively through Hertz. Equipped with a 436-horsepower, V-8 engine, the Corvette Z...
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Maruti Export Figure Crosses Half a Million Mark
by carazoo.com.Maruti Export Figure Crosses Half a Million Mark by: carazoo.com Maruti Suzuki, Indian car market leader is growing in a big way not only domest
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Car Lease Specials: Unveiling 2008 Volvo C30
by Daniel Lamb.Car Lease Specials: Unveiling 2008 Volvo C30 by: Daniel Lamb ?Volvo has come up with a sporty, fast-and-furious type of car for the young and b
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Dodge Avenger Finds Its Way Back
by Anthony Fontanelle. ?When we talk about Dodge Avenger, it identifies three cars. First is The Dodge Avenger which is a 2-door coupe produced from 1995 to 2000 and was discontinued for production after the 2000 model. Second is the Dodge Avenger Concept which was unveil...
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