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Finding a Cheap Rim for your Car
by Jimmy Graham.Finding a Cheap Rim for your Car by: Jimmy Graham Car and truck enthusiates are looking for great deals these days and some of the best cheap c
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Defensive Driving - The Basics
by Charlie Moore. Defensive driving is probably the best way to ensure the safety of you, your passengers and your vehicle. Defensive driving describes the skill of being able to operate a motor vehicle in such a way that reduces the chance of being involved in an ac...
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2008 All-new Jeep Liberty Undergone Extreme Makeover
by Lisa Ziegler. The Jeep Liberty has been an all-time success for Chrysler since its introduction in 2002 and for its 2008 model the Liberty will undergo an extreme makeover. The competition in the mid-size SUV segment that seems to grow more competitive by the day...
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2008 Jeep Liberty: Redesigned From Ground-up
by Lisa Ziegler. The all new 2008 Jeep Liberty is designed to take more of the classic Jeep form. The reason? Well, it is a fact that classic designs are timeless and this is probably the reason why Chrysler has decided to make the new 2008 Jeep Liberty as classic a...
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Nissan Unveils New Engine Valve Technology
by RyanThomas. The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. earlier unveiled a new engine technology that offers a balance between power, responsiveness, and fuel efficiency as well as low emissions. Nissan’s new engine valve system combines the technologies behind the newly...
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Suspension at Its Finest With the Mercedes Coil Springs
by Dwyane Thomas. It is not all about the horsepower and torque you put into the engine to make an enhanced Mercedes performance. You need the ability to control that kind of horsepower, very much like taming a wild horse to be trained for horse racing. It needs some...
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If Vehicles are Round, you Wont Need Wheels
by Anthony Fontanelle. Remember Volkswagen Microbus? If you do not, the VW Microbus that sort of thing which starred in the "Little Miss Sunshine" film. The ball-like machine is squeezed into a sphere six feet in diameter. If vehicles of today resemble the VW Microbus, wh...
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Rules And Regulations Governing Vehicle Number Plates.
by Malcolm Forster. In 2001 the laws governing the display and supply of replacement number plates were greatly changed in order to tackle the problems of false plates and mis-spaced or illegible number plates.False plates are a problem to the police as criminals use t...
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How To Remove A Personalised Number Plate From Your Car.
by Malcolm Forster. When it comes time to remove your personalised number plate so the car displaying it can be sold or traded against another or even scrapped you basically have two options.Before explaining these it is worthwhile pointing out that if you are trading ...
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Learn to Speak Auto Designers Lingo
by Anthony Fontanelle. When you go to auto shows, you do not use dashboard to mean the vehicle's instrument panel. This is because you might be misleading other people. Dropping layman's terms is easy but you will get plus points if you speak the designer's tongue.Each pr...
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Top 10 Mistakes When Buying a Car Seat
by Trump Stoun.Top 10 Mistakes When Buying a Car Seat by: Trump Stoun There is no doubt that a good quality car seat is one of the most important purchases the
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Coming Up: the 2007 New York International Auto Show
by Dwyane Thomas. Anticipation is rising as the 2007 New York International Automobile Show goes back to the Jacob Javits Convention Center this April 6th. Many automobile enthusiasts are looking forward to feasting their eyes and satisfying their hunger for the fres...
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Finding a Cheap Rim or Cheap Tire for your Automobile
by Jimmy Graham.Finding a Cheap Rim or Cheap Tire for your Automobile by: Jimmy Graham Finding a cheap rim or cheap tire for your automobile Since everyone the
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Automotive Career Month Commence Next Week
by RyanThomas. The upcoming month of April is Automotive Career Month which is supported by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). The group will sponsor the observation of the Automotive Career Month by allowing students all over the country to gain...
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Rules and Regulations Governing Vehicle Number Plates
by mexico. In 2001 the laws governing the display and supply of replacement number plates were greatly changed in order to tackle the problems of false plates and mis-spaced or illegible number plates.False plates are a problem to the police as criminals use t...
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The Price of Number Plates
by Ross O'donnell. One of the most popular motoring accessories with drivers today is their very own personal number plate. Private number plates enable drivers to add their own mark to an otherwise standard vehicle. When searching for personal number plates you will ...
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Johnson Controls to Market Champion® Batteries
by Anthony Fontanelle. Johnson Controls, the world's leading supplier of automotive batteries, has entered into an agreement with Federal-Mogul Corporation. The agreement is focused on the marketing of Federal-Mogul's Champion® battery brand. The deal allows Johnson...
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Snow Tires: Chains Out, Textile in
by Anthony Fontanelle. Driving on icy roads has been the bane of many motorists. To help them drive safely on icy or even frozen roads, the most common tool for the job is the snow chain. The metal chain bites into the frozen road to give a vehicle that extra traction. ...
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Igniting a Spark
by John Garett. Your Volvo has thousands of parts in it. Some play a crucial role in the car, while others do not. Some are used all the time, while some are needed only for a specific time. One of the latter is your ...
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Tips for Spring Cleaning your Car
by leduderah. It’s that time of year again when we begin to shake off those winter chills and head outside. Your car, like most, has probably been neglected throughout the colder winter months. Now is a great time to start thinking about preparing your car...
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Motor Show Aims Undivided Attention on the Wheels
by Anthony Fontanelle. Car makers intend to put brakes on those gorgeous babes to make viewers and consumers focus on the wheels instead. Motor shows are popular because some find it a great place to look over gorgeous models. Sometimes, these models overshadow the cars. ...
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Chrysler to Offer Sirius Satellite Radio Backseat TV
by Lisa Ziegler. In New York: Just recently SIRIUS Satellite Radio together with Chrysler Group maker of Jeep and its auto components such as Jeep headlights has announced that the SIRIUS Backseat TVâ„? will be made exclusively for ...
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Protection and Style With Mercedes Floor Mats
by Dwyane Thomas. Your Mercedes Benz car is considered as one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world. Mercedes Benz is a brand name that has become synonymous to both luxury and safety. But what good is a luxurious car if it is all dirty in the inside? With peop...
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New York Auto Show Showcases Taxi Cabs
by Glady Reign. It is not a secret that taxi cabs are one of the most used and most popular means of commuting and of transportation at present. And this year, it would be best if everybody would be joining in the celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the ta...
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Hankook Tire Claims Seventh Spot in Tire Maker Ranking
by RyanThomas. The Modern Tire Dealer recently reported that the Hankook Tire which is based in South Korea became the seventh largest tire manufacturer in the world after it has posted $3 billion in sales in the United States in 2006. Last year's figures bested ...
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