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Repo Auctions Are Automotive Candy Stores
by Ray La Foy. Getting a great deal on an automobile purchase is nearly impossible, but there are places to turn for good buys and even better cars. One such place is a repo auction. But, many people don't quite understand what repo auctions are and they don't see...
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Is That Extended Warranty Really Worth the Extra Cash
by Gregg Hall. One of my companies owns a fleet of trucks. My drivers, though responsible, put the trucks through the natural wear and tear that driving them hundreds of miles a week will cause. They drive safely and carefully, but in the end, the elements win ove...
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Want To Get Tax Credit For Your Old Junk Car?
by Tom Sample. If you have an old car you'd like to get rid of and have always wanted to help your favorite charity but didn't know how, the answer might be simpler than you think. Nonprofit agencies all over the country take charity car donations and will also ac...
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Panther Platform Rentals Awarded Ipaf Rental Plus Accreditation
by Rebecca Coe. Powered access specialists Panther Platform Rentals have become one of the very first hire companies to be accredited with the prestigious IPAF Rental + status throughout their UK wide branch network. Independently verified to the highest standards,...
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The Smart Way To Buy A Vehicle
by David Pineda. Believe it or not, it is a skill to buy the right vehicle, at a good or better price than what a particular vehicle is sold for in the market.Before you do anything else, apply for a bank loan to purchase a new vehicle, find out what is your maximum...
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Car Reward Credit Cards - Earn a New Vehicle Now
by Jeremy Biberdorf. With a car reward credit card, your credit card spending could be earning points towards a new car or vehicle related rewards. What reward is better than a brand new car? Here is a comparison of some of the top car reward credit cards.GM Flex Card -...
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Virtual Scion Vehicles Sold at Whyville
by Joe Thompson. Many young citizens around the country are logged in at Whyville. They can do things like what the grown ups and their parents do in real life. These young ones can now even have virtual car loans so they can drive around the virtual world of Whyvil...
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Buy Or Lease Your Next Automobile?
by Ken Snodin. Leasing a luxury car imposes lower costs, generally comparable to the interest rate of financing a loan. However, if you terminate a lease early or default on a monthly lease payment, you can face major financial penalties and ruin your credit ratin...
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How FICO Credit Score Impact You When you a Buy a Vehicle
by Tom Kline. Whether you're buying used cars or new, your FICO credit score impacts your final cost. Whether you've got your eye on the latest convertibles or are buying used cars, your credit score determines whether or not you'll receive a loan, and the intere...
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Insurance for a New Driver
by Isabel. Finding the best new driver insurance can be a difficult experience especially if you don't know where to look for. Considering the number of companies and payment plans available it is difficult for a person to decide which one is the best. Whether...
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Improve Your FICO Credit Score by Making Sure its Error-Free
by Tom Kline. A strong FICO credit score gets you the best financing when buying used cars. One of the factors lenders use when determining whether to grant a loan when buying your next POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) is your FICO credit score, otherwise known as ...
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Cooling Fans for your car
by Darren Dunner. Vehicles require cooling fans to transfer heat just the way humans' require a cooler to get off the heat during summer season. An adequate cooling fan not only protects your engine from getting burnt but also ensures its longevity. Cooling Fans have...
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Leasing a Car For Your Business is the Way To Go
by Tom Kline. One of the many important financial decisions of a business owner is whether to lease or purchase motor vehicles for the business. RK Auto Group recommends leasing for several reasons: Leasing strengthens your financial statement and upgrades your...
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Should I Buy An Extended Vehicle Warranty?
by Gray Rollins. Whether you are purchasing a new or used car, breakdowns can occur. It's always a worry that you could have major problems such as engine trouble or a transmission that stops shifting, and you suddenly are digging deep into your pockets for the cash...
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What Car Donations Do
by John Mancini. Many people ask why about most things in their lives, especiallywhen it comes to a sacrifice that they must make. One of theseaspects in life includes work done for noble causes. Thisincludes donations, charity work and volunteer work for thegreater...

Selecting the Correct Hitch for Your Vehicle
by Burke Jones. If you are towing a trailer for the first time you will want tohave everything going for you. Changing from a single vehicle towhat is essentially double that, is not a step to be takencasually. The hitch you use to link your tow vehicle to yourtrai...
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Buying a car...lease it first, buy it later and save money
by Ralph Hoffmann. How to minimize car ownershipLease the car you always wanted...............................then buy it later.Pity the automotive industry. Whereas the airlines are hurtingunder unsustainable wages and benefits, i.e. health insuranceand pension contr...
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Car Lease Special: New Car Nav Keeps Heavy Traffic Routes at Bay
by Monica Scott.Car Lease Special: New Car Nav Keeps Heavy Traffic Routes at Bay by: Monica Scott There's a new way to steer clear from heavily congested roads.
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Things to Do to Keep Your Car From Getting Stolen
by Jay Sanders. ??So you have a new car. And you have saved three years worth of your salary to buy it. Or maybe you were approved a loan that obligates you with monthly payments for the next five years. How would you feel if suddenly, your car gets stolen just lik...
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Spruce Up Your Credit History
by John Collins. 5MinuteAutoLoan.com is a division of Izmo Media, Inc. which is the leading provider of online solutions for media companies. 5MinuteAutoLoan.com will help you obtain financing for a vehicle through the network of dealers and online finan...
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Best Car Lease Deal: 2008 Bmw 3-series
by Daniel Lamb.Best Car Lease Deal: 2008 Bmw 3-series by: Daniel Lamb ?No car-manufacturing company has ever managed to package these cars' updated attributes
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Why An Approved Dealer Is Vital When Buying A Used Convertible
by Thomas Pretty. When you are buying a used car there are always risks involved, that is why it is usually advisable to go to an approved dealer when thinking of buying. This way you are at least given some guarantees over the quality of the car and the quality of a...
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Fundamentals to Selling Your Car
by carazoo.com.Fundamentals to Selling Your Car by: carazoo.com Selling a used car can be very tricky. A lot of factors ranging from demand for the vehicle, it
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3 Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Transporting Costs
by Laura Buckley. If your not up to the long drive across the country or simply just cant because your auto is traveling overseas, then having your auto shipped for the long distance haul can make all the sense in the world but hiring a careful and professional auto ...
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Is Drive Away Service Really A Good Alternative to Car Shipping?
by Christine Harrell. If you've just bought a car online, you need to find a way to get it to your home. Or maybe you are moving and don't want to drive the car yourself. The most common method of moving a car long distances is an auto transport service. However many ...
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