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Sales Doldrums Cripples General Motors
by Anthony Fontanelle. Declining truck sales and a bunch of condemnation have weakened General Motors Corp.'s turnaround plan, threatening to outdo the automaker's product successes and cost-cutting efforts of the past year. GM's June sales were down 21 percent from a yea...
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Big Three Lost Purchasers in June
by Anthony Fontanelle. The Detroit's Big Three share of the American auto market dived to a record low in June, statistics showed last Tuesday thus predicting another summer of deep discounts, cheap car loans and deals on leases.The General Motors Corp. had its worst mont...
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Declining Truck Sales Cripple Gm
by Anthony Fontanelle. General Motors Corp.'s sales sagged in June as demand for its small cars dropped. Also, aggressive discounting by the Toyota Motor Corp. injured GM's pickup trucks. Of the Detroit Big Three, GM suffered the largest monthly decline, with sales diving...
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Gms Hit With Biggest Monthly Sales Decline in June
by Ally Wahlberg. General Motors Corp.'s woes continue as its sales plunged in June no thanks to the ongoing sagging demand for its small cars and to Toyota Motor Corp.'s aggressive discounting which hurt sales of GM pickups.GM suffered the biggest monthly decline am...
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Five Steps To Saving Money On A New Car
by Jim Brown. Buying a new car can be a daunting experience if you don't prepare yourself beforehand. There are just five easy steps you can take to help you enjoy immense savings when you are new car shopping whether online or at the dealer. Taking the time to d...
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New Online Automotive Savings
by Jim Brown. There are many organizations operating through the Internet website corridors that are solely interested in saving the consumer money on new automobile purchases. The new automotive online savings are found through links on discounted items such as ...
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Is Leasing A Car The Right Option?
by Matthew Hick. Leasing a new car or truck can be a complicated and frustrating experience. All the offers being advertised look great on the surface, but is leasing really the best option for everyone? Basically, the answer is no. Leasing can be a wonderful altern...
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Nissan Hybrid Tax Credits Still Good
by RyanThomas. Federal tax breaks for purchasers of hybrid cars in the United States have started shrinking since fall. But according to the Internal Revenue Service, Nissan vehicles can continue to claim the Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit.The IRS's quarterly r...
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Gap Insurance Can Be Purchased Anywhere
by Ajeet Khurana. Purchasing a car is such a complex job. Besides having to decide upon a vehicle and arrange for financing, you need to scour the car dealing markets for a great car dealer and get insurance on the car. With every step and decision you make, there ar...
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Car Buying Tips Offered
by Jenny Mclane. As the summer approaches, car buyers are looking for new cars and to help them pick the right car at the lowest possible price, Sid Kirchheimer offered car buying tips in his book "Scam-Proof Your Life". The book offered tips to buyers since everyo...
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Car Shopping Autobargains Reviews
by sebastian foss.Car Shopping Autobargains Reviews by: sebastian foss Car shopping shouldn't be as painful as it is. That's why more and more Americans are going
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Methods To Grab Fantastic Car Deals
by Ian Jefferson. Imagine your faithful old Ford finally broke down and it's time for you to get a new car to replace it. The only snag though, is that you're low on cash. So what are your options?Let's see. First off, you could go for a bank loan. Or perhaps you cou...
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Intellichoice.com Names "best Deals" for March 2007
by Jenny Mclane. Car buyers are always looking for information when looking for the right car that they would use in their everyday duties and special whims. The Internet is a big help for them since information are readily available for them. Case in point is the...

Best Dealerships in the Auto Industry
by Glady Reign. J.D. Power's annual studies unravel the best dealerships in the automotive realm. The firm's annual Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) delved into the ability of a brand's dealerships to manage the sales process - from product presentation to negotiatio...
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Tax Credits Available for 14 Vehicles
by Jenny Mclane. The U.S. government has expressed its concern for global warming and has enacted laws to support the initiative by car makers in producing environment friendly vehicles. In 2005, the legislation Energy Policy Act was passed into law. This law stat...
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Is it Safe to Buy a Rental Car?
by Paige Filler.Is it Safe to Buy a Rental Car? by: Paige Filler When you are considering buying a used vehicle, it is important to cover all of your bases and
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3 Places not to Go When you Sell a Car
by Paige Filler.3 Places not to Go When you Sell a Car by: Paige Filler Car DealershipsMainly because of their industry, car salesmen have a bad reputation in g
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What if the Car I Purchased is a Lemon?
by Dean Larson. So...what exactly is an automobile "lemon law"? These are laws designed to protect consumers and allow them to get a refund or a similar replacement automobile when their car initially turns out to be much less than expected or advertised....
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Common Mistakes of Auto Purchasers
by Glady Reign. Purchasing a car is not that easy as other enthusiasts think. It entails putting into consideration of a lot of factors. Putting aside these factors could lead to discontentment or regret at some future time. Mistakes are ordinary but they should be...
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The Quest for an Auto Dealer
by Ashley Daniels. There are many ways to approach the automotive world. Some people enjoy it as a hobby, some others just because they need a mean of transportation, but one way or another if you have a car, you have to deal with auto parts and car dealers sooner or ...
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How to Save a Fortune When you Buy your Next Used Auto
by Michelle Baskin. If you've ever wondered how you could save $1000s purchasing your next vehicle, you should definitely read this article.Every month thousands of vehicles are seized by government law enforcement agencies, finance houses and other loan companies in f...
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Saving Money On The Costs Of Running A Car
by Harry Griffiths. We all know that running a car is expensive but how often do we workout exactly what we are spending? There are ways to reduce costs on your current vehicle and factors to consider when buying a new car.Firstly how much is your finance deal costing ...
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Selling A Car
by Robert Williams. For the private owner to market a car for sale while avoiding the risks associated with selling it privately is no small undertaking. The following points should be considered:Secret #1: Evaluating Personal CircumstancesThe kind of person you are an...
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Tips on Buying a Vehicle
by Eric Jones. Buying a new or used car for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. The following information will provide some helpful tips to guide you through the process. Before you begin the search for your vehicle you need to create a budget. You w...
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Toyota Reaches the Limit of 60,000 Hybrids
by Mark Clarkson. Florida's Courtesy Toyota finally has the Prius on their lot and guess what? It's now available for test drive. This is the first time actually in three years that the Toyota dealer has offered such promotion. According to Mike Hughes, Courtesy's Ge...
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